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Stapp Comes Clean

6/21/2006 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Stapp: Click to WatchPromoting a new album means many personal questions will be aimed at you, and former Creed frontman Scott Stapp is no exception. Stapp has had his run-ins with scandal, having been arrested for disorderly behavior in February and had a sex tape leaked soon after.

Stapp was actually quite candid about both incidents though and defends his actions. About the bust for drunk and disorderly conduct at LAX he says, "I was on my way to my honeymoon with my wife the day after we go married, celebrating our marriage. Apparently someone did not like the fact that I was in such a chipper great mood...You are not allowed to be intoxicated in public I found out." No charges were filed in that incident.

Soon after the arrest, Stapp was dealt another blow when a sex tape, co-starring Kid Rock and some strippers, leaked on the internet.

"This was one particular incident when me and Kid Rock had some strippers...there is no sexual intercourse on that tape, you won't find it so don't get your hopes up. It's two very young men almost a decade ago, ten years almost ago that the pause button was accidentally not pushed."

The worst part of that incident: the tape was released three days after his marriage.
Stapp is making a return to music, this time solo, with the album 'The Great Divide'  and a tour with INXS which kicked off last night.

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I don't think Stapp was making excuses. He admitted he was drunk at the airport and he admitted HE made the sex tape (his camera) when he was younger. He's always saying he's human, he makes mistakes. People need to get over this media hype crap - the man is an awesome singer/songwriter.

2991 days ago


I don't see any excuses being made..I see a guy who is clearing up nasty rumors
yet once again. He's admitted to having a problem with drinking, and is doing
something about it..what more can he do? Admitting the problem is the first step..and I'm proud of Scott for taking it. We all mess up, we're just blessed
to not have our screw up's blastered everywhere. If you were a fan of Scott when he was with Creed..give his new music a listen.. it's worth your time! ~Peace~

2991 days ago


There's a huge difference between making "excuses" and giving a reason or an explanation. I'm not sure what interviews people are listening to, but every single one since February, Stapp takes responsibility for all of his actions.
Treats "people" badly. What people? There is noone, I repeat, noone who treats his fans better than Scott Stapp. He never turns down a photo or an autograph request. He also provided over 240,000 meals to local food banks on the first leg of his solo tour.
Oh that's right it's human nature to focus on the negative and ignore the positive, at least where Stapp's concerned.

2991 days ago


I liked Scott very much and did laugh about the things that happened until he "decided" to skip the whole european tour without any comment why. Just after that he fills his time with touring with INXS.
Now I hope this loser never puts his feet here in my country .Thank you.

2990 days ago


No matter what Scott has done, and may do again, he's human. Everyone makes mistakes, and we hope to learn by them. Seems to me, he's trying. I will follow his career for as long as that voice chooses to sing. His lyrics, his songs, they're moving and strong. His performances are always great, and sincere. As far as the bad stuff, that's his demons, not ours to judge. I wish Scott only the best....with his career, his marriage, and with his son, whom he cherishes.

2990 days ago


I saw Scott Stapp perform with INXS. He did an amazing job and he appeared, for the most part, very humble and very happy to be performing again. I quite liked the new material. I hope he does well, he is obviously working very hard to rebuild his career.

2990 days ago


This is just getting plain old. It's ok to overlook the average screwup guy but Scott Stapp is ok to spotlight and showcase his every messup. This is the reason pop culture must freakin die. I'm not a fan of his problems but his music I can bear. It's not like any of you finger pointers are doing anything to help his situation

2978 days ago


scott stapp is an awesome singer / songwriter, so the man got drunk and likes a good blow . there are far more important things going on in this world then to hype on all of that. keep bringing us the Music that we love, scott thats all that matters here. what he does in his personal life isnt anyones buisness, pay attention to your own life people. im sure yours is not perfect in any way , by any means! Keep rockin scott.. we love u

2968 days ago

gary pollock    

Scott Sapp is a human being, just like the rest of us. The difference is he has a gift to fill our lives with lyric and song that makes us smile, cry, party, be happy be sad, look into ourselves, think about our future and that of our children. Will the person who has never had sex, thought about sex or wanted sex please move to the front of the line and tell us the story. I hope it is a great Puritan tale........
Sing on Scott and bring music to my life......the rest is your personal business.

2968 days ago


Did someone say he was awesome?

This is the worst band in the history of everything everywhere.

2968 days ago


It sounds to me like most of these people are simply defending this guy because they like his music. If he was a mediocre song writer, would you still be defending him? And for everyone who says we have no business judging him, I couldn't agree more, but that goes for everyone! People saying he's an awful person shouldn't do that, but neither should the people that say he's now a good person just for admitting he's made mistakes. I mean really, it doesn't take much of a man to admit you have problems after everyone already knows he has drinking and sex problems. Nothing against the man, just something against people who believe whatever they want to believe about people. . . .

2968 days ago

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