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Bono and Crew

Set Sail Under Jolly Roger

6/29/2006 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rogues Gallery"Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinski isn't satisfied with just sharing his vision of pirates, he wants us all to hear their music. Gore Verbinski, Johnny Depp and Hal Willner have joined forces with Anti Records to create "Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys," a two-disk CD with more songs about the sea and pirates then you can shake a peg leg at.

Bono, Sting, Nick Cave and a host of other singers lend their talent to the swashbuckling album. Artists recorded their songs- usually in less then a day- with any of the six house bands set up in destinations around the globe. At one point, eight songs were recorded in one day by eight different singers.

Over 600 songs were drudged up by producer Willner who rummaged antique stores, eBay and the Internet, culling together the list. The list was eventually shortened to 60 recorded songs, 43 of which made it onto the album, which is slated for a August 22nd release.

Check out Bono's rendition of "A Dying Sailor to His Shipmates" Truly uplifting stuff.

And Sting's rousing rendition of " Blood Red Roses".


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finally got to this site hoping to hear the whole song that Bono sang...and was somewhat disappointed by the 5 second recording....when can we listen to the whole song?? Missing Bono

2991 days ago


hope they didn't 'pirate' any of those songs

3046 days ago

Alex Sturbaum    

Actually, I hope to God that they don't have any Decembrist influence. Nothing against the Decembrists, but the music we're talking about here is traditional: It's sea songs and shantys, old as the sailing trade itself. It's no outrage if they don't have the Mariner's Revenge Song; but if they miss out on Excursion Around the Bay, or Captain Kidd (about the nefarious pirate, William Kidd) or other traditonal songs like that.... that's what would be a crime.

3046 days ago

Jeffrey Alan Dow    

Hehehe, while I agree that they probably shouldn't have put Mariner's Revenge Song on this particular album they could have at least called up Colin and and the gang and had them perform a classic shanty. I'm sure they would have loved it once they knocked Colin off his high horse (mast?) and got him to agree to it. But am I the only one who finds it a bit odd that the man who did Desert Rose is now performing Blood Red Roses? Its a conspiracy I tell you! Or something...

3046 days ago

John Michaels    

Glorify pirates that traded in Africain slaves is shameful Bono!

3046 days ago


"Over 600 songs were drudged up by producer Willner who rummaged antique stores, eBay and the Internet, culling together the list."

Ummm... I think they might have meant "dredged up."

3046 days ago

sean kemble    

Who doesn't love a song about pillaging. Bono's pirate song sounds better than Sting's. Bono is full of hubris, but his voice is always enigmatic and powerful.

3046 days ago

P.J. O'Bourke    

All the usual liberal suspects glorifying pirates, who are nothing more than today's terrorists. Nothing new here; move on!

3046 days ago


The album is not released yet but it will be released on 22nd of August. I listen to the two songs and wow, I must say those songs are great.

3042 days ago

Shanghai Brown    

As an itinerant shantyman and leader of a pirate jam band, first from Vashon Island on the Puget Sound in Washington, and now in Southern California, I don't know whether to be encouraged by this album, or entirely disheartened. There are many folks out there who have spent years researching and performing these songs, and are deserving of wider exposure, as well as the means to afford to pay their bills, and now the big commercial singers are going to come in and plunder the genre and take the credit (true piracy, indeed). Theauthentic folk musicians get screwed, and the ever so brilliant public will go around thinking Sting and Bono "discovered" sea music, making even more money in the process.
I can't wait until my pirate jam band goes out to perform and people think that we're copying them. Damn yer eyes Bono. Fetch me the cat and rig the grating. Lou Reed'll be able to take the lash - and like as not, enjoy it, but Bryan Ferry'll shed tears when I cut into his fine silk suit. As fer Sting, ye won't be wrapped 'round me finger, but bent o'er me 16 pounder with salt in the wounds.....

3031 days ago

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