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Exclusive: Katie Holmes' Wedding Dress

4/20/2006 7:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

holmesA Cruise/Holmes wedding is on the fast track. Katie Holmes has met with the owner of Buff Brides, a company that sculpts bodies for the big day. And, we're told, Buff Brides has specific instructions -- get Katie ready to look amazing in her wedding dress.

Now we have the specifics. A source tells TMZ that it's a sleek, strapless A-line dress that is form fitted across the waist and falls to the floor. As for cleavage -- not so much. The bust is cut straight across.

We're told Katie has very specific goals to look great in the dress, working especially hard on her shoulders and back.

Sue Fleming, the owner of Buff Brides told TMZ that Katie has decided to use her program, with the help of a personal trainer who has licensed the Buff Brides fitness regimen.

Fleming has written fitness books for brides, moms and moms-to-be. Musicians, actresses, newscasters, and TV stars have all used her methods.

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WHO CARES??? You know damn well this one wouldn't last?

3034 days ago


After the slaughter of TomKat by the media, it makes sense to me that they would require some privacy for a bit. Tom and Katie are both intelligent, caring people. They don't live their lives according to how others think they should, and that is a good thing. Imagine what you would do if you had paparazzi around you all the time and gobs of opinions out there on what you should or shouldn't do. Let's get a little less obsessed with the wrongnesses of these stars and allow them to live their lives, as we do.

3027 days ago

Erica Petriciole    

I agree with Dorothy, they are human beings just like us, they do make mistakes like the rest of us do. So let them live their life, if they truly love each other then let them be happy and leave them alone.

3026 days ago


You know, it sounds to me as if there are alot of people out there that just don't know what privacy or happiness is. I mean yeah the parpazzi has a job to do; but that doesn't mean exploit eveyone. The birth of baby Suri should be TomKats personal happiness, and any other star whom has had a child recently. I think it is a shame to sell pictures of your baby for money, even though it is for charity. Tom & Katie are a wonderful couple, and they deserve to be happy and in love. I love the fact that they are together. He seems to make her inner beauty show on the outside, and she seems to be keeping a big smile on his face. Aside from the fact they look Wonderful together. Let me say one last thing, they too are people like us whom put their pants on what leg at a time, they have a wonderful career and a great life.....BUT that doesn't mean that all of their life experiences, good or bad need to be wrote up in the sky for the whole entire world to see. They need privacy too. I wish them the best of luck and hope that they will be happy and in love for a very long time. Unlike their previous relationships with Nicole and Chris. I want for them to be a couple whose relationship at shines the rest. For they are wonderful together and I love them both. I love the delightful way they spread happiness wherever they are seen, they way they bring a smile to my heart everytime I see them together.

3003 days ago


Give me a break they love all the attention. they want it and they need it to keep their careers going. "Boo hoo, we need some privacy". says Britney Spears, then turns around , colors her hair and does a "Demi Mooore" pregnancy cover. She doesnt want plubicity.!!!!!

3003 days ago


1. Be sure to tell your Buff Brides' coach to work on your cankles, Kate - they're not-so pretty. Dianetic Tom may not approve.

2. The jig is up, we all know Tom will do anything to revive his carefully manipulated career, and sure as all hell jumpstart hers.

3. Most importantly, it's not going to last...

2920 days ago


Hopefully Katie will come to her senses in time and realize she doesn't need that flake.

2920 days ago


I used to like Tom Cruise but for the last few years he has been a "little strange." I am beginning to think he is full of himself and I am feeling sorry for Katie. I mean it people, his name is Tom and hers is Katie. "TomKats"? she is a human being and has worked hard to achieve her own identity so let's respect this and call them by their names, not make them as one. If people must combine the names why isn't it "KatsTom". It worries me for the baby as well because she is a girl. Maybe we should take a look at Tom's past relationships and take note.

2919 days ago


If my baby were the subject of a global obsession I'd hide her from the world, same as Tom Cruise & Kate Holmes have done. It's a sign of respect and love, for their family and their child. Why is that hard to understand?

If my fiancee booked a few hours of babysitting time so I could remember what it felt like to be something besides pregnant...what a blessing. She needs to regain her sense of self and relax. He's been a new dad twice before and seems to understand. I see nothing but respect there, again.

Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch. Shame on her for showing that footage. Shame on the world for taking it as a sign of mental instability. He's entitled to his feelings, his religion, and his privacy. Maybe it's time to listen to his apologies (to Brooke Shields) and take everything else with a grain of salt!

2919 days ago


By the way, anyone who thinks that having an adopted baby is easier on a new mom than having a biological mom is wrong. Your body may not need to recover from the pregnancy but the emotional demands are all-consuming.

The fact that he feels the need to personalize the hiring of sitters impresses the heck out of me. Good Dad, keep it up!

2919 days ago



2919 days ago


When Tom Cruise has a baby he can spout off his mouth on how to handle post-partum depression. Some people may consider him being 'wonderful' by booking a babysitter for the children so she can work out, I consider this another slap on the face of all women. HE should be sitting with the children so she can workout when she wants to. Just because he is suposedly a star, that does not give him the right to knock women. Brooke Shields should pound on the top of his small body.

2919 days ago


I agree with Susan. Katie should kick that guy to the curb. TOM is very concerned with her body? What's wrong with it? Who picked out the dress? It sounds to me like Tom is controlling everything. A word of advice for Kate....RUN...RUN FAST AND RUN FAR BEFORE YOU LOSE YOURSELF.!!!!!

2919 days ago


I don't know why these two immature people garner so much news. They are a typical Hollyweird couple. It's really ashame that children are a part of this weirdness. The so-called marriage is a cover-up, ( if it ever takes place), for his bizarre behavior and her lack of moral strengrth and allowing him to manipulate her........ He's nuts and a control freak and she, like a teeny-bopper, is star struck by him.Well, anyway, this sham keeps the scandal sheets in business. How shallow we are.

2919 days ago


I agree with Post #8. Everytime Hollywood pairs celebrity names, the man's name is always first (TomKat, Brangelina, Bennifer), even if the woman is more rich and famous than her male counterpart! I wonder if this will happen to Oprah one day. Maybe she's far too powerful to be a victim of such sexism!

2919 days ago
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