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Kristin Davis Beats Angelina and Halle

7/5/2006 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristin DavisWho is the world's most beautiful woman? Angelina Jolie? Halle Berry? Charlize Theron?

Not according to a poll conducted by the British women's magazine Eve.  Readers voted "Sex and the City" star Kristin Davis- remember her?- as their dark horse choice for most beautiful woman in the world.

Davis beat out A-list beauties like Eva Longoria (#8) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (#2) to land in the top spot. 

And don't expect to see the likes of  Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson on this list. Interestingly, all the ladies in the top ten are in their 30s and 40s.

Readers also chose sides with Team Aniston, placing Jen at #9 to Angelina's #10.

The Top Ten

1. Kristin Davis
2. Catherine Zeta-Jones
3. Halle Berry
4. Nicole Kidman
5. Charlize Theron
6. Kate Beckinsale
7. Kate Winslet
8. Eva Longoria
9. Jennifer Aniston
10. Angelina Jolie


No Avatar


she must be british...

2997 days ago

Jeff Davidson    

Love Kristen Davis!

2997 days ago


how did half of htose women make the list??? - WOW! the british and i have VERY different opinions!

2997 days ago


Kristen Davis! is average looking. As a matter of fact I don't think she's pretty at all. Don't they spend a lot of timer in the pub in England?

2997 days ago


They are gorgeous woman. Angelina is the prettiest.

2997 days ago

wendell dixon    

It must be a brith thang because there is no way, shape or form that she's a number 1 beauty. I know I'm not blind and im looking at the screen head on but damn..she's #1..come on ..for i really needed that laugh..she's attractive...but number 1-not...hell naw..Interesting..all of the hot chicks are #3,#5,#8,and #10. It most def must be a british poll...them brits and the beer they drink....-lol

2997 days ago


i think the difference is the birttish like something DIFFERENT. Not all the stupid Britney/Christina/Pamela/Paris/Tara carbon copies. It's refreshing to see some variety, although the arrangement is questionable. I am sick of all the look-a-like celebs who all contribute the same things to society: vanity.

2997 days ago


Go Kristen...Angelina looks like some kind of alien bug.

2997 days ago


Gary must be a gay man with that statement.. Angelina looks liek an "Alien bug" haha what a loser

2997 days ago


I give the Brits a lot of credit for their choices. They are the only ones I can think of who don't think a woman who weighs more than 110 pounds is an unattractive cow! Their film makers will actually hire an actress based on her acting ability and don't care if she carries a little bit of extra weight or isn't a "classic" beauty. It seems most Americans are only interested in the Barbie version of beauty and nothing else. And, for the record, they sure picked a nasty pic of Kristin Davis to show. They couldn't have gotten one from the Emmys? Guess TMZ is just as biased as everyone else.

2997 days ago


Oh well, these lists don't mean anything, I mean Taylor Hicks got #1 hottest bachlor by People magazine if that tells you anything....

2997 days ago


WHAT THE HELL?? how can JENNIFER ANISTON, be placed above Angelina Jolie! Thats outrageous! Jennifer Aniston is NOT pretty or Prettier she has bland features and is a plain bore to look at! Angelina is STUNNINGLY beautiful everybody knows that!

2997 days ago


Jennifer Aniston should not be on this list, nowhere near it.... her nose is rediculous not to mention her chin! look at number one alone that will tell you how crappy the whole list is.

Which # 10 with #1 and take #9 off.

2997 days ago

gina todd    

Kristen Davis has a really gorgeous face -- not figure, though, as she is bottom heavy with too-wide hips. Good to see her beat out Angelina Jolie -- so tired of bee-stung lips!

2997 days ago


Considering the number 1 selection as well as a few others, some names that easily should be on the list: Christy Brinkley, Jami Gertz, Nikki Cox, and Cindy Crawford - just to name a few!!!!

2997 days ago
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