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Jessica Takes A "Holiday"?

6/23/2006 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna might be more than a little surprised when she hears the title track and first single off of Jessica Simpson's new album "A Public Affair."

The single appears to bear a striking resemblance to Madonna's 1983 hit "Holiday."  In fact, the songs sounds eerily similar.

From the synth-pop beat to the jangly guitars in the beginning, to the eight-note motifs in the verses to the choruses that begin on an A and the use of the same key (B-minor), the two songs are so similar that, in a highly unscientific poll, every person to whom TMZ played "A Public Affair" identified it as "Holiday."   Will Jellybean Benitez (who produced the original) be getting royalties for this? 

TMZ called a rep for Madonna, but as of yet our calls have not been returned. As for Jessica, her rep tells TMZ "It is a fun summer single and comparing to retro Madonna is flattering!"

But don't trust our ears: You be the judge. Listen to Jessica's "A Public Affair" and Madonna's "Holiday" to compare.


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Speaking as a person with a degree in music, I don't think this is a rip off. Yeah, there are a few similar chord progressions, and there is some similar instrumentation, but I wouldn't go so far as to say anything was sampled. The melodies aren't even close. I don't think that Jessica Simpson has much involvement with writing and producing her own arrangements anyway. Besides, how much original thought is out there anymore? Isn't every artist influenced and inspired by others? If we're going to get picky, then let's rip every hiphop and rap album that has sampled someone else's work.

I'm a big Madonna fan, and I think people are making much ado about nothing. I think it's a cute, fun, dance song for Jessica Simpson, and people should just be quiet (and quit blogging themselves to death) until or unless they are creative enough to write a better song.

2966 days ago


Madonna did not rip of Abba, she sampled the song LEGALLY! Jessica's people better prepare themselves for a law suit. Imitation they say is a form of flattery, but Jessica needs to get some original talent of her own!

2963 days ago


I absolutely LOVE the 80's vibe! Aaaand, I'd choose Jessica over Brit, X-tina, Paris and all the other little pop princesses out there!

2963 days ago


I can not believe how inappropriate the video for A Public Affair is,
why does she feel that she needs to be trashy , and what is with the ice cream cone? How vulgar, don't little girls play her music, I bet not anymore,
Does her daddy know about that or did he promote it for $$$$$$$

2954 days ago


Jessica is very talented and not the first by any count to barrow from other hits.

2949 days ago


Lawsuit, can't do that, Joe should know better and Jess too!

2949 days ago

Jeff Davidson    

that intro is very very similar.

3007 days ago



3007 days ago


Holy crap....what a rip off!!!!

3007 days ago


I heard her live on Ryan Seacrest KIIS FM this morning and she said it herself, that the song's got "Madonna Holiday vibe" ... so there you have it - from the dumb blond herself. The interview was boring - she has absolutely nothing intersting to say, only to piggyback on whatever Ryan was saying, agreeing along with all his questions and comments. The song sucks and her voice is nasty, as always.

3007 days ago

veronica nova-jean    

this song is lame. it sounds like one of the cheesey songs that just get put on a pop album to take up space... not a hit from the album. and why doesnt anyone ever write a catchy song for Jessica? her songs are always the cheesey left over songs that it would seem none of the other 'pop princess' girls would want to worry about. and why does she sound like madonna and why is paris tryin to rip off gwens sound?? all a bunch of copy cats who have their music written for them..

3007 days ago


They sure are similar, then at the end theres a little diana ross too!

3007 days ago


I enjoyed it. I would enjoy it if it were on in the background at a club or resturaunt. and if it came on in the car I'd listen the first few times. I think if it were tweaked with a few bass bumps, etc,like given a club mix vibe it'd be even better. I also think her voice sounds great and to me her voice sounds happy.

3007 days ago


Bottom Line.......It sucks, I know I won't buy it that's for sure....maybe the little girls will like it though....just not mature enough for my taste.

3007 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Not even singing lessons can help Jessica Simpson. She oversings, sounds too breathy and annoying. I think I'm allergic to her voice,if there's such a thing. She needs to concentrate on fixing that bird beak she calls a nose. An ass lift wouldn't hurt, she has a flat one.

I hope you get sued 4 ripping off a Madonna song!!!!

3007 days ago
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