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Kate Moss'

Career High

6/27/2006 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After nearly being excommunicated from the fashion biz, Kate Moss uses her supermodel powers to reinvigorate her career.

Nine months since tabloid photos surfaced showing Moss snorting what appeared to be cocaine, British fashion house Burberry has unveiled the waif wonder as the new face of their 2006 autumn/winter campaign.

Kate MossAfter the scandal broke, Moss lost contracts with Swedish retailer H+M, Roberto Cavalli and Gloria Vanderbilt.  Although Burberry distanced themselves from Moss by dropping her from their Fall 2005 campaign and removing her posters from their flagship store, they insist she always remained "part of the Burberry family."  But why the renewed love now? Calls to Burberry were not immediately returned.

Since spending time in an Arizona rehab clinic last year and apologizing to "all the people I have let down," Moss has enjoyed quite the comeback. Besides Burberry, Moss has obtained contracts with Nikon, Calvin Klein, Virgin Mobile, Stella McCartney and French luxury brand Longchamp. 

Proving what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, reports now claim Moss has more than doubled her earnings since before the whole debacle was exposed. Not bad for a 32-year-old model - a relative dinosaur in the fashion world.

Last week British prosecutors revealed Moss would not be prosecuted over the drug claims, saying there was insufficient evidence to prove she was using cocaine.


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All Model's Are A Waste Of Skin

2988 days ago

the DQ    

I do not understand why people think Kate Moss is so beautiful. After seeing her recent Nikon commercial, I was stunned. She looks like some old drugged out has been hag. Time to move one Kate, my dear.

3042 days ago


I would like to see your ugly face in any kind of commerical, then again that probbaly wont happen because your an old fart.

Jealous people like you ruin the world.

get a grip and
get off the sofa and stop eating chips fat lard

3042 days ago

the DQ    

You've never laid eyes on me, so you have no basis for your comment. How childish!

Jealous? Not hardly. I just know real beauty when I see it, and Kate Moss is not it. Very simple.

3042 days ago


and she lived happily ever after... at least until she gets older and her body starts to fall apart from the ghosts of her past cocaine use. the mind may forgive but the body never forgets...

3042 days ago


Leave Kate alone !

2969 days ago


to old fart and anyone else who has forgotten: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
why so attackingly judge a woman who has made her own fortune since she was 14 years of age, never doing anything fucked up, yet simply pissing the world off by doing what she likes?! dating drug addict rocker boys, doing coke, modeling, fundraising and whatever else. to each his own, remember!
every site having anything to do with her always attracts these people who just want to hate her so passionately.
it can't be anything but jelousy in the heart of all those who wish to pick her apart and find any tiny reason to make other people think she does not deserve the success she has.
pathetic fools!

she isn't just the pretty girl who was going to model for a decade, fall off with a cocaine scandal and lose everything, and it drives you all mad.


2968 days ago


Kate Moss is a Iconic Model God...and will always be...
She is unconvcentionally beautiful and has a waif body because she is a supermodel...She will forever be recognized thru the ages as One of The World's
Greates Supermodels....The Drugs, Sex and Sluttiest , don't make it okay but
she's human and look at the industry she is in....Kate Moss will bounce back after another drug scandal a few years from now and we'll love her even more.
* k.

2964 days ago

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