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Paris... She Shoots, She Scores!

6/19/2006 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was in Canada for the Much Music Awards over the weekend and the heiress was quite friendly with a new man. Miss Hilton was seen partying and holding hands with hockey player Jose Theodore, goalie for the Colorado Avalanche.

Surprisingly, the two left Club Ultra in Toronto together, and headed to Paris' hotel. Paris skipped into the front of the hotel and waited in the lobby for her date. Theodore waited briefly, then exited Hilton's car to join her.

Paris rep tells TMZ " Paris is single now, as she has stated publicly. This is a time in her life where she will be concentrating both on her work and friends. Nobody should read into any photos, gossip or reports about her social life."

Paris has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, and has recently been linked to newly drafted Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Lienart.


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Paris you go girl!! Hell I'd lick yah!! JOse sounds like your girlfriends family and your brothers are right upstanding citizens! Don't go lyin through your tooth now....Did you bang her?

2952 days ago

Elizabeth Williams    

I am so sick of seeing Paris everyday on a mag. or on tv for one thing or another. I wish she would just dissapear or the camera people who follow her everywhere and think we all want to know what she does every minute of the day. You can't pick up a mag. or paper or watch tv without talk of Paris. I for one am sick of her .

2952 days ago


What do Paris and Jose have in common?

They both often get scored upon through the 5 hole.

2952 days ago

alan fluharty    

say it aint so jose so the avs traded for a injured goalie who should be spending time with his girlfriend and new baby and he is hanging with paris.. well get it out of your system before camp because denver is not party town most of us left cali for a reason and if you dont straigten up you will be playing in a empty arena.take ehim back habs..

2952 days ago


I hope some days that men stop giving attention to this kind of sh..!!...lady!
She is what!!! nothing else?She try to be an actress...oh my god! she try to be a singer...oh my god again!
Finally she is born TO SAY: oh my god! ;-)
What makes me angry is that some people save lives and they get nothing!

2952 days ago


What is sad to this story is that while mister Theodore was out partying with Paris Hilton, is wife was in the hospital caring for the little girl they had 3 months ago and who was born premature. He actually joined her there after is night of whatever with the biggest dumb blond of the planet.

I guess that his relationship was not even worth keeping his girlfriend of 8 years and mother of their child away from the medias attention. Like she hasn't had enough has it is... I feel sorry for her (stéfanie cloutier) and I hope she's o.k... Theodore, you are an ass. That's what I think about you.

Paris Hilton is not to blame here. She has shown in the past that she cares about herself and about money, that's no lie... So would you think she'd actually cared about others? No, she proved it in her stupid reality show, where her and that also dummie Nicole Richie had nooooooo heart or sensitivity, or even intelligence towards others. Sikes! She doesn't even gives a shit about her mom or her dog...Anyway, she is single and she can do what she wants...

My heart goes out to Stefanie Cloutier. I hope you won't be too hard on yourself girlfriend. You deserve a man that respects you, and this one, obviously doesn't...

Let him roth in a world of superficiality... He'll regret this one...


2951 days ago


Jose might have a gilfriend and a new baby girl, but it isn't the first time that he had cheated Stephanie. It is only the first time it is said in teh media.
In fact, some of my friends and my cousin were asked by him to go in an hotel room, so after they could say that they have sleep with Jose. He knows he is hot and he took advantage of it.
He used to be a good hockey player as well as a good person.

2951 days ago

Ian Lemaître    

Théodore, maître de séant, a un minuscule postérieur. Le problème ? direz-vous, c'est l'odeur voilà tout. Il dégage une odeur de moisi, de petits articots béquêtent le gras de la fesse. Moi, toujours bandant, je joui une puck pour monsieur le clown. Où va cette histoire ? Je ne sais et ne saurai. Je m'excuse. Là c'est fini.

2950 days ago


Wait a you really think Jose is in love with Paris like most guys she used to be with? Come On...shes a total sluuutttttttt.......they just want her for the bed..........Paris is the type of women that one day...when she gets old fat and ugly...will stay alone ......she wont find real isnt made for hoes.....the way she is causing heartbreaks to the guys girlfriends...the same way she will be hearbroken........hope it will be soon....someone has to put her at her place....

2950 days ago

Bobbi Baby    

theodore is so hot..too hot for paris, shes dirty!! He deserves being thrown out now by his poor girlfriend of 8 YEARS! he cheated on her with the 2nd biggest dirtbag in hollywood, the 1st being Lindsay Lohan!Cringe

2950 days ago

Thomas Boyer    

José pourquoi tu fais ça ? T'as un enfant et tu le laisse dans la merde pis c'est pareil pour Stéphanie Cloutier (ta VRAIE blonde) Elle t'as boté l'cul en dehors pace que tu vaux de la merde tant mieux pour toi pis t'arrete meme pas les pucks t'es un vrai f***é de b**** qui respecte personne tu veux seulement avoir du sex meme affaire pour Paris Hilton

2949 days ago


Ok so first of all the ONLY thing that paris hilton will EVER get my vote for is HO of the YEAR ... maybe even century (dont worry angelina u played a good game and came a close second).

Secondly Theo man, u used to be Montreal's number #1, apparently your eyesight went at the same time that your hockey skills and fidelity did. We shipped you to Coloado, please stay there, we dont want you at home anymore. I feel for your newborn child, that's just wrong man.

Lastly ... my opinion on this matter can be summed up by the following ... «barf!»

2949 days ago


Ugh, Paris makes me sick to my stomach! That Jose guy is such a worm for cheating on his girlfriend when they have a 3-month old baby at home...what a jerk! I'm glad the girlfriend kicked him to the curb! You go girl!

2948 days ago


I think that José Théodore is really stupid after what he done, but Paris still remain a good looking lady, I was reading all the message that people wrote, I THINK THAT YOU ARE ALL JALOUS OF PARIS HILTON, she's HOT ! Everybody said bad stuff of her, but do not forget if you areaying stuff like this, it means you are either FAT, UGLY, LOOSER, you guys are just jalous of Paris. I am tall like Paris, except black hair, I look good, & all the ugly & fat girls look at me with that look, so I do understand YOU ARE JALOUS, because PARIS is GORGEOUS.


2947 days ago


This is just plain nasty. Theo and Stephanie just had a baby daughter together. Her name is Romy. He needs to grow up and be responsible. As for Paris, that needs to get a life. She's a walking aids epidemic.

2944 days ago
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