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When Elfmans Explode

6/13/2006 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna ElfmanIf Tom Cruise's recent public displays weren't evidence enough, Scientologists Jenna and Bodhi Elfman prove that they, too, are willing to go to great lengths to defend their religion.

Indie film director John Roecker tells TMZ he was walking to his car with a female friend in LA's trendy Los Feliz neighborhood last Sunday when he was approached by a shirtless man and a tall blonde. "Hey, man, you're making fun of my religion," said the stranger angrily.

Roecker quickly recognized the couple as actor Bodhi Elfman and his wife, 'Dharma and Greg' star Jenna Elfman. Mr. Elfman's ire was apparently drawn by Roecker's self-made t-shirt, which had a picture of Tom Cruise on the front under the caption "Scientology is Gay!" and a 'Stayin'-Alive'-era John Travolta on the back with the words "Very Gay!" For the record, both Cruise and Travolta have said repeatedly they are not gay.

Roecker and his controversial t-shirt

According to Roecker, whose encounter was first reported on LA's KROQ-FM's Kevin and Bean Show, the invective started to fly after he made several references to Scientology theology and its reported central tenent, the story of Xenu.

Roecker says Jenna repeatedly said "What crimes have you committed?" and began screaming at Roecker, "Have you raped a baby?" as motorists on Los Feliz Boulevard drove by in snarled traffic.

Roecker says it appears that Bodhi Elfman prepared to take a swing at him, but thought against it.

Bizarrely, Roecker also says that the Elfmans had a young, twenty-something male companion with them whom they continually instructed to move away and cover his ears whenever references to Xenu were made.

Roecker says this is not the first time he has worn a t-shirt that has provoked similar reactions from fellow devotees of L. Ron Hubbard like Juliette Lewis, Lisa Marie Presley, and actor Hal Ozman, who worked on 'Dawson's Creek' with none other than a certain Katie Holmes. Sources at the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre say Roecker is no stranger to them. Several non-celeb parishioners have also complained about Roecker's t-shirts.

Bodhi Elfman's rep Jenni Weinman tells TMZ that according to Bodhi "He was out for a Sunday stroll with his wife, when some guy walks by with a t-shirt on, very prominently attacking his religion. Words were extended and Bodhi and Jenna were personally attacked for their beliefs. As they went about their business, the guy continued to try to illicit negative responses from the both of them. As they walked away he continued to scream propaganda and hate at them. Apparently he spent all Monday calling the press to promote himself."

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Scientology is a quack religion, but why insult gays that way? ;-)

3022 days ago

Claire Kelly    

Whether Scientology is gay or not is hardly the point, why do Jenna and her husband (who in my opinion is exceedingly rude ) get to express their beliefs all over some guy on the street and yet his beliefs, however crude, are in their eyes not to be expressed?

Scientologists regularly wear "Psychiatry Kills" t-shirts maybe that hurts a psychiatrists feelings. I'm not being glib, I'm serious, just because they have their ideas (they could even be right) about that particular profession doesn't mean they get to walk all over those people's feelings and and then cry foul when someone does it back. In their eyes, that's like hurting Hitler's feelings and so it doesn't count. Intolerance always counts.
Having been around, in work and in school, many Scientologists, I have witnessed first hand derisive remarks about other people's religions, Catholicisim chief among them.That religion is regularly bashed for being, among other things, "supressive", a word that carries much negative connotation for Scientologists. These remarks were made callously in front of people of that religion and met with much agreement from the other Scientologists in the room. They didn't care or even think of whom they were offending.
People of the Jewish persuasion are a little closer to their hearts as they seem to feel a kind of kinship with them. As if being stripped of everything, tortured, starved, murdered and burned in mass extermination for your ancient religion, culture and creed is the same as being teased about your newfound beliefs.
People in glass houses and what they shouldn't throw comes to mind.
The saddest part is, if they were actually following their own religion with as much fervor as they tell other people what they should be doing they wouldn't be bothered by such childish comments as " Scientology is Gay". They wouldn't have such a button on that kind of bullbait.

3022 days ago


it just goes to SHOW, that they r HUMAN.....and the thought of my life up there being scrutinised is scary.
But....they make a fair amount of money, enjoy a pretty powerful and influential media guess thats the price,huh?

3022 days ago

concerned mom    

ummm...what or who is Xenu? do i have to read the whole book or can we get some Cliff notes...Spark notes? I thought being 'cleared' or audited was the big secret in scientology.

give a link to xenu :)

3021 days ago


I couldn't even get through the book back in the 80's. I agree with the poster that every religion is made fun off!! Scientologists just have thinner skin.

Also, for the person who states they are a lawyer - relevant not relavent.

3021 days ago


Jenna Elfman should check the constitution. Freedom of speech is still one of our rights in this country. At least for now.

3021 days ago


Ok, It's a shirt people...yes it's offensive (both towards Scientology and homosexuality as a bad thing) but must we get into confrontations about it? Religion is often at the core of a person's belief system- so it's not like getting into a fight is going to convince either party to change their viewpoint. Let's agree to disagree and not take things so personally, ok?

3021 days ago


Two thousand years ago christianity was a cult when people were following a religion created by some nut who was causing a lot of trouble with the authorities.

3021 days ago


I don't know anyone that is a Scientologist. That must be because I'm from Cleveland, where there are no arroghant movie stars around to peddle this stuff.

Beam me up, Xanu!

3021 days ago


28. For the last time people: Scientology IS NOT a religion! Sounds like the 20 something guy hasn't reached the level where he has paid enough to learn the "truth" about Xenu. They believe hearing about Xenu before you're ready (i.e. before you've paid) could cause all sorts of damage, hence the covering of the ears. And because they can't really defend their "religion" they attack everyone who questions it by asking accusing them of being criminals. I believe every word of the encounter. It's typical Scientologist behavior.

Posted at 4:47PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Tru 0 stars

3021 days ago


For the lawyer in #11....Haha. Was your "lawyer" line supposed to make people think you were smart!!?? Hello! "relevant" is spelled with an "e". And, here in America, we speak English, a language that requires every sentence to contain a "verb"! Ignoring your improper use of the word "which", let's discuss the content of your post. ...

Dianetics as a scientific theory does have some interesting facets. However, Scientology as a religion goes well beyond any of that theory. Its practices are absurd -- financial blackmail, level purchase, etc.
And, not to repeat #15, but ... In which America do YOU live ? Christianity is not under attack???!!! Do you have children that attend public schools? Do you watch television? Have you been to the theater lately? Did you know that the new movie "Facing the Giants" got a PG rating "for being too religious"? It's a film about a school whose losing football team is turned around after the coach turns to God. Our politicians attack Christianity at every turn. This great country - founded on the 10 Commandments and Christian principles -- now enacts law that approves murder, theft, perjury, dishonoring parents, greed and lack of respect for the Lord's Day. Please!! Get your facts straight. And, btw, the world is not so impressed by lawyers, ever since the 2 highest level lawyers in the country (former POTUS and FLOTUS Clintin) turned out to be royal crooks!

3021 days ago

Mike B    

I am not a member of Scientology but I think it is unfair to make fun of somebody's religion. If any of you had actually ever read Dianetics, you would see what a useful tool it can be in your everyday life. L. Ron Hubbard was a man dedicated toi helping mankind by teasing out aliens that live within us all (we're talk ing real space opera stuff here). Again, I am NOT a member of Scientology nor am I brainwashed but I recognized the Church of Scientology as the one true path to becoming 'clear' adn preventing desease and death. If we could only follow the examples set by Kirstie Alley, Tom Cruise (who is NOT gay), John Travolta (also NOT gay) and lots of other celebrities and pseudo celebrities, we would all be able to bask in Elron's love (Elron BTW is NOT dead, Scientology prevents death).

3021 days ago


Our great country was founded on the basis of
freedom of religion. Our constitution guarantees
these rights. It doesn't say you have to embrace
other religions, but we do have to be tolerant.
To see so many attacks on people for their
religious beliefs is so un cool. I'm sure the guy
with the t-shirt was promoting himself. Has
anyone out there heard of him before this?

3021 days ago


I am a Scientologist. To paraphrase Mr. Hubbard, everyone should have the right to utter or write his/er own opinion...and everyone should have the right to counter,or otherwise comment upon those opinions.
THAT would be free speech, people. Allowing the free discourse of speech no matter the content.
The t-shirt guy AND the Elfman's BOTH have the right to express what they will.
It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the press, though, to observe and report CORRECTLY what ocurred, as much as it is our own responsibility to judge only after understanding BOTH sides of an issue.

3021 days ago


Scientology is only too true. I represent a huge number of body thetans who
have instructed me to launch a class action suit against the Church of
Scientology for malicious persecution. They have, with malice aforethought,
driven thousands of these poor sufferers from their homes.

3021 days ago
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