'Bipolar General' Author Combat Triggered My Disorder ... Hidden Danger for Troops


A decorated 40-year veteran is opening up about how combat missions forever changed his brain function, and he says his experience is a cautionary tale for all service members and the doctors who treat them.

We talked to General Gregg F. Martin Tuesday on "TMZ Live" about his just-released memoir, "Bipolar General: My Forever War with Mental Illness" ... which chronicles his personal battle. As he explains -- bipolar disorder can actually develop over time.

Conventional wisdom is bipolarity is something you inherit, but Gen. Martin says it's not that simple. He says doctors told him the gene for bipolar disorder was dormant in his brain, until the stressors of repeated combat missions in Iraq triggered it.

The General says his manic episodes were devastating ... and, in some cases, he literally thought he was Superman. It wasn't until he was diagnosed as bipolar, 11 years after leaving Iraq, that he got on the right meds and learned how combat impacts the brain's biochemistry.

Gen. Martin says he's not alone -- far too many vets in this country have gone through the same situation ... but he adds the Veterans' Affairs Department is aware, and on the lookout for symptoms of bipolar disorder among combat troops.

He's hoping his story brings the issue to the forefront and destigmatizes the topic of mental health within the military.

'Bipolar General' is on bookshelves everywhere and available for purchase online too.

David Corenswet Total Package as Superman!!!

David Corenswet has been anointed the new Superman, and judging from these pics, he's got more than just bulging biceps.

Folks on the bird app are goin' gaga over the new man of steel ... DC is now dubbed, "Big D*** Superman."

The pics were shot last October in San Pedro, CA. when David was filming the upcoming flick, "The Greatest Hits," with Lucy Boynton.

What's really impressive ... in October the water's really cold, so ....

David Corenswet Superman Casting Draws Comparison Ain't He a Young Cavill???

There's a new Superman in town, but a lot of people are experiencing déjà vu after giving him a once-over ... 'cause the dude looks a hell of a lot like Henry Cavill.

29-year-old David Corenswet was tapped Tuesday to portray the Man of Steel in James Gunn's forthcoming "Superman: Legacy" ... which is a complete reboot of the franchise, and clearly a pivot toward a younger Clark Kent. Rachel Brosnahan's playing the new Lois Lane.

Corenswet and Brosnahan's casting got a lot of positive feedback -- especially for him. Frankly, folks seem to think he channels Superman quite well, not just in look but in height too. The guy's 6'4", and is the tallest actor to play Supes since the late Christopher Reeve.

And yes, based on his work in other stuff he's done in showbiz thus far -- "Hollywood," "Pearl," "We Own This City," etc. -- he definitely emanates Kal-El energy. Just look at him!

However, there's also a fair amount of fans who are pointing out the obvious ... namely, his passing resemblance to the last guy who played Superman -- one Mr. Cavill. Sure, he's not necessarily a dead ringer for Henry ... but some feel he's close enough, and they're questioning why Gunn went with someone so similar looking if he wanted a true change.


Of course, with that comparison ... there are gripes, especially from diehards who really wanted Henry back in the tights (AKA, Snyderverse devotees). But, as others have pointed out in the pushback to the "outrage" ... all the Superman actors kinda look like each other.

It's a good point, and not just that ... but Corenswet did seem to be a fan fave in the lead-up to the announcement. Other actors in the running included Tom Brittney and Nicholas Hoult -- but in the end, it seems DC won James and co. over with his audition/screen tests.

Henry himself certainly appears to be over the Superman drama -- this after he was dramatically dropped after briefly being assured he'd be coming back ... but he hasn't commented on Dave taking up the mantle just yet.

Corenswet might look a bit like Cavill, but time will tell if his performance is any different. It's a bird, it's a plane -- it's a new day in comic book movies. Out with the old, as they say.

Henry Cavill Might've Been James Bond ... If Not for Daniel Craig!!!

Henry Cavill apparently might've had the role of James Bond locked up in the 2000s -- and he would've gotten away with it too ... if it wasn't for that meddling Daniel Craig.

This revelation was made courtesy of Martin Campbell -- the director of "Casino Royale," which was the first new Bond movie to feature DC post-Pierce Brosnan. According to him, not only did Henry throw his hat in the ring for the coveted role ... but he was a real contender.

Here's what Campbell had to say about HC's audition way back when ... "He looked great in the audition. His acting was tremendous. And look, if Daniel didn’t exist Henry would have made an excellent Bond."

Campbell adds, "He looked terrific, he was in great physical shape … very handsome, very chiseled. He just looked a little young at that time back then."

Now, while Campbell notes that Henry wasn't his personal favorite at the time out of the final group being considered -- he still concedes ... the dude certainly could've done it. Unfortunately, Craig rolled through and gave it a shot -- and ended up landing the gig.

Now on the prospect of Henry potentially circling back and snagging the role of 007 now, Campbell addresses what most everyone else has said about HC at this point ... namely, he's kinda considered a geyser by Hollywood standards, especially for a multi-year commitment.

He explains that Craig spent a good decade-plus playing Bond -- and that sort of time could start to become noticeable on an actor like Henry, who's already in his 40s. MC continues ... "Henry’s 40, so by the time he’s done the third one he’s going to be 50 and anything beyond that’s two, three years per Bond. He’s in good shape Henry, he’s a good guy."

As for Henry ... he's said he'd be down to do it even now. And after everything at DC, we're sure a chance like that would certainly be appreciated by him. We'll see what they do!

Dean Cain Check Out My New Vegas Mansion ... Deuces, California!!!

Superman has officially landed in Sin City, Dean Cain has scooped up a super stunning home outside Las Vegas ... after he swore off living in California.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Dean closed the deal on his new pad on May 26, dropping just under $4M in the deal.

The 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom home comes with all your high-profile entertainment needs like a a movie theater, glass wine cellar and game room. It's even got an elevator if you don't feel like walking up or downstairs and wanna save some energy for the nearby Vegas Strip.

Speaking of The Strip, the master suite comes with a spa bath, and steam shower ... and incredible views of some of the world's most famous casinos.

If Dean feels like taking things outdoors, there's an infinity edge pool, spa, built-in outdoor bar and kitchen ... as well as fire bowls and a waterfall. And get this ... the home has a walk-on-water entrance and a 360 degree roof deck to take in even more views.

As we reported, Dean unloaded his Malibu home last month for a whopping $6.25M. Earlier this week, he told Fox News he was forced to leave the Golden State because of the homeless crisis and what he calls, "soft-on-crime policies."

Dean says the move has been great for his family and his son is "ten times happier in Las Vegas."

Dean Cain Unloads Stunning Malibu Home ... At Discount for Buyer

Dean Cain has finally unloaded his super Malibu home ... and while the sale went below his OG asking price, it's still gonna net Cain millions.

Real estate sources tell TMZ Dean's pad sold Wednesday for $6.25M, going for $1 mil under his original asking price. We're told $7.25M was a bit of an overreach, but everything worked out and Dean is stoked with the deal.

TMZ broke the story, the "Superman" star listed the beautiful property in March -- and the 4-bed, 5-bath home has an incredible pool, waterfall spa, and a lush garden full of fruit plants.

The place also had a pretty fun sea creature-themed bedroom with a window that has ocean views ... which, by the way, are absolutely breathtaking.

Brian Merrick of Coldwell Banker Malibu held the listing.

'Superman: Legacy' Casting Search Begins Top Contenders: Corenswet, Mackey

DC may have found its next Man of Steel -- or at the least, a few options to consider ... and it sounds like the studio is looking toward a much younger Clark Kent than ever before.

THR reported Saturday that the casting search is on for "Superman: Legacy," and so far ... a few names have surfaced as top contenders to play both Superman and Lois Lane ... and maybe even supervillain Lex Luthor, depending on which trade you wanna believe.

For starters, we have 29-year-old David Corenswet -- who isn't really a very known name in the industry thus far ... but who apparently impressed James Gunn and co. enough to move on to the screen-testing stage ... which THR says will likely happen post-Memorial Day.

His biggest role to date was in 2022's "Pearl" -- where he plays a projectionist who falls in love with Mia Goth's serial killer protagonist. As you can see ... he's got the Supe-y vibe.

Other guys that are under consideration for Superman ... Tom Brittney and Andrew Richardson, a couple of British actors. Jacob Elordi was also apparently considered, but word is ... he never submitted an audition tape, so it seems he isn't interested in the role.

Now, as for Lois ... there's a handful of buzzy actresses who are reportedly in the mix -- including 27-year-old Emma Mackey ("Sex Education") ... who's said to be a front-runner. Other gals who are said to be in the running ... Emmy-winning Rachel Brosnahan, who's the star of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," "Bridgerton" star Phoebe Dynevor and Samara Weaving.

While Mackey's name is swirling as choice #1 it seems, THR says Brosnahan churned out an epic audition -- although, apparently WB thinks she might be too old for the part. RB is 32 ... and Gunn is shooting for his characters to look like straight-up 20-somethings.

There's one other name that is being floated ... one Nicholas Hoult, who was just recently in the "Renfield" Dracula movie opposite Nicolas Cage. He was also in the 2015 'Mad Max' reboot, and it's his work there that left Warner impressed. THR says he's under consideration to play Luthor ... but Deadline's reporting he's actually a Superman contender too.


Either way ... it's clear WB's running with a youthful spirit here, very much in the vein of "Smallville," we suppose -- which chronicled young Clark Kent in his fictional hometown.

Another obvious telltale sign from all this news -- Gunn is definitely pivoting off of Henry Cavill and anything Zack Snyder-related. Time for some new blood ... that's the feeling here.

As they say ... up, up and away!

'Smallville' Star Erica Durance Separates From Actor Husband

"Smallville" star Erica Durance is leaving her Clark Kent ... because she and her husband, actor David Palffy, have split.

A rep for Erica, who played Lois Lane on the superhero TV show, tells TMZ ... "David and Erica have decided to amicably separate."

The date of separation is unclear ... ditto for the reason behind the split ... but it doesn't appear Erica or David have filed divorce docs, at least not yet.

In a joint statement, Erica and David say ... "Out of respect for our children that's all that will be conveyed at this time. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we navigate the next chapter in our lives."

The relationship has been the subject of fan speculation recently ... it's been a while since Erica's posted with David on social media, and she was spotted not wearing her wedding ring last week at the Canadian Screen Awards, all while making cryptic posts online.

Erica and David started dating way back in 2001, and in 2005 they tied the knot. They have two sons together, an 8-year-old and a 6-year-old.

Before, Erica was married to Wesley Parker from 1996 to 1999 ... but it ended in divorce.

Besides "Smallville," Erica played Dr. Alex Reid in "Saving Hope" from 2012-2017 and Alura Zor-El in "Supergirl."

Insane Attempted Carjacking Hero Takes On Group Of Violent Carjackers ... Wins Knock Down, Drag Out Fight!!!


A Connecticut man turned into a real-life version of Superman as he heroically fought off a group of violent carjackers trying to steal his car ... and the savage brawl was all caught on video.

Check out Ring camera footage showing one of the suspects sneaking up to a red Infiniti parked in a driveway while chatting on a cell phone in Rocky Hill, CT, on April 10.

He opened the unlocked driver's side door and jumped behind the wheel of the car, but he didn't get very far because a homeowner who lived nearby ran up to him and ripped him out of the seat.

The two started going at it, throwing punches at one another and wrestling on the ground. Two more assailants then entered the picture and continued beating the homeowner.

One of the attackers lost his shoe while kicking the homeowner, who kept defending himself. The aggressor scooped up his sneaker and proceeded to whack the homeowner in the head with it.

Then a fourth attacker joined in the melee and got in a few licks before the entire crew could no longer trade blows with the homeowner and decided to flee in a getaway car.

Investigators were still looking for the perpetrators as of this morning.

As for the homeowner, he was not seriously injured by the assault. It wasn't clear if he was also the owner of the car that was almost jacked.

But, one thing is for sure ... he should get a cape with a large "S" stenciled on back.

Dean Cain Lists Malibu Super Home For $7.25M!!!

Dean Cain, who famously played Superman in the '90s, is selling his super snazzy Malibu pad ... TMZ has learned.

The 3,302 sq ft. home has been listed with a $7.25 million price tag ... and by L.A. standards it's well worth the price.

The single-level 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom pad sits along the Malibu coastline and has an amazing ocean view!!!

And, if the blue Pacific isn't enough ... there's a gorgeous pool and a waterfall spa.

The backyard has an expansive grassy yard, perfect for entertaining. There's also a lush garden filled with fruit plants.

Fans will best remember Dean as the famous TV superhero with an "S" on his chest from 1993 to 1997 ... of course, he's also racked up a ton of other acting credits over the years.

The home speaks for itself, but hey, it'd be pretty cool to say Superman handed over the new set of keys!!!

Brian Merrick of Coldwell Banker Malibu has the listing.

'Shazam 2' Bad Box Office Start ... Amid 2-Year Snyder Cut Anniversary

James Gunn's new DCU has yet to see the light of day -- and shedding the old guard is proving brutal ... both at the box office and on Twitter, where it's all Zack Snyder all day.

First, there's 'Shazam 2' -- which just hit theaters this weekend, and is already off to a tough start with a projected $30M domestic opening ... one of the worst for any DC movie. Remember, Zachary Levi's future in Gunn's world going forward hangs in the balance ... and you gotta imagine that his film here (part of the former DCEU) bombing doesn't bode well.

There might be more growing pains for Gunn and co. before they can get to their actual new slate -- which will start with "Superman: Legacy" in like two years. DC has yet to release 'Aquaman 2' and "The Flash" ... both of which were completed before Gunn came on.

Time will tell how those do, but for now ... 'Shazam 2' ain't paying off. In the meantime, Snyder fans are celebrating the two-year anniversary of his "Justice League" flick -- the "Snyder Cut" as it's known. And yes ... they're once again clamoring for more ZS superhero content.


There are a few "Snyder" trends going off on the bird app, including folks calling on Warner Bros. to release the rights to Zack's creations to Netflix ... where he's now making other movies. The reason ... they want their guy to continue the "Snyderverse," with all those former actors/heroes -- like Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, etc.

Of course, that probably isn't gonna happen ... but the fervent fan base demands it anyway.

Making matters even more complicated is Zack himself ... who, just this week, teased an announcement -- courtesy of one of his big DCEU villains, Darkseid. Unclear what it is ... but he had the internet on fire with speculation -- so ZS is not really going away either, it seems.

And, one last Zack mention -- where someone was, again, reveling in the glory days -- came from BA himself ... who was singing the director's praises in a new THR profile this week.

Bottom line ... the DCEU has left some mighty big shoes to fill, and those shoes keep on getting brought up as everyone waits for Gunn and Peter Safran's vision to come to life.

Starting over from scratch, as it turns out, is a long and tedious process. Lots to clear out from the garage, and not everyone wants the leftovers on sale ... as WBD is now finding out.

A super-sized headache, indeed.

James Gunn I Was Working on 'Superman' ... Before Cavill Was 'Back'

James Gunn just dropped another truth bomb about how the 'Superman' fiasco came about -- and it sounds like Henry Cavill was kinda being used as a pawn ... or so it seems.

Here's the deal ... the new co-chief of DC Studios responded to fans Sunday who inquired about an IG Story he threw up over the weekend, which touched on when exactly he'd been hired to start working on new DCU flicks -- including a big priority, 'Superman: Legacy.'

In his IG Story, Gunn clarified that while one film he's in charge of has already gone into pre-production -- 'Creature Commandos' -- both that movie and his 'Superman' project had actually been getting worked on quietly behind the scenes before he and Peter Safran were officially hired, which was on Oct. 25 ... a day after Cavill said he was "back" as Supes.

He further confirmed in follow-up tweets -- noting he'd been hired to write 'Superman: Legacy' over SIX MONTHS ago and that his movie was always going to be separate from Zack Snyder's version of the character ... the same one Cavill briefly thought he was reprising.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The bottom line is this ... James is saying he already had the green light to start charting a path for a whole new Superman storyline, but it doesn't appear Cavill was aware of that.

According to him, he was told by the WBD to announce he was officially returning to the role ... even though it now seems clear Warner had no real intentions of pursuing that -- evidenced by the hiring of Gunn/Safran as co-bosses, and their decision to give HC the boot.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In other words, Cavill appears to have been getting jerked around. As for who's to blame ... well, hard to say. There've been so many changes at WB over the past 2 years -- with execs coming/going -- it's not really clear if Cavill was totally misled (and by whom). Alternatively, there might've just been a miscommunication that led to the confusion/psych-out. 🤷🏽‍♂️

All we know, Henry probably ain't gonna be working with them again after this. His next few films are all with different studios -- and we don't see a water tower in his immediate future.

Tough break, dude.

Henry Cavill Superman Cameo Reportedly Cut From Upcoming 'Flash' Film

Fans of Henry Cavill's Superman are facing more grim news ... because a supposed cameo featuring the Man of Steel in DC's upcoming film has reportedly been cut.

Henry apparently shot a scene as his titular character for Ezra Miller's "The Flash," which is set to debut in June 2023 ... but according to The Hollywood Reporter, sources say it's been scrapped. This, of course, on the heels of the actor's tough announcement that he'd no longer play Superman.

Gal Gadot also was supposed to make a secret appearance in the flick according to THR, but her cameo was cut too ... meaning she could be facing a similar fate in the wake of James Gunn reorganizing the DC universe.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported, Henry broke the shocking news to fans Thursday ... saying the change "isn't the easiest, but that's life. The changing of the guard is something that happens. I respect that."

The plot for "The Flash" is still kept under wraps, but it's rumored Ezra's Barry Allen will travel through different DC universes -- possibly even meeting Michael Keaton's Batman.

What's interesting, Gal and Henry's Justice League characters might be canned, but Ben Affleck's version of Batman is still slated to be in the film ... although it's rumored he'll play a bigger part in the storyline.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... more disappointment for Cavill fans.

Actor Henry Cavill Hangin' Up the Cape!!! 'I'm Out As Superman'

Henry Cavill did a 180 on Wednesday night ... saying he's out as Superman in the film series ... just months after announcing he would be returning as Clark Kent.

The actor shared the shocking news to his 23 million Instagram followers after meeting with newly-minted DC Studios cochairmen James Gunn and Peter Safran, both of whom are producing the next installment of the "Man of Steel."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Cavill said ... "I will, after all, not be returning as Superman. After being told by the studio to announce my return back in October, prior to their hire, this news isn't the easiest, but that's life. The changing of the guard is something that happens. I respect that."

He added ... "Superman is still around. Everything he stands for still exists, and the examples he sets for us are still here! It's been a fun ride with you all, onwards and upwards."

Cavill played the role of Superman in three movies ... "Man of Steel" (2013), 'Batman v. Superman' (2016) and "Justice League" (2017). He also had a recent cameo as Superman in "Black Adam," starring Dwayne Johnson.

As for Gunn ... he released a statement via Twitter ... promising that he and Safran would soon be revealing a new and exciting Superman project. He confirmed Cavill would not be returning as the superhero because the new story focuses on Superman's early life.

Henry Cavill I'm Outtie on 'The Witcher' ... Here's Liam, New Geralt!!!

Henry Cavill is stepping away from "The Witcher," and a new Geralt of Rivia has been tapped ... one Liam Hemsworth.

The announcement came down Saturday, and it's kinda shaking up TV land ... as HC has helmed the lead role for 3 seasons now, to much acclaim. Now, though, he says he's outta there and passing on the baton for round #4 -- and the timing makes total sense.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Henry writes, "My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventures, and alas, I will be laying down my medallion and my swords for Season 4. In my stead, the fantastic Mr Liam Hemsworth will be taking up the mantle of the White Wolf."

He goes on to wish Liam luck playing a character he says he adored. Liam, meanwhile, is embracing the new job ... saying, "Henry, I’ve been a fan of yours for years and was inspired by what you brought to this beloved character."

LH adds, "I may have some big boots to fill, but I’m truly excited to be stepping into The Witcher world."

The news is a big deal, but also predictable. Fact is, Henry is back for the DCEU as Superman -- thanks, in large part, to The Rock -- and there's at least one more movie he's gonna do as the Man of Steel, if not more. Seems HC wants to clear the deck for that.

Like we said, Henry has gotten rave reviews for his performance as Geralt -- with many viewing it as his post-Superman era and giving him kudos for leaving DC behind ... which, for a long time, didn't seem to want him back to reprise his iconic role.

Of course, there's been some major regime changes at WB lately -- and it looks like Henry's all in on his first love again. As for Liam taking on the mantle in his stead  ... mixed bag reaction, frankly. He's got the king's blessing though, which is really all that matters.

Superman 'Black Adam' Cameo was Headless ... Before Cavill Deal Struck

The Rock's new movie features a cameo from Henry Cavill's Superman at the end -- which looked like the headless horseman before the real McCoy got hired. Also ... spoilers ahead!

Per THR ... the last-minute addition was actually something WB and the creatives behind "Black Adam" -- Dwayne's debut superhero flick -- had conceived even prior to getting HC onboard, which manifested in them shooting the post-credits scene with a stand-in.

That body double, however, was reportedly silhouetted and obscured in post -- to where they entirely hid his face, only showing part of a guy in Superman's costume -- because they hadn't struck a deal with Cavill yet ... even though the intention was to bring him back.

They reportedly shot the scene in a matter of minutes earlier this year and did test screenings of it -- with the headless Superman at first -- to which fans responded incredibly positively. That confirmed to producers ... they had to get Henry, one way or another.

The DP who helmed 'BA' responded to the great feedback ... "Wow, this is 100 percent going to work. Now they need to figure out if they can get the guy with the head to be there."

If you haven't heard by now ... Cavill is returning to the DCEU for at least one more 'Superman' movie (and perhaps more) after a Herculean lobbying effort by The Rock.

Reports say he moved mountains to broker a deal to get everyone's favorite MoS back into the picture, despite pushback from some studio heads ... namely, Walter Hamada, who was dead set on moving on from the Zack Snyder era, regardless of fans who voiced otherwise.

Now that WH is outta there, though, it seems the new WB -- operating in conjunction with Discovery -- is willing to try Cavill one more time. No pumpkin noggin fill-ins needed either!

BTW, if you wanna see Henry's cameo in full -- you'll have to hit a theater. Even though the cat is very much out of the bag, WB's yanking down the leaked footage all over Twitter.

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