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Babwa Hate Star

6/28/2006 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters has hated Star Jones for a long time, and it has nothing to do with Rosie O'Donnell. 

I'm told Barbara utterly turned on Star during the diva's wedding.  Walters was horrified by the freebies Star was getting and felt she was making "The View" look awful.

Barbara Walters and Star Jones

But it goes beyond all that.  For several years, I've heard that Barbara was fed up with Star acting like she was all that.  It's true, no one has a higher opinion of Star than herself.  I remember during the O.J. Simpson civil trial (her pre-gastric surgery days), when someone I know complimented her on her hairstyle.  Star's response:  "That's my Audrey Hepburn look." 

Star has pissed off an awful lot of people in Hollywood who feel she treated them shabbily -- that, by the way is an extreme understatement.  It's no surprise that Barbara Walters ultimately turned on her.

The problem is, now Walters is starting to look really bad, publicly feuding with Jones.  She should follow her smart self and just shut up.  But she can't.  You see, that's how much she hates Star.


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I never watched the show, and I never will. I don't give a damn who's is hosting or just sitting there being a bitch. I think the problem with The View is they should keep the show white, and stop inserting the token black into the format. There is always one black to attract the black viewers. Star isn't the first co-host from that show who either left or was asked to leave. Those two old hens Barbara Walters and Joy Behar should go sit there old face-lifted asses down somewhere and step aside. The show will definitely go to hell in a flaming hand basket if they continue on this path.

I can't wait for Ms. O'Donnell to show her face, and bring all of her opinions and arguments to the show. There will definitley be some people highly offended. She will take over that damn show, and then we will see how many of them remain friends.

As for Star Jones, Star will be just fine, she is smart and successful, but I believe that there was a lot of jealousy as far as their feeling for Star Jones. I don't think that they as women truly appreciated the struggles of another woman, especially a black one. What woman do you know, wouldn't want some free shit for her wedding. They should get over themselves. Are any of them even with a man anyway. Maybe that's the problem. They need to get a little.

2991 days ago


Love her or hate her, Star made the show interesting and gave it some "grit" for lack of a better word. How often I tuned in just to see what she was wearing, what she had to say or how everyone interacted with her. Unless they select someone that is "interesting" (not a Gayle King, Brandy, nor Susan Lucci), The View will be very boring! As for R O'Donnell, NOT!!! Does not interest me at all! She is not a very pleasant person anymore since she became so vocal about things we'd rather not know! I will watch the show again only if they select an interesting co-host. Deborah Roberts is nice, but her appearance lacks a certain style that could make her a bit more appealing. I wish Star all the best because she was done dirty. Heaven forbid a 300lb woman would dare to lose weight, and please dont marry an amazingly handsome man on top of that. The irony is, Stars wedding extravaganza pulled in a ton of viewers! Star, do great things; hope to see you somewhere, doing something, soon!

2990 days ago

Susan Smith    

I'm not sure about the show's future. I like Rosie,but, I'm concerned about the Rosie-Elisabeth combination. Remember Tom Selleck. The way Elizabeth attacked the comedian Sandra, the Enlish one ,made me very uneasy. It's like inviting someone into your home, then being rude to them. The talking over each other is very nerve wracking. I'm not sure if I wll continue watching.

2988 days ago


Star was too full of herself. I don't miss her at all. I do miss Meredith, but I look forward to Rosie coming on in September. I think she deserves a chance to prove herself as the moderator of the View before negative comments start flying. As for Barbara Walters, she's the best interviewer and is very intelligent as well. I think she and Joy are terrific.

2987 days ago

Mari Weitz    

I really liked Star Jones in the beginning - an single, intelligent, well educated black woman. She seemed to be content and happy in her own skin. Good for her !
I thought she was overweight; but, still very pretty. Now, she has lost soooooooooo much weight that she is nearly unrecognizable and no longer what I would call attractive - A shame that losing all that weight worked against her - she looked better and had a more pleasing persona before G-bypass. As far as The View, I think it should focus more on today's issues and refrain from turning the show into a big gossip fest ! JMHO.

2985 days ago

Carolyn Meredith    

Whether you think it was a good or bad thing that Star Jones left The View - the fact is she was fired and that's a hard thing to deal with. Walters said Star could have made up any story saying she had a new job to go to and they would all go along with that lie. Walters also stated it was left up to Star to decide how she wanted to handle the matter in public. However, when Star told the truth IN HER OWN TIME, Walters couldn't handle it. If Star had lied and made the announcement the way she had been instructed to do, Walters would be a happy camper right now. Walters out of control is not a pretty thing and Star wouldn't let her control how and when she announced her departure. My hat's off to Star for being honest.

2985 days ago

Susan Smith    

The whole Star thing has been completely blown out of proportion. She's gone, let it go! Quit talking over each other. I can just see it when Rosie comes on, with Elisabeth's opinions. I don't want to watch angry people. I want to be entertained.

2983 days ago


Star Jones never belonged on The View. She started out being a overweight blob and then she had her stomach stapled and got called out for it. She is nothing more then a fraud. From her fake personality to the fact that over time her head grew as large as her waistline pre-surgery.

Barbara deserves a certain amount of respect. This is granted given what she has given to the news world. It's a given to everyone that when she dies she'll be a historical reference in news/women history. Star should have realized by going on the offensive against her especially in the media would give her backlash.

As for Rosie coming to the show. Rosie has a personality that will take over the show. She's very vocal now that the label of "Queen of Nice" is long gone. I'm interested in what direction she'll take the show when she comes on. I'm a big fan of Rosie but Ellen has take the role that Rosie held so strong so when she joins the View I'm sure we'll see an interesting twist.

I'll continue to watch the view with Rosie because being a huge fan of hers it'll be nice to see her in the spotlight again.

As for Star.. Well Star's do burn out and disappear. It's for the best she was too hateful and needed to move on.

2973 days ago


Barbara walters suck they should have gotten rid of her, she's too fricken old .I liked Star. They should have made Star stay and fight with Rosie.I bet everyone would watch the view.Now it's boring i don't watch it anymore.:)

2972 days ago
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