Pamela Anderson When I'm Not Starring on Broadway ... I'm a Dog Walker!!!

Yes, Pamela Anderson's a big Broadway star now, but she's still an animal lover at heart -- which is why she's going out of her way to walk someone else's dog during her downtime in NYC.

Pamela's in the middle of an 8-week-run as the lead, Roxie Hart, in "Chicago." A source close to the actress says she wasn't able to take her own dogs with her to the city, but was still taking daily walks in Central Park.

That's when we're told Pamela had the idea to ask her assistant -- who has friends in the city -- if he knew anyone who needed a dog walker.

Pammy lucked out because someone happened to have an Irish Setter, named Dash, in need of a world-famous actress and sex symbol to stroll with him.

When Pamela showed up to get Dash for his walk, his owners were stunned to see it was the "Baywatch" actress ... and now, she's been walking him every day for the last 3 weeks.

Pamela's run on Broadway continues until the first week of June, and she's gotten a ton of fan support and positive buzz. We're told she'll continue to walk Dash until she heads home to her own 4 pups.

Dash, you lucky dog.

Actress Alexandra Daddario 'Baywatch' Star's Home Targeted By Irate Man with Gun

"Baywatch" actress Alexandra Daddario had the scare of her life Saturday ... when an irate man with a loaded gun went to her home and went off screaming something about her.

LAPD cops rushed to the scene and found the guy standing outside Alexandra's house. They told him to leave but he refused.

As police detained him they searched the man's car and found a loaded handgun. He was arrested for possession of a concealed firearm.

It's unclear if Alexandra, who has also appeared in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Percy Jackson & The Olympians," "The White Lotus" and "San Andreas," was home at the time. We also don't know if her fiancé, producer Andrew Form, was home. They got engaged in December.

Alexandra is active on social media, with more than 21 million IG followers, so she's high profile on various media platforms.

The man arrested is still in custody.

'Baywatch' Star Alexandra Paul Gets Restraining Order ... This Lady Hit My Hubby w/ Her Car!!!

Alexandra Paul -- known for playing Lt. Stephanie Holden on the OG "Baywatch" -- claims she's being harassed by a woman she's had beef with for a decade ... and now the woman's allegedly targeting Alexandra's husband too.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ ... Alexandra says the woman, Nicole Albrecht, is from Germany, and first showed up at her house in late 2011 and has been harassing her ever since.

Alexandra's theory is Albrecht knows her because "Baywatch" was uber popular in Germany. She claims the woman now has it out for her husband, Ian, because she thinks he's keeping her from being with Alexandra.

According to the docs ... things came to a head on July 4, when Albrecht allegedly parked near Alexandra and Ian's property and her husband tried to get a photo of her license plate.

Paul claims Albrecht then "turned on her car and hit him with it and fled the scene." She says they contacted the LAPD threat management unit.

Before this incident, Paul claims Albrecht also confronted her in a grocery store parking lot in May and tried to get in her car, but fled when Alexandra called cops.

Since the July 4 incident, Paul claims Albrecht's been sending her husband a bunch of emails "showing her paranoia and hatred of him." Even more disturbing, Alexandra claims Albrecht is orchestrating an online harassment and defamation campaign accusing Ian of being a pedophile with absolutely no basis.

Alexandra says they fear things will get worse, and the court's siding with her for now -- a judge granted her and Ian a temporary restraining order requiring Albrecht to stay 100 yards away and stop all contact with them.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, considering the 2 women have been duking it out in court since at least 2013 ... but it's clearly a dicey situation.

Donna D'Errico & Krista Allen 'Baywatch' Babes Targeted In $300k Dubai Scam

'Baywatch' hotties Donna D'Errico and Krista Allen got a super sweet offer -- $300,000 to fly to Dubai and make a quick speech -- but turned out to be too good to be true ... because it was courtesy of the same scammers who tried to rip off Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Here's the deal ... reps for Donna and Krista were contacted by people purporting to be from the office of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan -- the Deputy Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates -- offering the ladies a fat payday in exchange for speaking at an economic empowerment convention for small business owners in July and rubbing elbows with dignitaries.

Donna and Krista's people got contracts emailed to them with all the deets, and it looked legit on its face ... but once the women signed, things got super sketchy.

Organizers in "Dubai" said they had difficulty wiring funds to Donna and Krista and started asking for more personal information. Huge red flag. Another catch -- organizers were asking Donna and Krista to donate half of the funds back to the organization.

Donna and Krista slowly started putting the pieces together, feeling something was off ... and they eventually got cold feet.

Fortunately for them ... the 'Baywatch' babes never gave up their personal info, dodging a huge bullet ... just like Dog.

David Charvet 'Baywatch' Bod Upstaged By Mystery Bikini Bae!!!

David Charvet is still getting residuals from "Baywatch" ... but the kind he's scoring is better than cash.

The actor who famously played Matt Brody is living large on vacay in St. Barts. David's bod deserves an appropriate measure of attention, but in this case the spotlight belonged to someone else.

Enter the mystery woman by his side aboard a luxury yacht, suited up with a "Baywatch" standard issue ... you know, the type that made men sweat in back in the '90s.

We don't know who she is ... but one thing seems clear -- whatever David had going on with Jermaine Jones' estranged wife, Sarah Jones, earlier this year is in his rear view.

David and Brooke Burke are in the process of putting final ink on their divorce.

Pamela Anderson Back w/ French Soccer Star BF Despite Friends' Warnings

Pamela Anderson's on-again, off-again relationship with soccer star Adil Rami is back ON again ... but her friends see red flags.

Sources close to Pam tell TMZ ... the "Baywatch" star and World Cup champ have been back together for several weeks, but friends wish she'd 86 the relationship for various reasons. The main one ... they say Adil has tried cutting Pam off from her friends and family.

What's more ... they fear his juvenile behavior -- partying and clubbing -- isn't for Pam anymore. Her friends are adamant ... it's never gonna work long term.

Pam's friends are clear ... they want her to move on. If and when she's ready ... find someone else. Nevertheless ... easier said than done.


You'll recall it was just last July when the central defender for French club Marseille met Pam's mom. A serious sign, for sure. But, things really heated up when Adil proposed marriage. Pam said no dice and the relationship went kaput.

Pam's friends hope she pumps the brakes again ... and keep her foot firm on the pedal.

Pamela Anderson & Mom Beaming w/ Pride After Raising Over $50k!!!

Pamela Anderson and her mom have mastered the art of looking like A MILLION BUCKS while raising a TON O' CASH ... all for an incredible cause.

The "Baywatch" star was front and center in Vancouver where she hosted a charity auction benefiting the Pamela Anderson Foundation. She also had a very sweet date in tow ... her mom, Carol. The gals dressed to the nines for the special event.

We're told tons of cool items were auctioned off ... including signed jerseys from futbol stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. No doubt those items hauled in a couple of sweet checks but gotta hand it to fashion photographer Raphael Mazzucco, whose career highlights includes shooting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers.

Mazzucco donated a piece dubbed "Beauty and Light." Pam couldn't resist posing next to it for a pic. But, we know why she's REALLY grinning ear-to-ear -- the piece fetched a whopping $30k!!!

BTW ... the Pamela Anderson Foundation supports organizations that protect human, animal and environmental rights. The foundation's been at it for 20 years. #KeepGrindingPam

Brooke Burke Divorcing David Charvet

1:45 PM PT -- Brooke says their date of separation was January 23, 2018. She's requesting joint legal and physical custody of their children.

She lists irreconcilable differences as the cause of dissolution of marriage. She's leaving the spousal support for a future hearing.

Brooke Burke is calling it quits with former "Baywatch" star David Charvet ... TMZ has learned.

Brooke filed for divorce in L.A. County on Friday, pulling the plug on their nearly 7-year marriage.

The couple had 2 kids together -- a boy and a girl -- who are now 10 and 11 years old. Brooke also has 2 children from a previous relationship.

David and Brooke had an island wedding in St. Barts in August, 2011. The couple started dating in 2005 and got engaged in 2006, around the same time Brooke announced that she was pregnant.

They had some major stress in 2015 when they had a neighborhood war with 'Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss that included a feud over the couple's German Shepherds.

Story developing ...

Krista Allen Dog Still Badly Hurt from Intruder Attack ... At Least I'm Moving!!!

Krista Allen's scary encounter with a transient women who broke into her house and kicked her dog has made her to feel unsafe in her home ... and the poor pup's still suffering too.

Sources close to the "Baywatch" actress tell TMZ ... her 11-year-old Beagle Jack is dealing with a badly injured back, neck and front leg and had to have surgery Thursday. The good news -- he doesn't have broken bones and he's showing signs of progress since the operation ... but still has a long way to go.

We're told Krista's racked up between $5k - $10k in vet bills so far for Jack.

We broke the story ... Krista walked in on an intruder in February when she returned to her San Fernando Valley home and cornered the lady while she called 911. Our sources tell us Krista was cognizant enough to Google Translate on her phone to question the lady because she didn't speak English ... and that's how she determined her dog had been kicked.

And while Jack is now in recovery, it seems Krista's still reeling from the incident ... we're told she's moving out of her home because she no longer feels secure there after the intruder attack.

Pamela Anderson For Crying Out Loud ... Don't Uber/Lyft Alone!!!


Pamela Anderson is pleading with you all -- if you're gonna ride Uber/Lyft, keep an eye out and don't do it alone.

Pamela doubled down on her apprehension for ride-hail apps like Uber and Lyft ... claiming they're a haven for predators. She went on "TMZ Live" Tuesday to promote the buddy system.


On another subject ... Pam, who has 2 sons, laments that romance is threatened in today's climate, and she thinks it's important, as she puts it, to keep romance alive.

Former 'Baywatch' Star I'm Going Green ... $elling Bentley and it'$ a $teal!!!

Former "Baywatch" star Angelica Bridges turned a new leaf with her whip -- she's gone eco-friendly.

Daniel Bottiglieri of Elite Auto Group in Palm Springs tells TMZ ... his dealership's handling the sale of Angelica's 2005 Bentley Continental GT. It's got 56k miles, and selling for $43,500 ... a relative bargain.

The Bentley's loaded -- 2-tone Magnolia leather, 22-inch Giovanna Haleb wheels and a V12 engine.

As for what Angelica's driving now -- we're told she bought a 2017 BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid that gets 76 mpg.

So, Angelica's loss could be your gain ... if ya dig gas guzzlers.

Model Belle Lucia Carmen Who? 'Baywatch' This

Carmen Electra might have made great eye candy on "Baywatch" during the '90s -- but that was then, and this is now ... so here's Belle Lucia in a similar suit.

The Australian model channeled her inner Lani McKenzie during a photo shoot in Sydney, where she even got the famous slo-mo run down ... (inflatable) rescue can and all.

We gotta say, Belle and Carmen look A LOT alike here. So the question ... is Belle new and improved, or does nothing beat a classic?

'Baywatch' Star Jeremy Jackson Cuts Deal in Stabbing Case ... But Will Still Do Time

Jeremy Jackson copped a pretty sweet plea deal for stabbing a woman, but he's still going to jail.

The former "Baywatch" star was sentenced to 270 days in L.A. County Jail and 5 years probation for the 2015 incident -- a woman said he stabbed her with a knife during an argument in the street.

The judge gave Jeremy 109 days credit, so he'll have 161 behind bars. Sounds rough, but he could have done up to 7 years without the plea deal. Plus, he'll most likely get out in May if he's a good boy in lockup.

Hobie will also have to complete 52 anger management and 52 AA meetings, and stay off drugs.

If he completes all of the above, his felony charge could be dropped to a misdemeanor.

Former 'Baywatch' Chick Shout-out to Zac Efron ... I'm Still Good to Go

Angelica Bridges did one season of "Baywatch," and while her body's more than ready to slip into the ole red swimsuit again -- there's NOTHING wrong with the one she's wearing here.

The 45-year-old bombshell who played Lt. Taylor Walsh in 1997, posed in some barely there material (we think it's a swimsuit) for a photo shoot Thursday in Malibu.

She's not slated to appear in the upcoming movie. Reshoot, please!

Zac Efron Falls For Bae! Watch, It's Hysterical

Zac Efron ate it HARD after failing to master the classic "Baywatch" run.

One minute the sculpted heartthrob is hitting strides and the next he's eating sand as The Rock and the rest of his babe-mates looked on. Check out the photos ... the fall might have been scripted, but it doesn't matter. It's funny either way.

Zac better have insurance on that pretty face.

Pamela Anderson I'll Be Ready ... Back to 'Baywatch'

Pamela Anderson won't be letting the "Baywatch" movie go down without a cameo from the original C.J. Parker ... aka "one of the most iconic characters of a generation" according to The Rock.

The Rock dropped the news that Pam will have a role in the big screen remake Thursday night by posting a pic of them all hugged up on the set.

David Hasselhoff already made his cameo ... so not including Pam would have been sacrilege.

Get the lady a red one-piece!

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