Hasselhoffs -- From Unbridled Love to 'Get Your Stuff Out of the House'

3/29/2006 9:11 PM PST

David Hasselhoff and estranged wife Pamela left family court this week, trying to work out details in what has become one of the ugliest divorces in Hollywood -- a divorce laced with serious domestic violence allegations.

In court documents released Wednesday, the judge ordered the former 'Baywatch' star to "remove his personal effects from the family residence" on April 19. The order goes on: "A neutral, 3rd party is to be present at the exchange."

The judge, taking nothing for granted, ordered that the visit be "peaceable," adding, "Parties may have the exchange videotaped if they wish." The judge warned that any videos shot could not be shown without a court order. The reference is obviously designed so that neither party could leak the tape to the media.

The Hasselhoff relationship wasn't always this way. Just two years ago, the once-happy couple talked about their love for each other, but also hinted that tempers sometimes flared.

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