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Rudy Giuliani

Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani ( /ˈruːdi ˌdʒuːliˈɑːni/; born May 28, 1944) is an American lawyer, businessman, and politician from New York. He served as Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001. A Democrat and Independent in the 1970s, and a Republican since the 1980s, Giuliani served in the United States Attorney's Office, for the Southern District of New York, eventually becoming U.S. Attorney. He prosecuted a number of high-profile cases, including ones against organized crime and Wall Street financiers. Giuliani served two terms as Mayor of New York City, having run on the Republican and Liberal lines. He was credited with initiating improvements and with a reduction in crime pressing the city's quality of life initiatives. He ran for the United States Senate in 2000 but withdrew due to being diagnosed with prostate cancer and revelations about his personal life. Giuliani gained international attention for his leadership during and after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. For those actions, he received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2002. After leaving office as mayor, Giuliani founded Giuliani Partners, a security consulting

Rudy Giuliani Stuns NBC's Chuck Todd By Saying 'Truth Isn't Truth'

Rudy Giuliani to Chuck Todd
Truth Isn't Truth And We're Not Rushing Trump Into Perjury

Rudy Giuliani just added a new edition to the "alternative facts" library from the Trump White House -- telling a reporter "truth isn't truth" when it comes to ... well, the truth. The… READ MORE >

Rudy Giuliani Says Working for Trump Won't Tarnish His Legacy

Rudy Giuliani
Trump Gig Ruining My Legacy?? Nope, I'm Doing Just Fine

Rudy Giuliani isn't the least bit worried his post-9/11 rep might be ruined by representing President Trump. No doubt, Giuliani's had some rough patches since joining the President's legal… READ MORE >

- 222 days ago
Rudy Giuliani Says Yankee Fans Booed Him Cause They Love Him

Rudy Giuliani
On Yankee Fans 'They Boo You When They Love You!'

Rudy Giuliani says his feelings aren't at all hurt he got BOOED ON HIS BIRTHDAY in Yankee stadium ... telling TMZ Sports the boo birds are a sign of affection in the Big Apple. "I know Yankee… READ MORE >

- 234 days ago
Donald Trump's Putting Money In Our Pockets, Says Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon
Trump's Putting $$$ In Our Pockets! ... Love That Guy!

Johnny Damon says he LOVES how President Trump has been performing since taking office -- and when asked for a specific reason ... he told us, "Well, do you like having more money in your… READ MORE >

- 234 days ago
Rudy Giuliani Doubles Down That Trump Can't Be Indicted Even If He Shoots Someone

Rudy Giuliani
No Way Prez Trump Can Be Indicted ... Even If He Shoots Someone

Rudy Giuliani said there's no room for interpretation -- Prez Trump can't be indicted ... even if he shoots someone. We got Giuliani arriving at Reagan National Airport on Thursday… READ MORE >

- 247 days ago
Rudy Giuliani Dodges Trump's Failure to Apologize to McCain

Rudy Giuliani
Trump Apology to McCain? ... Next Question

Rudy Giuliani stonewalled our photog who had a simple question ... shouldn't Trump apologize for the despicable remark one of his employees made about Senator John McCain? Giuliani arrived at… READ MORE >

- 249 days ago
Rudy Giuliani Says Donald Trump Repaid Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels' $130k

Rudy Giuliani
Claims Trump Paid Cohen Back ... For Stormy 'Hush' Money

Donald Trump's going to have even more questions to answer about his relationship with Stormy Daniels now ... and it's all thanks to Rudy Giuliani. 🚨 Giuliani says Trump repaid Cohen… READ MORE >

- 262 days ago
Rudy Giuliani's Wife Judith Files for Divorce After 15 Years

Rudy Giuliani
Third Wife Files for Divorce

Rudy Giuliani and his wife, Judith, are heading for splitsville after 15 years of marriage ... TMZ has confirmed. The former Mayor of NYC and his wife tied in the knot in 2003, but Judith filed… READ MORE >

- 290 days ago
Rudy Giuliani 'Shocked & Disappointed' at Yankees Firing Joe Girardi

Rudy Giuliani
'Shocked & Disappointed' ... at Yanks Firing Girardi

There's no way in hell Joe Girardi should've been canned by the Yankees -- so says ex-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was "shocked" and "disappointed" by the move.  We got Giuliani leaving… READ MORE >

- 450 days ago
Rudy Giuliani Deflects Attorney General Questions, Job's Not Open and Sessions Is a Friend

Rudy Giuliani
No Attorney Gen. Gig for Me! At Least Not Until It's Open

Rudy Giuliani insists he won't stab Jeff Sessions in the back for the Attorney General post -- and says President Trump should field all questions about the job ... not him. We got… READ MORE >

- 543 days ago
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