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Nobody Puts Barbara In a Corner

6/28/2006 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters & Star JonesStar Jones has left "The View" – permanently, according to her now-former co-host and boss, Barbara Walters. The show aired this morning with just Walters, Joy Behar, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck taking their customary seats at the now oddly empty round table, and Jones' name and picture has been removed from the opening credits.

After the ladies took their seats, Walters began the show, dryly, "And then there were three."

Summoning as much patrician chill as she could, Barbara gave as good as she got: She told the audience that Star wouldn't be coming back, and that though she had purposely given her a few months to find a new gig and had given her the chance to "leave with dignity," her co-host had "made another choice" by talking to People magazine and making "other announcements" in the media yesterday.

Walters also said that she and the producers had decided not to renew Star's contract several months ago (which, she says, Star knew) though she didn't go into the reasons why.

Jones, perhaps to try to take the offensive, appeared earlier this morning before "The View" on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show and said that she wanted to leave when they told her contract wasn't going to be renewed two months ago and that, until yesterday, Joy and Elisabeth didn't even know she had gotten the boot.

Jones told Seacrest that "if anyone should feel betrayed, it should be me," referring to comments Walters made yesterday that she had felt "betrayed" by Star's jumping the gun.  And she complained that she found out about how Rosie O'Donnell – who Star said had been "nasty and insulting and vicious" about her weight loss – was brought onto the show at the Emmy Awards, when Barbara announced it. 

Star also acknowledged that she had made some missteps in commercializing her wedding planning to the hilt, saying "I want to take full responsibility for the audience thinking, 'Star abandoned us.'"

Listen to Star on KIIS-FM

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Gloria Yousha    

I didn't like Star Jones and am glad she is gone from The View... but I can only imagine what fireworks there will be when Rosey O'Donnell joins in the fall... especially with Elisabeth, who is very opinionated and one sided about issues... and politically opposite of Rosie. This might be explosive watching. We will see.

3003 days ago

Patricia VanBuren    

I am an avid fan of The View. I've missed maybe one show a year ever since they have been on. My friends and family know not to call me while The View is on.
I was sorry to see Meredith leave but I think Rosie will do a good job. I was always luke warm toward Star and I'm not bummed out that she is gone. I loved Elisabeth on Survivor but I despise her on The View, I would love to see her get the axe. She must want to go because she sure is candidating for it. She is obviously anorexic, the skinnier she gets, the more she talks and the edgier she gets. I think she is headed for a nervous breakdown and she may have had it on the air 8/02/06.

3002 days ago


Since Satr Jones exited the View Elisabeth has become more outspoken, opinionated and obnoxious then Star ever was. I hope when Rosie joins the show she can speak up and shut the girl up once in awhile. Elisabeth wants HER view on things to be the ONLY view for everyone, and becomes loud and childish when someone disagrees with her . Enough of her already, she's so far right, knock her off the stage.

3001 days ago


Barbara got exactly what she deserved when you lay down with dogs you eat sh*t. Maybe Barbara Walters is gay since she can't seem to keep a man. I believe they are all jealous of Star since she lost the weight. Barabra is just mad because she could not get the exclusive. Well Star will just have to save that for someone with more gratitude and dignity. Barbara ain't nothing but an old horse. That pretty card expired years ago. The show now sucks!!!! Barabara will be losing part of her viewing audience and not that it much matters. Barbara never really cared about the african american audirnce anyway. It is a shame she could not support what she use to call one of her best assets to the show. Jealous Jealous Jealous!!!

3001 days ago


I'd love to see the next headline to read ELISABETH HASSELBECK IS FIRED FROM THE VIEW! This girl is so self rightious, she needs to get a clue that life is not all black and white. She also needs to learn that knowone is interested in her religious beliefs, which is what her little tantrums are based on. Elisabeth is far too young to be so opinonated and closed minded, I feel sorry for her beautiful little girl being raised by such a closed minded idiot. ELISABETH NEEDS TO GO!

Janel Davis, Las Vegas, NV

3001 days ago

Joeann Joffrion Thomas    

As for Barbara saying she was surprise that Star was going to quit, that's BULL. How could she not know, the top dog at the view. She had a say when Star was hired.
Elizabeth is just nuts. How can she get upset or mad because someone wants to take a pill. Than she call a young lady a whore. She had better remember that she has a daughter.

3000 days ago


YAY! Now get rid of that no talent, brainless Elisabeth and maybe I will watch again.

3040 days ago


I am proud that Star Jones is gone.I have watched your show ever
since it started airing and never cared for Star. She really changed
for the worse when she lost weight. Which, I think it makes her look
terrible. When you look at her all you see are those eyes ready
to pop out of her head.
Thanks, and good luck with Rosie,

3040 days ago


Dignity for whom? If I were being shown the door w/no back up, I probably would have left the same way Star did. Certainly Barbara would not have expected a personality like Star Jones to leave with more dignity for the Show than herself. I say Star and her superego did what was best for her in true Star fashion and that's dignity.

3040 days ago


It's becoming a Drama show...

3040 days ago


Star is a lot of things and the whole wedding thing was probably not the best thing to do but I think everyone is too much on her case. I don't think she did anything THAT bad to warrant this kind of treatment. BaBwa might have been pissed but she should have taken the high road and just said what's done is done its a new day instead of making this more a public fight. Star just told the truth that her contract wasn't renewed and when that happens its that you're fired.... that is the truth. She lost wheight and refused to say how. she said she did not want to be a poster child for which ever process she had used to slim down (surgery everyone suspects) because there are other methods and each method works differently for each individual what is so wrong with that?

She was fat, now she's slimmer but not prettier, she did her bobs and removed excess skin, I don't see why she should be punished for that. Asking for freebies wasn't right, that much I agree but that doesn't warrant such bad treatment for someone who'd been with the show for 9 years.

Who knows how the show will go, could get better or worse with the addition of Rosie, if it gets worse they'll still blame Star for that I'm sure. Everyone might see this as a backlash on Star but she might come out on top because the View won't be viewed so positively anymore. Star was like family to them, like it or not, they should have treated her fairly even if they thought else privately.

I wish the show the best (although I never watch it) and I wish Star good luck too... reminds me of CBS and Dan Rather it didn't have to end that way.

As someone else said the only reason some people watched the View was for Star. She's funny and mouthy and let's be honest that's DAMN good television. Barbara does seem like a BITCH and Joy is not as funny without Star to work off of. And don't get me started on that
Elizabeth everyone hates her she has nothing intelligent, funny, or worthwhile to listen to. THE VIEW R.I.P.

This could be the beginning of THE END for The View, it might seem bad for Star now but it will be interesting to see what happens to the Show next year.

3040 days ago


I never could stand Star. I say good riddence to bad rubbish. She brought the whole show down with her sham marriage and snobbish attitude.

3040 days ago

debbie stuttler    

Star's dismissal was a tactical blunder for The View. Her intelligence and legal background gave the show a sophisticated diversity which will now be replaced with brash outspokeness, thanks to newcome Rosie O'Donnell. Sure, Star's wedding commercialism was over the top, but she's still has a lot more to teach us than Rosie.

3040 days ago

Karen Kaufman    

I'm not a fan of Star Jones and I'm glad she's leaving the show, but Barbara Walters is a b!@#$% on wheels. She's not classy, she's a big phony acting like she was protecting Star until she found another gig. Barbara always wants to be in control. I think Star has enough problems at home with Al without having to put up with Queen Barbara and her nasty comments

3040 days ago


STAR shouldn't be blamed here. Barbara is a back stabber.

3040 days ago
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