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Will Taylor Hicks Bite the Hand That Fed Him?

6/28/2006 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Grumblings are already reportedly coming from Taylor Hicks' camp about his first single "Do I Make You Proud."  It was painfully obvious right away how bad the song is, which is of course not a reflection on Hicks since he didn't write it. Now, it seems Hicks may agree.

Hicks' former producer Will Smith of Baldwin Entertainment in Nashville tells In Touch Weekly magazine that Taylor wanted to release a song he wrote called "the Fall" instead of the tune written for him. Says Smith, "He wants to be known as a songwriter, not a karaoke singer." 

Of course, he just won the biggest karaoke contest on the planet so it might take a little time to shed the image.  But, Kelly Clarkson pulled it off and successfully distanced herself from Idol. Given Hicks' years of pushing his own songs prior to the contest, don't be surprised if Taylor goes the same route.   Since Clarkson is by far the biggest success to come out of the show, it would make sense for him to follow her path. 


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"He wants to be known as a songwriter not a karaoke singer..." It's a shame, but it ain't happening until that contract is up- he knew going in what he'd be facing if he won.

Still, bite the hand, dude... I recommend recording their drivel, but be real sarcastic about it at performances- Kind of like a strange version of 'VH-1 Storytellers: "...this next song is a song I didn't write soon after I won Idol... the joy & gratitude I felt then are in no way reflected in this song, because I didn't write it..."

3006 days ago


I really liked the song "Do I Make You Proud". I followed Idol for the entire season and to think that Taylor would want to abandon the song that will begin his success is unheard of. Kelly Clarkson made it big with her American Idol debut song "A Moment Like This". Its only one song- and I think the song is beautiful!

3006 days ago

R. Baumgartner    

No he will not bite the hand that feeds him. He has the southern charm of saying things in a way that would never ...truly...insult you!!! With a hell of a SMILE !

3006 days ago


This story is actually bogus - it is being planted by his former producers and does NOT reflect how Taylor actually feels.

3006 days ago


Gee, I wonder what "Will Smith of Baldwin Entertainment"'s agenda is in all this. Maybe, oh, I don't know, selling copies of "The Fall" that he has rights to? Can anyone say "cashing in on Taylor's success"?

I'm doubt Mr. Smith has even spoken to Taylor since American Idol began. This is the same group that was selling burned CDs of this tune for a mere $5 for S&H.

Personally, I really like "Do I Make You Proud". The version Taylor recently did on Leno was truly up to par. He had a hot band and had done a good deal more "Tayorizing" with soulful licks. Good stuff.

3006 days ago

Tracey Brogan    

Taylor Hicks is a smart, savvy, experienced musician who knew exactly what he was getting into. He knows he has certain obligations to fulfill. Once those are over, he will do HIS music, HIS way. While I will support him as a fan throughout the early process, his music his way is what I am most looking forward to. Bring it on.

3006 days ago


This person who fed this article is a con artist who is selling cheap bootleg copies of a demo CD that Taylor did 4 years ago.

Taylor has said repeatedly that he loves "Do I Make You Proud'. He chose it out of over 100 songs offered to him. He believes in the lyrics and message it sends and feels it is perfect for graduations, Fathers & Mothers days, etc.

In Touch and TMZ should check their facts before publishing lies. It would be easy enough to go direct to Taylor's publicist.

3006 days ago


I love the song Do I make you proud! I think Taylor is a wonderful human being and he will do well with whatever comes his way. He is one of a kind and a real breath of fresh air in an otherwise carbon copy music world. I wish him all of my best and will continue to follow his every success!!!

3006 days ago


Taylor does any song "proud". He's an amazing singer and I'll personally buy anything he records. I haven't paid for a song in years, but since Taylor that has changed. He's smart. I have way to much confidence in him to worry about any comment on a website or in a paper.

3006 days ago


Taylor is an intelligent man with talent and charisma -- he will do the right thing.

3006 days ago


This NON -story says FAR more about Mr. Smith than it does Taylor Hicks------Taylor has said NOTHING but glowing things about this song....the Soul Patrol has known for weeks that one of Taylor's "FORMER PRODUCERS" has been trying to capitalize ($ $ $) on "The Fall."

This Soul Patroller sees right through the shoddy attempts at capitalization and resents the heck out of it!

Someone is trying to make a QUICK BUCK and doesn't care WHO he hurts doing it---and I am NOT talking about Taylor Hicks!

Yes! We want "The Fall" to go mainstream, but NOT until we are $URE that TAYLOR will benefit from it!

~ Souler Express/Alabama

3006 days ago


funny when you read that never mentioned that Taylor was talked to....

this man quoted here..had tried to make money off of Taylor..he burned copies of CDs..and sold them...he is on a get The FAll on radio..because he helped a LITTLE in the writing....

Taylor has given interviews about how he refused the first song..and then picked this one..then he Taylorized it..he likes the message..and said it was perfect for AI

of course he would rather write the music...he has been doing that for a long time...and his next CD will no doubt have some original material....

Taylor...DID NOT say he hated DIMYP

3006 days ago


We really won't know if this is true until the contract is up and he's able to go on his own. Even if he totally hates the songs they're giving him to sing right now, I really can't imagine that Hicks would publicly confirm the story to anyone (yes, even the Soul Patrollers). Why would he want that kind of distraction or negativity?

3006 days ago


I agree that the story is bogus. He said a while back when the song was first introduced that the song felt right for him. The man is going to get alot of people saying derogotory things about him now that he is in the stoplight. Don't worry Taylor, your true fans will always think of you as a songwriter not a karaoke singer. I can't wait til you come out with your album this fall.

3006 days ago

Sandy Blakemore    

Taylor is so talented that he will get the opportunity to fulfill all his musical dreams. He is so down-to-earth that you feel like he is someone you have known a long time. He is a breath of fresh air and so entertaining to watch. A lot of people can sing but few have the gift to make any stage his own like Taylor. We will be talking about him for a long time to come.

3006 days ago
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