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Brangelina Guilts Hollywood Into Giving

6/22/2006 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton / Angelina JolieIt's the Brangelina charity effect.

Thanks to the media mileage Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have wrung out of their Africa charity work, celebrities today are falling over themselves to show the world how public spirited they are.

Latest example: Nicole Kidman, who spent the days before her wedding to crooner Keith Urban visiting Sydney's Children's Hospital with her own kids. The happy couple is reportedly asking guests to donate to charity rather then buy gifts.

In addition, Cher in recent days has drummed up money for troop helmets in Iraq, while K-Fed has thrown his substantial celebrity weight behind the fate of ... pennies.

While the new round of celeb heart pouring is an outgrowth of Brangelina's work in Africa, other celebs have been big in the free-money circuit for years. Big donators include: Oprah Winfrey, who gave $52 million in 2005 to charity; Sandra Bullock, who donated $1 million twice, once to the Red Cross following 9/11 and the second to Tsunami Relief; and Paul Newman, who has donated nearly $200 million in after-tax profits of his "Newmans Own" products. There's also Bono who, in our opinion, should be reaching sainthood by the end of the week.

Then there's Paris Hilton, who somehow seems not to have received the charity memo.

Our favorite socialite was recently accused of leaving an Australian children's charity high and dry. Paris reportedly pledged to organize a star-studded benefit concert in Los Angeles to benefit Paradise Kids. The charity claims Paris said she would have friends Backstreet Boys and Blu Cantrell perform, and at one point even Missy Elliott's name was mentioned. So far, two years have passed and Paris has yet to return with the big-name acts. We called Paris' rep and he said he was researching the matter. At press time had not gotten back to us.

This isn't the first time Paris has gotten in trouble for snubbing a charity. At the Elton John Aids Foundation post-Oscar bash she failed to pay for a ticket for entrance to the party. A rep later told the press that Paris had instructed her accountant to cut a check for $10,000 for the foundation.

To help Paris clear up her bad charity karma, we checked to see how she could help others if she followed Angelina's lead and donated one third of her earnings.

According to Forbes magazine, Paris made $6.5 million in 2004. If she gave one-third of that to charity, roughly $2.1 million, here's where the money could go.

* In Namibia she could feed 4,205 families for a year.

* She could build 429 one-room school houses in a developing country, according to Free the Children.

* The North Star Foundation says they could specially train 858 dogs to be companions for autistic children.

* According to Habitat for Humanity's website, they could potentially build either 35 houses in the United States or up to 2,681 houses in some third world countries.

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More celebrities should be giving back like Brad & Angie, Nicole Kidman, Oprah, and Bono just to name a few. Heck, we all should do more to improve circumstances for others - whether we do it by donating money or by donating time.

3012 days ago

jolie fan    

Why is it so hard for people to accept Brad and Angelina for the good hearted people that they are? None of the Brangelina bashing has anything to do with Jen. It has evrything to do with jealousy and bitterness. Angelina went to africa, saw the suffering there and it changed her. I watched her in an interview and she admits to having been wild and self centered, but so what! She has had a life changing experience. Judging by the vicious, cruel comments people post, there are alot of people who are in desperate need of a life changing experience. Angelina is very passionate with her work as a UN goodwill ambassador. She and Brad are trying very hard to make it the passion of as many people as possible. The people that keep bashing these two are just bitter jealous people who need someone to bash inorder to feel something,because their hearts are stone cold! We should all be doing our part to help those in need. If their are still some of you who believe that Angelina was the cause of Brad and Jen`s marriage ending, then I have a Bridge I would like to sell you. Brad and Jen`s marriage was over well before Brad even met Angie.

3012 days ago


It's great that Brangelina is helping somebody, but what about the U.S.? Do we not have poor, starving children here? They do not care about their home country at all! I say don't come back traitors! Plus, that's nice of them to have her Dr. fly out of the country for THEIR baby, what about all of his other patients? I guess all their babies are not good enough right?

3012 days ago


Paris Hilton only made $6.5 million last year?! wonder shes a selfish whore...according to Brandon Davis' standards, shes even "poorer" than Lindsey Lohan.

3012 days ago


Gee, and it's not like the Backstreet Boys have been busy for the past 2 years.

3012 days ago


Why is Paris Hilton's picture on this story? What charity has she ever given to, other than herself? SKANK!

3012 days ago


I agree, these other people mentioned were not "inspired" to do charity work because of Angelina nor Brad. I mean, come on, Bono has done so much that he has been nominated TWICE for the Nobel Peace Prize!
However, if these stars are able to use their popularity to encourage others to take a look at those who are less fortunate in this world and make efforts to help, then all power to them. That is the kind of thing that IS newsworthy. I couldn't care less who Lindsay Lohan is fighting with, or who is the latest starlet with an eating disorder. How does that affect the world?

3012 days ago


Wow, Paris Hilton claims she's friends with the Backstreet Boys? Riiiiight.

3012 days ago


WTF?? I'm a big fan of Angelina Jolie, but get real. Bono has been an advocate for third world countries for close to twenty years so I think it's belittling to suggest that he was "guilted" into helping. Oprah has been giving to charities ever since I can remember and i've been buying Paul Newman products for at least the past ten years. I actually hold the latter two people in higher esteem because while they may contribute overseas, they haven't forgotten about the people in their own country. How tacky to even suggest that!!! Tha's is SOOO National Enquirer. I thought TMZ would be above that.

3012 days ago


Kidman has been doing charity longgg before Jolie... Why should Jolie and Pitt get all the credit??? Paris is a devil... that's why she's always saying things are so "HOT" cause she's from hell...

3012 days ago


Just for the Record DeeBee, Bono being from IRELAND and not the U.S.A. HAS helped the people of HIS own country. He has been doing children's charities in IRELAND of years now! Think outside the U.S.A. for a change.. jeesh! Besides famous people may give lots of money but it's the average people like us who put in the time and the most votes, and make the most difference. Most of the poverty in the United States is the result of a poorly run government! I LOVE the U.S.A and I do believe that at this time Thomas Jefferson was right, dissent is the highest form of patriotism! When was the last time any of you bothered to learn about and help our own third world economic status areas of our country, namely the Native American reservations and THEIR starving, sick, and dieing children and elders. OUR GOVERNMENT AND MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE DO NOTHING! What have YOU done? Here you all sit debating which celebrity is most selfish based on what they give or don't, when was the last time YOU did something TMZ?!?! When was the last time any of you took time from your life to help out in any way other than sending money? ACT don't just TALK about it!

3011 days ago

Day Care    

First of all, Angelina has been doing UNHCR work from 2001. That's a few years before this whole triangle.

If Angelina wants to do what she is doing for good PR, she's picked the wrong horse. Just cut a paste from a quote:

".... had AJ wanted to do humanitarian work 
for PR purposes only she would focus all her efforts on working on 
projects in the US. As we have been told plenty of times, there's 
a lot to do right her in the US so why doesn't she do it? There are 
over 40% of Americans who are inadequately insured for medical 
and health insurance. Then there's the handicapped kids, the 
katrina victims, the American Indians stuck on reservations, the 
orphans etc. If she were to throw the sort of energy into thos 
issues in the US, I'm sure she'll get plenty of publicity. Plenty of 
benefit concerts to organise, plenty of photo opportunities to play 
What she has done is in fact the opposite. She has chosen to try 
and highlight those who are forgotten. Sierra Leone, Darfur (I 
mean, its not exactly in the news is it until the last couple of 
weeks), Bosnia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Many of the places she 
visited were actually dangerous and NOT ONE OF THE PAPPARAZI 
WERE PRESENT. So, for someone who is supposedly a brilliant 
media manipulator, she's chosen a lot of hard work with doubtful 
returns to focus her energies to generate good PR for herself.
And do you know why the PAPS were not present in Sierra Leone 
and Darfur and other places?? FOR 2 REASONS:
1) because NO ONE IS ACTUALLY THAT interested in reading 
about Darfur and Sierra Leone so, Paps don't want to cover those 
stories so BANG, there goes the Photo Opportunity right?? and
2) Because there is always the risk of being kidnapped, of being 
killed. Even that pseudologist, Laura what her name 
acknowledges that those would be dangerous places. Do you 
think the paps followed George Clooney and his father to Darfur 
recently? I'm sure there would have been plenty of Photo 
opportunities but nope, I guess it would have been better if 
Clooney and his Dad just attended a demonstration and a benefit 
dinner about Darfur in the Washington DC eh???

3011 days ago


How rude it is for some people to think that stars dont care about the US! It's not like there aren't people here that CANT help their communtiy! To think that only celebs can help reduce poverty is just plain stupid! Dont be so selfish. Other countries need a LOT more help than the US. You shouldnt just relie on celebs to make the world a better place. To do that you need the WHOLE world help itself. So what if some celbs are faking to just get publicity? Not ALL of them think just about themselves. It doesnt matter if you donate $1 million (it sure does help though) or $10. Aktleast your helping others in need. We should all atleast TRY to help others than ourselves.

3011 days ago


OK I Think It's REALLY Stupid That Some People Like Pairs Hilton Have Like 6 Million Dollars And Just Keep It All To Themselves Just So Like They Can Show Off With All The Clothes And Big Houses And Stuff When They Could Give Money To People Who Dont Have Anything At All I Mean Paris Hilton Is Has Enough Money She Can Give Some To Charity And I Mean Like Those Hospitals And The Kids Who Dont Have Anything Could Go A Long Way If Paris Just gave 1 Million Dollars...And She Would Still Have Like 5-7 Million Dollars!

3011 days ago


What exactly is Paris Hilton's title that she makes that much money? Does she actually work for any of it? It's sickening how people who make so much money & then hord it all.

I also think that its great of those who are doing so well to donate to charities, etc. But, start at home first before you branch out to other countries. There's a lot of poverty here in the US despite how strong a nation we seem to be.

3011 days ago
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