Why Did Chappelle Quit His Show?

12/21/2005 7:30 PM PST

Why Did Chappelle Quit His Show?

Ever wonder why Dave Chappelle really quit his hit Comedy Central show? One Web site claims to have the answer.

The Web site ChappelleTheory.com poses the notion that a group of powerful African Americans -- think famous talk show hosts and fruity jiggly dessert pitchmen -- conspired to intimidate Chappelle into toning down the content of his show. The site theorizes that this group, referred to as "The Dark Crusaders," felt that Chappelle's racially-themed sketches were "setting race relations back 50 years."

Chappelle eventually did cancel production of the show and headed to South Africa. He talked about being "overwhelmed" and not wanting to "dance and shuffle" for the show to a reporter for Time magazine.

The theory seems to go against traditional thought -- you would think that the alleged conspirators would be more likely to celebrate Chappelle's success than to try and tear him down. This seems more like the kind of thing that someone like Dick Cheney or Karl Rove might be behind -- but maybe they have more important things to worry about...

To read the entire Chappelle Theory, check out www.chappelletheory.com