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Leotards Get 'Into the Groove'

7/3/2006 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dust off those Jane Fonda videos because the return of 80s aerobicized fashion trends continues full steam ahead.

MadonnaRecently legwarmers crept back onto the pages of fashion mags and the limbs of a fashion victims everywhere.  Now, along with skinny jeans and leggings, it seems the all-mighty spandex leotard is back to help you relive all the memories of that big-haired era.
Like rubber bracelets, vogueing and Kaballah before them, this trend is being spearheaded by none other than the queen of reinvention herself, Madonna.  On her Confessions tour as well as in her latest videos, the Material Girl struts her stuff in the one-piece wonders showcasing her ripped body like a 47-year-old virgin. 

And you can be sure that if Madonna wears it they will come.  Stores like American Apparel  have started carrying the item in different styles and retailing it for under $30 ensuring that even though they may not look good on everyone, anyone can afford one.

SupermanDon't worry guys you too can get into the leotard grove, albeit in a somewhat modified fashion AND at your own risk. 

This summer the original man in tights, Superman, will be leaping tall stories in a single bound.  The movie is destined to be a big hit, while his body-hugging suit should be too - for Halloween.

Nacho Libre
In his new film "Nacho Libre", Jack Black plays a wrestler that sports a colorful spandex suit in his quest to raise money for orphans.  While the movie may not be so memorable, the vision of Black in the body hugging ensemble is indelibly ingrained in our minds.

Will Superman and Black have the same effect on the form-fitting trend that Madge does?  Only time and the public's threshold for humiliation will tell.

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Madonna, sweetheart, you are no longer 20 years old. Please stop acting like it. You are a lot older now and you look a lot older now. You can still look good without working out so hard that your veins pop right through your skin. Maybe it's time to "reinvent" yourself again!!

3034 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

It's just you. We all think Madonna looks great. She's bringing new life into old favorites. She's my leotard dancing queen. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

3034 days ago


Ewwwwww!! Please just go away, Madonna...... away...

3034 days ago

wendell dixon    

I think it's funny that when Madonna wears something out of the ordinary folks call it a trend.. Madonna goes right up in the "clubs" to see what kids are wearing and then she puts the look in the public eye. I think it's funny because a lot of things that Madonna does aren't all that original. I find it funny that an older women who always want to reinvent herself amd to me she appears the same.. I think she always look the same only with different hair and makeup. I grew up watching Madonna blaze to were she is now..but hmm..why does she need to keep with up with the younger artist i.e.(Beyonce..Pink..etc) me sometimes she really tries hard and looks like a "clown"...Now she need to focus on bring new artist out..that's called passing the torch and not trying to keep the flame going at 47..Legends live not die trying... I'm older now and I damn sure don't try to dress like I was 18..hint....I would look like an old clown 2..but hey madonna...if you stil think that you have it to keep up with that young crowd..go for it.but at $500 a ticket for your show..I will pop in an old cd of you and get some beer and I will be "into the groove"-lol

3034 days ago


Oh my God! I have seen just about everything out there! This tops the cake! Other than The Barney Purple looking real CRAZY... the things that come down half way at her calves are so Horrible! They are really a Tan color & her legs are so pale! What in the Crey doe she be thinking of? Not much of nothing except taking back Wedding Gifts from people who don't continue to see things the same as she does!
Face it Madonna... you're not Like A Virgin anymore... Hey - was she one even then?

3034 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Madonna looks absolutely amazing. This style suits her just fine. Stop trashing her.All of you that are criticising her are just plain jealous.

3034 days ago


I have nothing to say about Madonna but pleeeeezzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee - NOT MORE SPANDEX FOR ANYONE. It looks bad on just about everyone except little dancing girls. As usual, if it makes its return, those that absolutely shouldn't wear it, .................................will.

3034 days ago


Compare Madonna's body to the bodies of younger artists. Madge looks better than people half her age! She's earned the right to wear whatever she wants.

She looks glorious in that leotard!

3034 days ago


I just wanted to say that I recent saw Madonna in concert in Hartford CT and she ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Age, people, is a state of mind...Madonna has it going on big time! If you saw her dancing on stage and working her ass off, you might think twice about commenting on her age. And she had a great message about humanity through out her concert. Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever seen...

3034 days ago


Madge is my generation's Tina Turner. She'll always be an athletic performer just like Tina, that's why she gets the ticket prices she charges. Let's see what Beyonce and Pink look like in 20 years after popping out 2 kids. Oh, that's right. They'd look like Britney.

3034 days ago


I always thought she looked like a hosebag the leotards just kinda hilight her hosbag look

3034 days ago


eewwww rolled up old lady pantyhose??, The leotard is a look that should never return.

3034 days ago


Leave it to Madonna to bring back something like this. She does look amazing and her tour is kicking ass

3034 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Madonna looks great. Her concert is AMAZING. Stop hating, you all wish you looked as good. GO Madonna.

3034 days ago


I have been a huge fan of Madonna for more than 26 years and I think she is beyond fabulous. Her leotard and feathered hair are just part of the look that she is striving for during her "Confession's Tour." This is called an "act." Ovbiously her newest CD, "Confessions on a Dance Floor," calls for her to dress and look like an '80's dance, disco queen. This style of costume is part of her disco 80's act. Madonna doesn't dress like this when she is off tour. She wears what is in style today, often dressing like the models in Vogue, as she does frequent several fashion shows. I truly cannot believe this woman is 47 years old and has the energy, stamina and strength to endure a world tour, which includes non-stop dancing and singing, not to mention her full agenda of everyday life. I'm a 42 year old stay-at-home Mom and I don't think I could ever get up on that stage and do what she does, even if I were a great singer and dancer (which I'm not). I think some of us have to take a step back and look at the big picture of what Madonna is actually doing out there. Some may call her a slut, a wannabe, a this, a that, etc, etc, but the truth of the matter is that she is a mother, wife and woman who is trying to express herself through artistic reflection.

3034 days ago
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