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Popped Paparazzo Tells TMZ What Went Down

6/23/2006 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Brewer: click to watch!The paparazzo arrested yesterday at a day care center attended by Maddox Jolie-Pitt tells TMZ that he did not trespass on the grounds of the center nor did he jump any fences surrounding the facility, and that the police "wanted to make an example out of someone."

TMZ talked to Clint Brewer, who did not want his face shown on camera, last night as he left Lost Hills police station. The 25-year-old freelance photographer said he was detained there by sheriff's deputies for six hours. He says police impounded his Volkswagen Touareg SUV and over $100,000 worth of equipment inside, and that he won't be seeing the stuff until at least July 16, when he has to appear on court on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing.

Hordes of celebrity photographers and videographers have been staking out the Jolie-Pitt compound, its surroundings, and its residents ceaselessly since the couple returned from Namibia with baby Shiloh Nouvel.  Brad Pitt's security chief, Rich Malchar, issued this statement yesterday: "School officials and myself feel that some of these paparazzi are like predators who will recklessly take and sell photos of innocent children for money."

The actual incident for which Brewer was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff is still somewhat unclear, as it was reported yesterday that the lensman jumped a fence at the day care center, and then that he was hiding in bushes at the facility trying to take pictures of young Maddox when he was apprehended by the a member of the day care's staff.

Brewer claims that there is no fence at the day care- at all- and that he didn't take any pictures of Maddox, the proof of which is in the camera that the police confiscated. 

He says that what he was actually arrested for was parking his car on private property, not for trespassing on the grounds of the facility. According to the written complaint that Brewer showed TMZ, the arrest was made for a "602(N)P.C./Trespassing; Driving Veh. On Private Property without Owner's Consent."

Brewer says he was driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to the Jolie-Pitt residence in Malibu when he saw the family going towards the day care center, at which point he followed them and "went to have a look but didn't see anything."

The Jolie-Pitt security asked him to stop shooting, and called the police, who, according to Brewer, "turned up and wanted to make an example out of someone and has [sic]," after which they took him to the station for booking.

Before TMZ spoke to Brewer, he walked out of the police station with his shirt covering his face- classic photo-avoidance maneuver- an ironic pose for someone whose livelihood is earned on the other side of the lens.

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No Avatar


What a jerk. I hope the celebrities stalk him to get a picture of him. Why is he hiding his face. It looks like the tables have turned on him. LOSER!

3045 days ago


Poor paparrazi...NOT! What an idiot! You got caught. Deal.

3045 days ago


How ironic that this guy has no problem getting in the faces, lives and property of the celebrities he stalks and harrasses, but "requests" anonymity to protect HIS privacy. Can you say "hypocrite"?

3045 days ago


I thought the photo of this guy trying to hide behind his shirt was hilarious. Here's a guy who makes his living taking pictures of people in private moments, that don't want their picture taken, now that the shoe is on the other foot he doesn't find it so pleasant!

3045 days ago

Stephanie Lee    

OOOOHHHH!!! POOR BABY!! Now he gets to see what it feels like to have the cameras hound you. That's what he gets!! DUMMY!!! I hope bubba made a man out of him:)

3045 days ago

Lance K.    

I guess the guy wants sympathy. He's not getting it from me. I know he has a profession but he does have to realize when to draw the line. There has to be something inside us that tell us when to STOP

3045 days ago

Lance K.    

Oh cry me a river. Dude lied and he knows it. WHy can't he just be honest and fully accountable for his actions

3045 days ago

Lance K.    

Nuna, thanks for setting the record straight. It story just didn't ring true for me but I knew TMZ was not going to really go after a story they just like sensationalizing the heck out of EVERYTHING

3045 days ago


Parents who sell pictures of their kids can't complain about the freebies. They chose to make their kids a commodity.

3045 days ago


Get over people!! Celbs make so much money over the crap they do. People want the juice. If it wasn't for the paparazzi, you wouldn't have your info for the day. The reason they are so big, is you keep buying all the crap. Stop buying the magazines, tell your paper to quit publishing stuff on celbs. Stop talk trash and do something about it.

3045 days ago


Stalking people is illegal.,especially when they go after someone's kids.I don't think anyone would want to be hounded like this. This is why they went to Africa, and even herre someone tried to get into the delivery room. I don't see why these people are allowed to congregate in front of their residence. It's way over due in reeling these people in.

3045 days ago

Lance K.    

In every profession you should respect the laws. He didn't so JAIL TIME

3045 days ago

Lance K.    

My thing is not just the celebritiies. A lot of these papparazzi intrude on the lives of neighbors, other patrons of daycare and the hospital too. They just have no respect. Fine take your picture but there are so many public places why intrude on private ones

3045 days ago

Lance K.    

I do not understand why he couldn't take the pictures from a neutral site.

3045 days ago


Why don't the paps just butt out! Get a life!!

3045 days ago
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