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Japan's PM 'Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog'

6/30/2006 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With apparently no other pressing matters in the world to attend to, President Bush took time to tour Graceland with Elvis Presley's #1 fan - Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

Japan's Prime Minister and Elvis
The heads of state played tourists after wrapping up two days of consultations.

Koizumi, who is stepping down from office in September, has been a member of The King's fan club for over 30 years.

Priscilla Presley and Laura BushThe President and Koizumi were joined by Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie Presley and his former wife Priscilla Presley. First Lady Laura Bush, dressed strangely similar to Priscilla,  was also on hand for the festivities which included Elvis' favorite meal of grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

White House aides came up with the idea of the Graceland visit as the perfect gift for the Prime Minister's last official visit to the United States. 

According to Elvis Presley Enterprises, which manages the estate, this was the first visit by any sitting president or world leader to Graceland.


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I don't like the fact that Lisa Marie looks older then Priscilla in one of the pictures. That's just not right.

3034 days ago

kate Bacon    

Who would have thought the day would come when Laura Bush would be prettier than Priscilla! Someone needs to get the name of that plastic surgeon and post it on the net to keep unsuspecting victims away!

3034 days ago


Seriously, they have nothing better to do!!! How about running a couple of countries!! Bush shouldn't be taking ANY vacations right now! What an ass; people are dying fighting for something he created and he's visitin freakin' Graceland...LOSER!! Who the hell voted for this jag off?

3034 days ago


What do you want Bush to do ?? Go sit at the White House all day ?? He doesn't fight the war so why should he sit at home all day doing nothing. If you knew anything about politics ((which I'm sure you don't ...just about as sure as I am that you didn't vote at all)) would know that public relations and building international relationships is as importent if not more so then just sitting at the White House. It's called networking. Say it with me ... net-work-ing. Good Job. And yes... Priscilla needs to lighten up on the nips and tucks. Someone should tell her that at her age it's ok to have a dont have to be shrink wrapped to look good.

3034 days ago

Michelle Townsend    

Why are people worried about who has plastic surgery and who doesn"t thats there personal business like do you floss or not?

3034 days ago

Susan Silverstein    

I agree w/Angel. Networking is very important. Japan is a very important player in the world; and when these countries send their highest dignitaries -- our presidents try to entertain them according to their inerests.

Elvis is an American Legend. Graceland is one of the countries most trafficked tourist sites. What is wrong with taking a VIP to see what they really want to see? We don't know what was talked about on AF1 on the way to Memphis. But human moments like these are tools, that hopefully, bring a closer rapport between statesmen. The Bushes have not done excessive entertaining durint their terms; in fact, they have been critiqued for not entertaining diplomats enough.

Yes, these are dark times, all the more reason why a leader might need a light moment.

3034 days ago


I always thought so...Elvis is alive but his male member is shorter, he eats fish, and his camera is around his neck......oh wait....that's a digitaltype isn't it...

3034 days ago

Patricia Brandenmaier    

I'm glad Japan's PM had such a good time at Graceland, but I'm dismayed that all TV news shows ignored the visit to the former Lorraine Motel to honor Dr. King. I guess that wasn't as good a TV "bite." BTW, Priscilla was once one of the most beautiful women in the world. I've noticed that she can barely smile any more. Same with Farrah. Her stunning smile has changed. It seems frozen. These plastic surgeons should be horsewhipped!

3034 days ago


Im a big Elvis fan and I gotta say this. To the prime minister of Japan Please find me a hott jap girl. Im sure Elvis wished he had one him self :)

3033 days ago


Why are we still dealing with "Widow" Presley? Her daughter owns Graceland..let her be the host. Priscilla needs to stay home adn take care of her husband and son. Gee!
She left Elvis long before he died..give it up woman. She wouldn't even allow pitcures of her with Elvis in her office at Presley Inc when she was running it because it would mix up her son when he was young. HELLO...I think he knows she was married to him and she didn't even give up the last name.

3033 days ago



3033 days ago


I had heard it was a dream of Japan's PM to visit Graceland. And, President Bush obliged.

Japan is one of our allies and it is good to make them happy.

I think it's awesome how one of our American icons is so lovingly embraced.

When I heard about this it put a smile on my face.

Go George!!!!!!!!!!!

3033 days ago


Jag off????Jag offf???????????? That must be some kind of foreign Lingo?
Go Pres. Bush!!!!!! You Rock!!!!

3033 days ago


Priscilla is the one who saved Elvis Presley Enterprises from bankruptcy in 1978, the one who opened Graceland to the public in 1980 (It immediately became the second-most visited private residence in the country, right behind the White House, and has retained that honor since) She is the one who made Elvis the number one earning dead celebrity, using her business acumen and aqaintance with the right promoters and managers to FULL advantage during her stewardship of the estate, AND the one who orchestrated and officiated over the U.S. Dept of the Interior's declaration of Graceland as a National Historical Landmark on March 27th of this year. I honor her for her tireless commitment and energy in keeping Elvis at the forefront of the American culture for so many years after his unfortunate demise. You readers and posters to this blog have no right to criticize her for anything she has done or not done....NONE of you were courted, married, and then separated and divorced from history's most desired man... and then to have the sheer temerity to bolster him up to the eyes and ears of the world, and honor him as she has, attracting accolades to his estate and presiding over an empire that SHE made into an everlasting business (Neither Elvis NOR his father Vernon had managed to save so much as a petty expense account from his wealth, both men were simple when it came to business and investments, and Elvis squandered nearly his entire fortune before his death, having spent the latter half of his carreer on the edge of insolvency) An interesting note: Elvis Presley Enterprises made more money in the few years after his death than in his entire carreer....why? PRISCILLA! I, a very devoted fan of his, extend to her my deepest thanks for honoring his memory as she has. Point to another ex-wife who has done half as much to honor her ex. Now please stop criticizing her. What business is it of yours? who have YOU honored lately?

3033 days ago


All I can say is Laura looks like a stepfordwife and Priscilla! looks like a clown. Bush always looks like a dumbass! This is a time of war and it doesn't seem fair that Bush is out kicking his heels up, meanwhile our troops are fighting for their lives in that hellhole in Iraq.
The biggest threat to the Bush Administration is an informed public.

3033 days ago
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