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Britney Weeps "With The World"

6/15/2006 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Praising the paparazzi for their skill as she decried their invasiveness, Britney Spears defended her marriage and her mothering skills to all of America this morning, and suggested a possible career for herself in publishing should the pop-star gig fall through.

Britney Spears

In her long-awaited and much-hyped interview with Matt Lauer, Spears gamely answered Lauer's questions about her marriage and the driving-with-Sean-on-lap incident, but couldn't staunch the flow of tears when asked about the relentless pursuit of the paparazzi.

During the five-minute segment on this morning's "Today" show (the rest of the interview will air tonight on "Dateline") the pop princess conveyed a certain helplessness as well as something approaching a sense of humor about having the media's microscope trained unblinkingly on her life. "They're very good, you know," she said of the glossies, "I need to come up with my own magazine and say the real deal." 

Dressed in a deep-plunging purplish knit top and a hip-skimming, gently frayed denim skirt and wearing frosted-silver eye makeup, Spears sat forward in an armchair in her Malibu home as she spoke to Lauer, and assured him that her husband Kevin Federline was indeed "living on the main floor," though she didn't specify where.

She said that K-Fed was "working very hard," though not on what exactly, and that he "helps" her because "he has to," none of which constituted a billowing declaration of love. Britney also identified Perry Taylor, the purported "manny," as her "security guard."

Spears explained that when she drove in her SUV with her son Sean Preston on her lap, the Starbucks from which she was racing away was only "five minutes" from her home, and that the photographers were "coming up on the, you know, sides of the car, which is a scary situation for me ... they're banging on the windows and that's not somethin' I want my baby to, you know ..."

The emotional nexus of the piece emerged when Spears told Lauer that she has "definitely wept just with the world." And, prodded not a little bit by Lauer's asking her if shedding the paparazzi for good would be "one of [her] biggest wishes," paused as the quiver caught her lip and brow, and began crying freely. "We just need privacy and we need our respect.  And-and those are things that you have to have as a human being," she said, the words heightened by the close-up of her face, puffy, reddened, and blotchy.


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The poor girl is a train wreck. Her MOTHER is responsible for what she has become and I wonder how Lynne sleeps at night. She signed this poor girl up for this years ago and should be ashamed of what has become of her daughter. Brit is nothing more than a child in a womans body having babies! I hope she gets it together for the sake of her children.

2989 days ago


No matter what, I say she needs to get rid of Kevin and reinvent herself.

2989 days ago


No matter what, I say she needs to get rid of Kevin and reinvent herself.

2989 days ago


I don't care about this little rich girl who can't even speak with her own voice but yet while crying she manage to keep working on her "baby talk". Get a life and stop been such a drama queen!!

2989 days ago

Lance K.    

Didn't she do the waterworks with Diane Sawyer too? I think that she wants sympathy and while I empathize with her situation I really feel her comment about driving with Sean was immature. A lot of accidents happen just 5 minutes from the house and does she forget she had that huge bodyguard with her.

I do see that her prior handlers did a lot for her image because this gum chomping during an interview...geeeesh. They had her so polished before, I guess it was only another facade

2989 days ago


Nothing to say, she have what she deserve!

2989 days ago


If She doesn't want the papparazzi after her than she needs to be more private on where she goes and does.

I guess she forgot they were the ones that got her to be popular in the first place.

2989 days ago



2989 days ago


I feel very bad for Britney, To help her feel better she should entrust her little Shawn P, with someone she trust the most, and she should go out and get a make over get her hair cut or done, and make herself feel good. It would help herself esteem. We don't know what her home life is like and I know what pregnancy hormones are like, so going out and getting a make over would make anyone feel good! I wisih her the best of luck, we all need to remember that what we read is not true, only her and the Lord only know what's ready true. I think everyone should leave her and her family alone, before she disappears into hiding and never comes out. But, I do realize she's in the public eye, and people want to know about her, maybe she should start her own magazine. lol BEST OF LUCK, BRITNEY!

2989 days ago


If she doesn't want the paparazzi to stalk her then she needs to go away. These celebs are only rich because they have fans who buy their CD's, DVD's, buy their products, etc. These same fans are curious and want to know all about the celebs., causing the paparazzi to obtain those pictures. So if they don't like it they need to realize it's all a part of being famous and they would be poor without the attention. Can't have it both ways.

2989 days ago


If she's that fake and that much if a trailor park trash to alot of people, then why do you even bother checking on updates about her???....The girl wants a private life with her family, who cares what she's doing!!!! Its her life. Seeing as how people still buy magazines and state comments on such sites then its cause your curious and need to know whats going on in her life, if u truley didnt care about her so called trashy self then move on.
She's not the only one who drives with her kid in her lap. There are dozens/thousands of parents doing it everyday and everywhere. But she gets hassled because its freaken britney spears!!!! I'm sure half of you who critisized her for it have done it with your shut it!!!....she's a human being, going thru another pregnancy which is very emotional with all her hormones going up and down. And bombarding her with cameras in her face doesnt help!!! Do none of you have a life??Are u that jealous that she's successful in life? I mean c;mon, she's a big girl and can make her own decisions by herself. The world should grow up and start a hobby, rather than bombard famous people.

2989 days ago


Here is an idea-if you don’t like the paparazzi- MOVE!!!! She can go to a small town somewhere outside of Hollywood and live a normal life. She won’t move because she loves the attention. As for her being a mother I think she is careless. Her driving with her baby on her lap was a disgrace. If you or I did that we would be in trouble. Why would you put your infant on your lap? She was running from the paparazzi! What? Getting your picture taken does not hurt, but flying threw a wind shield does! Not just that- her body guard was in the passenger seat! She could have handed him the baby to put back in his seat. The only comment I have on Kevin is karma is a bitch! A man that walks away from his pregnant girlfriend should give you an idea of what kind of person he really is!

2989 days ago


I think everyone should leave this woman alone. No matter what people think about her, she is a mother, and her children will always see her as that. It is not for anyone to decide if she is a bad mother because she slipped, or because of some stupid pictures taken. How would you like it if the media did you this way? I know that I would have a breakdown as well. As for her crying on command... She is pregnant! Her hormones are raging...HELLO! Leave the girl alone, and let her decide what man is right for her, and leave her mothering skills to Social workers!

2989 days ago




2989 days ago


"She should MOVE"?! That is THE stupidest suggestion I ever heard. Brad and Angie went all the way to Nambia and STILL had people chasing 'em. Besides, why should SHE move? Why shouldn't there be some sort of regulations protecting the privacy of these people? Federal, state and local governments seem anxious to regulate everything else - right down to what kind of dog you can have depending on where you live.

Maybe she should just be left alone so she can enjoy motherhood (existing and impending) and work on her marriage. My heart goes out to the poor girl.

2989 days ago
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