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Stedman Graham

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Stedman Graham was born on March 6, 1951 in Whitesboro, New Jersey, USA as Graham Sardar Stedman.  See full bio on IMDb »

Oprah Talks Getting Turned Down for 'Doubt' Movie Role

No Doubt, Hollywood's Turned Me Down!!!

Even Oprah can't escape the Oprah factor .... heavy lies the crown. Her Holiness was out in NYC Tuesday and -- with her movie "A Wrinkle in Time" set to premiere Friday -- Adam Glyn… READ MORE >

Oprah's No Presidential DNA Remark Doesn't Mean She Won't Run

No Prez DNA Remark Doesn't Mean She Won't Run

There's a lot of buzz Oprah Winfrey will definitely NOT run for President in 2020, based on a recent interview she did ... but there's one crucial fact everyone's leaving out. Oprah told InStyle… READ MORE >

- 387 days ago
Gayle King Says Oprah's Not Convinced Yet on Presidential Run

Gayle King
Prez Winfrey's Got a Nice Ring ... But She Ain't Convinced Yet

Gayle King is doubling down ... trying to clarify Stedman Graham's comment about Oprah running for President, and throwing in her own 2 cents too. We got Gayle leaving CBS Tuesday… READ MORE >

- 403 days ago
Gayle King Nervously Spins Oprah for President Movement

Gayle King
Nervously Spins Oprah for Prez Movement

Gayle King was a loyal Oprah solider Tuesday morning, trying to spin Stedman Graham's comment about a 2020 Oprah run for President ... and she did so with limited success. Gayle begins by saying… READ MORE >

- 403 days ago
Lee Daniels Says Stop Dreaming, Oprah's Not Running for President in 2020

Lee Daniels
Stop Dreaming, People Oprah's Not Running

Lee Daniels is clearly not on the same page as Stedman Graham, because Lee is convinced Oprah will NOT run for Prez in 2020. We got the brainchild behind "Empire" Monday leaving Equinox on the… READ MORE >

- 404 days ago
Oprah Should Run for President in 2020

Oprah Winfrey
King, Fishburne, Slater ... Please Run for Prez in 2020!!!

Oprah Winfrey's stirring speech at the Golden Globes may have been a precursor for a presidential run in 2020 ... at least that's the hope of some famous folks who watched and listened -- and her… READ MORE >

- 404 days ago
Oprah & Stedman -- We Went Out Last Night, Too!

Oprah & Stedman
We Went Out Last Night, Too!

Kim and Kanye weren't the only couple out in NYC last night ... Oprah Winfrey took time out from firing her staff and re-tooling her OWN network to go on a dinner date with longtime lover Stedman… READ MORE >

- 2508 days ago
Stedman Graham -- I Used to Be a PRO Baller

Stedman Graham -- I Used to Be a PRO Baller

Long before Stedman Graham was known by most as Oprah Winfrey's lover -- dude says he used to be a SERIOUS baller ... spending a few years playing basketball in a "European pro league!" He's got… READ MORE >

- 2916 days ago
Oprah -- Stedman Is Still My 'Lover'

Oprah -- Stedman Is Still My 'Lover'

Oprah Winfrey is finally talking about the subject that dare not speak its name, her longtime partner since 1986 ...  Stedman Graham -- revealing that he's still her "lover" and "mate."In a… READ MORE >

- 2992 days ago
Oprah & Stedman -- Up in the Air

Oprah & Stedman -- Up in the Air

Dressed like your average couple about to fly coach, Oprah Winfrey and her life partner of over 20 years Gayle King Stedman Graham jetted off in a private plane together from Santa Monica Airport… READ MORE >

- 3225 days ago
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