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Deb to Star -- What Goes Around Comes Around

6/29/2006 2:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones & Debbie MatenopoulosDebbie Matenopoulos had a message for ex-friend Star Jones in an interview today, something along the lines of: Payback's a bitch.

The former "View" co-host appeared on Fox TV's "Good Day LA"  Friday morning, revealing that she and Star were extremely close, that is until Debbie got the boot in 1999.  She says that's when Star completely abandoned her.  "The thing that was most hurtful to me," said Debbie, "was that I thought that [she] was my friend, and then [she] was nowhere to be found."

As Debbie pointed out,  "It's called 'show business,' not show 'friends.'"

Debbie added that she wasn't upset about having to leave the show, saying she was told  that the show had to move "in a different direction," which is the equivalent of getting dumped and being told "It's me, not you." 

Et tu, Star.


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I dont think Star did anything wrong. She had been on that show for 9 years. She spoke very respectfully of her other co-hosts. I'm certain she had to be very hurt by Barbara Walters. I'm sure if Walters had wanted her, Star would still have her job. She was, in fact fired. I thought Barbara Walters was mean and vindictive in her comments about Star's departure. She chose Rosie over Star. The View will become the 2nd Rosie O'Donnel show. Watch out Joy! I think it was Barbara who really showed her cat claws! Good Luck Star!

3015 days ago


Star Jones? Who cares! And "Rosie O Fat As*, I'm Really A Man, Don't You Know O'Donnell" Who cares about her either. . . . :o( to both of them. . . Good riddance to each, either, or BOTH! Neither one has ever had an intelligent thought, or comment!

3015 days ago

Sharyn MacNeil    

I never heard of Star Jones before The View. She should be glad they gave her an opportunity. Without The View, I doubt I would have EVER heard of her. After reading both her "side" and Barbara Walters, I have to think Barbara and the network were right in not renewing Star's contract. She certainly is a hateful person and I certainly wouldn't want to hire her for anything - untrustworthy is the word. She is extremely unprofessional and unbecoming to her alleged profession. I would NEVER watch her on court tv or CNN - or on any other show for that matter. Also - whatever she is doing to her face needs to STOP. She looks terrible.

3015 days ago

Marlene Therrio    

Why is everybody (almost) commenting negatively on Stars Weight Loss, She looked good before and does now also, If she does not want to share her experience with everybody, her business, Why is Rosie brought up,she was replacing Meridith not Star, so why hang this on her through inuendoes. I always thought Barbara had more class.

3015 days ago


Star Jones-Reynolds has a law degree. Maybe she can actually use it now.

3015 days ago


Oh, Star get over yourself. The whole situation was disgraceful on everyone's part. Star, grow up. Barbara, I thought you had more class than that. I guess every good journalist wants a good story but to go to that length. Star, stop lying--Barbara get on with it.

3015 days ago


Oh, Star get over yourself. The whole situation was disgraceful on everyone's part. Star, grow up. Barbara, I thought you had more class than that. I guess every good journalist wants a good story but to go to that length. Star, stop lying--Barbara get on with it.

3015 days ago


I bet the three remaining girls on the show are glad star is gone, as I was in NY and walked by star on the street and the stench of body odor coming from her was nasty

3015 days ago

Sharyn MacNeil    

I'm a lawyer, and am saddened by the impression Star Jones gives to the legal profession. She is hateful and mean, not to mention dishonest. I would never want her to represent me or anyone in my family. As for her "getting fired", well OF COURSE SHE GOT FIRED. That's what it means when your contract doesn't get renewed. (Look up Contract Law, Miss Jones). She should have been fired long ago. She sits at that table with a nasty, mean face on every day. So long, Miss Jones. But please stop with the plastic surgery. You look terrible.

3015 days ago



3015 days ago


I don't watch The View on a regular basis. But on the few occasions I have seen it, my impression of Star Jones was, "Wow, that lady sure has a huge chip on her shoulder." She seems to distance herself from everyone else intentionally. I really don't know much about her at all or what her deal even is. But from what I see of her so far on The View, I'm not impressed or interested in learning more about her either.

3015 days ago

Charlotte Mendenhall    

It is surprising that she lasted as long as she did. She was way too self absorbed to be a good host. Elizabeth is my favorite on the show.

3015 days ago

Denise J. Witherspoon-Simmons    

Star is getting just what she deserves; she lasted longer than she should have anyway with her DIVA attitude!!

The majority of viewers wanted her gone when she wouldn't shut up about her marriage to that MAN's MAN Al Reynolds

3015 days ago


Star wrecked her own reputation. I am so glad she is gone. Debbie was asked about it and she answered, I don't blame one bit for feeling that way and saying what she feels. Star is a mean person, you can just tell. She only thinks of herself. BYE BYE see ya later Star.

3015 days ago

Carol Stillman    

I've never liked Star Jones, and I'm glad she's off the View. She always did flaunt the fact that she was a lawyer and a DA or asst DA. No one cared, and if she was that good at being a lawyer, why wasn't she practicing??
She's a know it all, and before she got married had absolutely no compassion for anythiing or anyone.
I'm glad she's gone!!!

3015 days ago
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