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Reese Says 'I'm Not Pregnant' -- Sues Star Mag

6/21/2006 7:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by Reese Witherspoon claiming Star Magazine invaded her privacy by publishing a "fictional" story that the actress was pregnant.

In the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the Academy Award-winning actress claims the magazine published a false story that she was pregnant "in a callous effort to boost the tabloid's sagging sales."

"Contrary to the fabricated Cover Story," the lawsuit says, "the true facts are that [Reese] is not pregnant, does not have a 'baby bump' and has not otherwise gained weight such that she has had to resort to wearing 'Empire-waist dresses,' 'baggy clothing,' or an 'old-fashioned 1920's bathing suit.'"

Reese also alleges in the suit that "this fabricated tall tale was brazenly published as a prominent and conspicuous cover story for the purpose of garnering the maximum attention to the tabloid..."

The lawsuit claims the story was a violation of Reese's privacy and portrays her in a false light. It seeks unspecified damages.

Mike Kahane, General Counsel for American Media, told TMZ, "It is a frivolous lawsuit. It has no legal merit and we intend to vigorously defend it and have every confidence that we will prevail."

We asked Kahane if Star believes Witherspoon is pregnant. He said, "The article asks the question as to whether or not she is pregnant based on her physical appearance and clothing that she was wearing and we believe we have every right to ask that question."

Witherspoon's publicist issued a statement, claiming the tabloid lied by saying "...she has been withholding or concealing this information from producers of upcoming films." The statement says Witherspoon's lawyers notified Star before the article was published, warning that the article was "...absolutely false and that it would be damaging to Witherspoon professionally as well as very distressing personally."

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No Avatar

Land Shark    

Awwww! I was hoping she was pregnant again! She seems like such a great mom.

3044 days ago


your dumb Ja$mine

how would you like it if Magazines put your face on the cover and said you were having a baby when you were not... or anything else thats no ones business and FALSE

she has ever right to sue....

and Jessica Alba had every right to sue playboy as would I.

"dat was dumb"

oh my gosh, "dat" sounds ghetto

They are making these stars appear to be or appear to be doing something they are not.

3044 days ago


HAHA I agree with Anna, Jasmine is retarded and you can tell she is ghetto and doesn't know proper English. If it happened to her, I am sure her tune would have changed.

3044 days ago


This story could also cause her to lose roles and a director might think oh she is pregnant and go with another actress!

3044 days ago


Damn, no need to get personal, it's only an opinion.

I agree she has the right to sue. She'll probably win, too.

3044 days ago


I agree with the suit based on the precident it could set. Excuse any mispellings.It could hurt her chances of getting work so I do agree with her suit. If a producer or director dismissed an actress because they believed her to be pregnant then it is a damaging story. I know Reese has more clout but other less powerful actresses do not. You should be responsible for what you print.

3044 days ago

Joe B.    

If she was up for something that she didn't get because someone thought she was pregnant, she has every right to sue and if she can prove damages, collect.

Plus, Reese isn't a fan of the bloids.

3044 days ago


I think she needs to sue those jerks...I bekeive a line has to be drawn sometime.
do those people at that rag realize that her family gets hurt by the lies they print? NO
I say God Bless ya Reece and good luck!!

3044 days ago


Its about time us women stood up for what is right. Its no one's business if she is pregnant or not. These tabloids need to get their information right before having us worry about our careers and what directors are going to think. Sue and get more and more for the little women who don't have the money to sue. Maybe then they will stop and believe that we are the superior sex. Good for you Reese. I hope you get enough to put them out of business.

3044 days ago


If the Star was just "asking a question", why didn't the cover say Baby #3???? with a question mark instead of an exclamation point?

3044 days ago


the magazine reads "she has a bump and looks pregnant" they didn't say exactly that she is pregnant so i don't see any reason for her to sue unless she wants to be in NEWS. which is rather not surprising at all. anyway if that is the case then all the hollywood actresses should sue the mag since they all are at least once mentioned that they r preganant from JLO to J ennifer Aniston. Funny huh? yeah i find it funny too . hope she doesn't win the suit. anyway she is so ugly ..short, thin lips and there is nothing special about her so i figured that she needs to win the suit nowwwwww. GO SHORTY.

3044 days ago


What Reese needs to do is find a more suitable husband. Ryan Phillipe is a load.

3044 days ago


I'm so tired of the media trying to stir things up. They try to keep us confused, in fear, wanton, loathing and angry. I'm glad she's standing up for herself and against them. I'ts about time. I only hope others will follow.

3044 days ago

Crystal Baller    

I agree with the posts that think it's a ridiculous and frivolous suit. Yes, think how you would feel in her place, with tabloids, and fans who buy the tabloids as well as fuel your career. Yes, magazines do at times go too far but so do the stars with their sheer outrage. Get over it and learn to laugh at the fact that you're enough of a somebody that a magazine would care to use your face to boost sales. There are a lot of struggling actors that would kill to be in her place. It's not an invasion of privacy, it's an occupational hazard.

3044 days ago


DONT MESS WITH THE GOOD CELEBRITIES ANYMORE (MESS WITH PEOPLE LIKE PARIS HILTON, WHO DOESNT QUITE CARE ABOUT HERSELF OR ANYBODY ELSE)!! I'm all for them. Just because they are rich and famous, does not mean they have put up with any bad stuff. We should all be thanking them for making us happy with their music, or laughing from one of their good movies, or whatever. They should not have to pay a price or punishment just because they are celebrities. I am quite sick of the media... not the celebrities. You go, Reese. And I hope you win big.

3044 days ago
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