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Tonya Harding

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Tonya Harding was born on November 12, 1970 in Portland, Oregon, USA as Tonya Maxine Harding. She is an actress, known for World's Dumbest (2008), 1994 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Competition and Exhibition Highlights (1994) and Bad Signs. She has been married to Joseph Jens Price since June 23, 2010. They have one child. She was previously married to Michael Smith and Jeff Gillooly.

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Tonya Harding's Most Brutal Knockout Video Unearthed

Tonya Harding
Most Brutal Knockout Video ... Unearthed

Wanna see Tonya Harding knock a chick out cold with a devastating right cross?  You're in luck ... because TMZ Sports found extremely rare footage from Tonya's last professional boxing match… READ MORE >

Tyron Woodley Breaks Down Crazy Tonya Harding Knockout Video

Tyron Woodley
Breaks Down Crazy ... Tonya Harding Knockout Video

Tonya Harding K.O.'d the living hell out of another woman during a 2005 boxing match that most people haven't seen ... UNTIL NOW ... and Tyron Woodley is breaking down the video.  The UFC… READ MORE >

- 385 days ago
Johnny Weir: I Don't Forgive Tonya Harding, 'Did a Horrible Thing'

Johnny Weir
I Don't Forgive Tonya Harding ... 'Did a Horrible Thing'

Hollywood can forgive Tonya Harding if they want ... but Johnny Weir says that's NEVER gonna happen with him and the rest of the figure skating community. We spoke with Weir the day after Harding… READ MORE >

- 409 days ago
Tonya Harding Gets Pissed at Piers Morgan Over 'Real Victim,' Her or Nancy Kerrigan

Tonya Harding
Screw This, Piers! Threatens to Walk After 'Real Victim' Jab

Tonya Harding kneecapped Piers Morgan, or at least her interview with him ... abruptly cutting it short when he called her out for acting like she was the victim, and not Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya… READ MORE >

- 409 days ago
Tonya Harding and Tommy Wiseau Score at the Golden Globes

Tonya Harding & Tommy Wiseau
Blend In at the Golden Globes

Tonya Harding and director Tommy Wiseau walk into a Golden Globes party ... nope, not the start of a one-liner, but something that actually happened. The duo took this pic at a party… READ MORE >

- 410 days ago
Margot Robbie & Tonya Harding Hangout Together at 'I, Tonya' Premiere

Margot Robbie & Tonya Harding
We, Tonyas In Party Mode!!!

Check your kneecaps at the door -- Tonya Harding and Margot Robbie, the woman playing Tonya Harding, were hanging out together for the premiere of the Tonya biopic. Margot and Tonya were… READ MORE >

- 443 days ago
'I, Tonya' Actress Took Home Gold to Play Kid Tonya Harding

'I, Tonya' Star
Ices Kid Harding Role ... Gets Cool Paycheck & Perks

Long before Tonya Harding got Nancy Kerrigan's knee capped -- she was an innocent little girl, and the kid actress who played her in "I, Tonya" made bank for the role. Mckenna Grace… READ MORE >

- 472 days ago
Nancy Kerrigan on Tonya Harding Movie -- 'Nobody Consulted Me' (VIDEO)

Nancy Kerrigan
On Tonya Harding Movie: 'Nobody Consulted Me'

Nancy Kerrigan says she's been kept WAY out of the loop by the producers of the new Tonya Harding movie ... telling TMZ Sports, "Nobody consulted me." READ MORE >

- 722 days ago
Margot Robbie's Tonya Harding Transformation Continues (PHOTOS)

Margot Robbie
Driving Tonya Harding Home

If there was any lingering doubt about Margot Robbie, it's gone now ... she IS Tonya Harding. Paps got Margot on the set of the the biopic "I, Tonya," where she continued to channel the… READ MORE >

- 732 days ago
Margot Robbie Looks Exactly Like Tonya Harding (PHOTO GALLERY)

Margot Robbie
A Little Frizz, Weight ... Meet Hollywood's Tonya Harding

We didn't think she could pull it off ... but Margot Robbie is shaping up to look A LOT like Tonya Harding. Paps got Margot on the set of the new film, "I, Tonya," and unlike the video we got last… READ MORE >

- 767 days ago
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