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Deb to Star -- What Goes Around Comes Around

6/29/2006 2:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones & Debbie MatenopoulosDebbie Matenopoulos had a message for ex-friend Star Jones in an interview today, something along the lines of: Payback's a bitch.

The former "View" co-host appeared on Fox TV's "Good Day LA"  Friday morning, revealing that she and Star were extremely close, that is until Debbie got the boot in 1999.  She says that's when Star completely abandoned her.  "The thing that was most hurtful to me," said Debbie, "was that I thought that [she] was my friend, and then [she] was nowhere to be found."

As Debbie pointed out,  "It's called 'show business,' not show 'friends.'"

Debbie added that she wasn't upset about having to leave the show, saying she was told  that the show had to move "in a different direction," which is the equivalent of getting dumped and being told "It's me, not you." 

Et tu, Star.


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Ok now as for Debbie's comment on Star. She can't compare, becuase her reason for being fire from the view is totally different than Star's. Star got let go for being who she is, a very opinionated person, but who isn't on that show. They need to get rid of Elizabeth next she is so annoying, and doesn't know about half the stuff she talks about. Now, back to Debbie I see you have matured, since the show you were on that got canceled, Good Day Live. Debbie you were so annoying, and you too was a replacement for Julian Barbieri. After Julian left and then Dorothy, the show was destined for doom. Debbie you know show business and contracts. Sometimes when a person is let go ither employees are instructed to not have communications with you, or they too are in jeopordy of their job. Beside who came 1st to the view? Debbie or Lisa? Anther thing I remeber who bitter Debbie was on Good Dy Live, she would bring up her firing all the time from the view, so for her to say she wasn't bitter about being fired from the view is a crock of s@#$t.

3039 days ago


I don't see what the issue is for Barbara Walters... They fired her months ago that was barb's statement. Personally I think Star did well not announcing it months ago. I saw Barbara Walters' announcement and Star Jones subsequent interviews so far. Star seems to only be at odds about when she was released, and that is apples and oranges when you are out of a job. Star has been graceful and tactful. So she announced her release a week earlier than you thought!!! SO WHAT! What more does Barbara Walters want???? Personally I believe it was obvious Barbara Walters and ABC stabbed her in the back and they are just saving face.

Barbara Walters feels betrayed HMM seems to me being fired and replaced by a person who decided to attack you and yours (Rosie) is the first betrayal.

Now as for the wedding thing Star got on EVERYONE'S NERVES. God knows I was sick of it! On the other hand how look at how rude and crass Joy and Elizabeth are. For months I've watched and seen the other "ladies" ( I use the term loosely) pick arguments with her. I could feel the chill here in Las Vegas.

If she was fired in November or April, Star is a good one in my opinion to take that crap this long. She even chose not ruin Meredith's exit. I think she did well not to snap on those broads or announce it sooner. Opps! I lost my manners. Can you imagine pretending for months to be ok, knowing you'd been "released" or in the real world FIRED? I know Joy had some serious issues. I guess Star didn't stay in her "place" or kiss bottom (like Elizabeth).

Heck, we all knew she was being pushed out by Rosie. She could have said that but as I recall she just said her contract had not been renewed and she felt as if she were fired. DUH she was fired! Barbara Walters said the next day she and the network told Star she could handle telling the public the way she wished. Seems to me she told the truth in a very classy gracious way.


3038 days ago


Star Jones is a no class Daddy's Girl. With a paid for Hoochie Husband. She must have gotten the idea when she crashed Liza Minelli's Wedding.

3037 days ago


Whats all this Star bashing she like all the other asshole talked about their boring ass lives but because hers was more interesting than the rest they got mad...Tell me liz is not the most boring ass women you want to met..Barbara too has no life to talk about,Joy jokes are as dry as hell so whats new with the veiw oh yes rosie tired ass will be on boring all about her life so what will we do now...

3036 days ago

Bruce Baxter    

As much as i fell what the RACIST SHOW PRODUCERS did to the STAR of the show, Star Jones, and feel is is totally justified and professional in her actions afterwards - I did think it was unfair and cruel the way Deb got the boot. I think she was one of the more interesting characters on the show - and I definitely do believe there was some personal hatred behind her departure.

3034 days ago

steve hazen    

debbie and star are casulties of network television.
having met both of them, they should focus on there self esteem issues
and treat friends better. natalie cole told me that those nasty payless shoes that star made her wear as one 200 bridesmaids.wrecked her feet for weeks.

3029 days ago


Hopefully, Star Jones Reynolds will never get another job on-air again. Let her fad into the distance with her "formerly-gay-now-saved-christian" hubby and bake cookies in Dallas.

This kind of tlk is from people who could never have been friends of Star's. Check yourselves because this is straight from imature bity babies. casn see why now that Debbie was fired. Bshe was re hired on a show and it must have been the hire a blond day, which is after all every day.

2973 days ago
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