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Paris: The Ultimate Athletic Supporter

6/28/2006 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN's Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon argue sports every day on their show "Pardon the Interruption." On Tuesday, they debated Paris Hilton's love life.

Paris' dating habits are often tabloid fodder, but they rarely make it onto the sports pages. Lately, however, Paris has crossed over -- she's been spotted with Matt Leinart (of the Arizona Cardinals) and Jose Theodore (of the Colorado Avalanche).

Paris Hilton

Kornheiser and Wilbon tried to decide how many athletes Paris will be "linked to" in her career. "There are boys in tee ball right now, who when they grow up, they will say, 'Let me at Paris Hilton!'" Wilbon said.

Wilbon went on to predict that Paris would be linked to 27 athletes by the end of the decade.


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Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. :) i love paris hilton and think shes great.

3037 days ago


paris hilton rocks! Hey she has the money to do what she wants. leave the girl alone

3037 days ago


I'm sorry but she's a total slut, she's butt ugly, looks like a crackhead with aids. If it wasn't for her money bitch would be living in a trail park. Someone should punch her in the face.

3037 days ago


whore bag

3037 days ago


Hey! Pairs knows how to market herself. Who else do we have to watch...Tom Cruise and "Katie" Holmes? I vote for Paris. She's hot.

3037 days ago


I love Paris Hilton. I know she is playing with peoples heads LOL. She is a smart girl and she handles herself very well. Of course she is a beautiful women too.

3037 days ago


Hey! Paris knows how to market herself. She doesn't only live off her grandfather's name. Who else would you like to see in the entertainment news...Nicole Richie....she's cute. Paris is hot. Maybe Tom Cruise and "Katie" Holmes, they're not!

3037 days ago


Everyone in Hollywood is looking better these days except for Paris Hilton.... She's getting Old and her nose is growing along with her age.... I can't believe I thought she was pretty once...

3037 days ago


Oh lookey lookey queen of the skanks strikes again! this woman is the most revolting thing known to the common world and any man who would sleep with that *thing* needs psychiatric help!

3037 days ago


It's so sad that even with all her millions Paris Hilton cannot buy an ounce of class. The girl is as skanky as Anna Nicole, maybe even worse. She is such a disgrace to the Hilton name. I don't know how anyone can stand her. She's dumb, thoughtless and extremely narcisstic. She changes boys like she changes handbags..I think she believes they are accessories of some sort. Why must she go around breaking up people's relationships and just generally making a nuisance of herself. The girl needs to show some restraint and self-respect. She is (unfortunately) a role model to many.

3037 days ago


Any man who wouldn't sleep with should have his head examined and the men that wouldn't sleep with her are just lying or gay ..

paris is hot her song ssux though still shes hot

"thats hot"

3037 days ago


She is not beautiful, or articulate, nor intelligent, nor does she do anything of value with her money. She is selfish, shallow & useless. She brings nothing to the table. TMZ and other crap sensationalist organizations plaster her all over because some PR org that she hired works tirelessly to overexpose her in the hopes we might give a shit.

Paris Hilton Brings absolutely NOTHING to the table. There are millions of girls out there who do nothing, yet are much more attractive and interesting. Can we please move on to overexposing them? I swear, if I never see that scrawny bitch again, I will die happier.

3037 days ago


i swear i'm so sick of hearing and reading about PARIS HILTON,what makes her so important,oh the fact that her parents,have spoiled her to the point they should be embarrassed,her behavior,the stupid things she does,well at least she put some clothes on that skinny body,running around looking like she about to drop dead from starving herself,let me stop her i could just go on and on...

3037 days ago


Paris is a very self-serving, simple minded girl whose life is filled with nonsense parties and activities that bring no good to humanity. Her entire life is about 'fun' with absolutely no regard for anyone she comes in contact with. She uses people for her own publicity and has not the ability to emotionally feel for anyone. She needs help!
I would not trade my life for hers for all the tea in china. She is a lost soul for sure and clearly needs a great deal of psychological help. If I were her parents, I would be ashamed of her, and quite worried about her whole attitude toward people and life in general. Someone help her.

3036 days ago

Joe Bagadonutz    

I just love slutty women. If I were a woman I would be a slut for sure.

3036 days ago
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