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Rachel Reilly

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Rachel E Reilly is a television personality, actress, and host. Rachel grew up in North Carolina where from a young age she showed a passion for performing staring in school and local theater. One of her first acting gigs was a traveling performer with a Renaissance Festival. While working as a chemist, yoga instructor, cocktail waitress and model in Las Vegas Reilly auditioned for one of her favorite game shows Big Brother. As a contestant on Big Brother she met and fell in love with her now husband. Although neither won their first season, they competed on the shows 13th season which Reilly won. Lovingly named by fans as 'Brenchel', the couple competed on the 20th installment of Amazing Race finishing 3rd. 'Brenchel' was wed on September 8, 2012 their wedding special aired on WETv. Rachels' passion for adventure led her and husband to again race around the world on Amazing Race 24, All Star edition. As a "Reality Athlete" Rachel became the only woman on the show to never be eliminated! She is one competitive, strong woman. In edition to competing on reality TV, Reilly continues to pursue her passion for the arts as an actress, with recurring roles on CBS's The Bold and The Beautiful, on award winning Youthful Daze and is working on numerous other projects including features, web series and television. Reilly has also been a correspondent on Fox's Hollywood Today Live, a guest presenter on The Price is Right, a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight Canada, as well as a guest commentator on Slices Big Brother After Show, CTV's E-talk Live, The Morning Show on Global TV Canada, and Big Brother US amongst others. Reilly has a love for all things performance appearing in musicals, theater productions and music videos. Reilly has been referred to as reality royalty and has graced the covers of magazines, had many the pictorial, and online columns written about her as well as been a guest and topic of many talk shows, radio shows, and news programs. She has numerous endorsement contracts and has worked with numerous brands as a spokes model. She has been an emcee and host for numerous events and even done stand up comedy. As well as being a journalist and writer herself Reilly's columns about Reality TV, Hiking, Pets, Travel and more can be found on numerous sites and in print.  See full bio on IMDb »

'The Amazing Race' Adds More Previous Winners To 'Big Brother' Mash-Up

'The Amazing Race'
Adds More Past Season Winners ... To 'Big Brother' Mash-Up

The competition on the 'Amazing Race' and "Big Brother" mash-up is gonna be fierce, because it's stocked with a lot of previous winners and fan favorites hauling ass around the world. Sources… READ MORE >

'The Amazing Race' and 'Big Brother' Mash-Up Includes Caleb Reynolds & Rachel Reilly

'The Amazing Race'
Caleb Reynolds & Rachel Reilly Packing For 'Big Brother' Edition

"Big Brother" alums Caleb Reynolds and Rachel Reillyare taking their backstabbing and bitching to the road ... TMZ has learned they're among the former houseguests who've signed on for the new… READ MORE >

- 406 days ago
Ex-'Big Brother' Stars Downplay Butt Poking Among Roommates

Ex-'Big Brother' Stars
What's a Lil' Butt Poking Among Roommates?

Rachel Reilly and Meg Maley are walking contradictions -- on the one hand, they say a man pulling unwanted butt poking's a big deal ... but a woman doing it just ain't. We got the… READ MORE >

- 677 days ago
'Big Brother' Star -- I Wish Evel Dick Stayed In Game ... After HIV Diagnosis

'Big Brother' Star
I Wish Evel Dick Stayed In Game ... After HIV Diagnosis

One of "Evel Dick" Donato's former "Big Brother" housemates tells TMZ ... she wishes Dick would have STAYED in the BB house after learning he was HIV positive -- but Dick says he didn't have a… READ MORE >

- 1721 days ago
'Big Brother' -- Former Contestants SPLIT Over Telling Frankie Grande About Grandfather's Death

'Big Brother'
Former Contestants Split Over Telling Frankie

"Big Brother" showdown:  2 former, famous contestants squaring off over whether producers should have told Frankie Grande about his grandfather's death.RACHEL REILLY, Winner, Season 13.… READ MORE >

- 1790 days ago
Rachel Reilly -- Ex-Big Brother Champ SLAMS Racist Houseguests

Rachel Reilly
Ex-Big Brother Champ SLAMS Racist Houseguests

Rachel Reilly -- the 2011 "Big Brother" champ -- says she's "disgusted" by all of the racist and homophobic comments being made inside the BB house this season -- telling TMZ, "It makes me sick to… READ MORE >

- 2176 days ago
'Big Brother' Winner -- From One Reality Show ... to Another?

'Big Brother' Winner Rachel
From One Reality Show TO ANOTHER?

"Big Brother" winner Rachel Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas are going Hollywood, literally -- we're told Rachel plans on moving to Los Angeles and pitching her upcoming nuptials as a… READ MORE >

- 2830 days ago
'Big Brother' Winner Rachel -- I'm Getting Married!!!

'Big Brother' Winner Rachel
I'm Marrying Brendon THIS WEEKEND!!!!

She JUST won $500k on "Big Brother" Wednesday ... but Rachel Reilly says she's already dropping some of her winnings on a wedding THIS WEEKEND!!!!Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas were… READ MORE >

- 2832 days ago
'Big Brother' Cry-Baby's Star-Studded Apology

'Big Brother' Cry-Baby's Star-Studded Apology

Nothing says "I'm sorry" like naming a celestial object after the girl you cyber-cheated on -- which is why bawl-my-eyes-out Brendon from "Big Brother" just threw down $109 to christen the star,… READ MORE >

- 3103 days ago
'Big Brother' Star Brendon -- Naked Photo Scandal

'Big Brother' Star Brendon -- Naked Photo Scandal

SHOCKING! Brendon and Rachel from "Big Brother" have broken up. MORE SHOCKING! They split because Brendon sent photos of his PENIS to another woman! In one of the most ridiculous, cry-babyish,… READ MORE >

- 3116 days ago
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