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Paris, Angelina and

Chad Michael Murray

7/6/2006 7:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We asked readers what they JUST GOTTA KNOW ... and went looking for the scoop.  What exactly was the cause of the infamous Paris/Nicole breakup?  What was it that sparked Angelina's interest in helping refugees?  And what's really behind Chad Michael Murray popping the question for a second time?


Check out the answers to your burning questions!

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Sakol Kerdphol    

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2944 days ago


Chad must be crazy wantin to marry a girl still in highschool, lmao

2974 days ago


Angeline Jolie is addicted to getting her name in the press.

It is pitiful that she uses these children for attention

Why not help American children? Not enough of a fad, I suppose

2974 days ago


Paris may have used a derogatory term on Ritchie?
Jolie was a wild child, and after making the movie Broken Borders, and her visit to Sierra Loene (?), in Africa, I think Jolie was shocked at the real world of 'lost people'.
I think it has made Jolie into a better person, and certainly, a very good mother.

2974 days ago

Carol Ann    

I admire Angelina Jolie's dedication to making a difference in the world. I'm certain that she helps Americans as well. The truth is that America is a very rich nation and has more than enough resources to take care of its own people. I can't see how so many people are starving here. God blessed Angelina by showing her how to use the power and privelege she has to help many (not just a few) people live decent lives. I am proud of her AND her boyfriend.

2974 days ago


I am a fan of Angelina and I am proud of her and all that she is doing to help those in need, yes she was a little wild back then and she done some crazy things, but now she is a different person, and some time in life you have to go through some crazy shit to become a the person you are meant to me, which is a very good person and a terrific humantarian. I truly believe that people can change for the better and she did. Angelina you ROCK girl. Keep up the good work. God Bless you and Brad and your kids.

2974 days ago


angelina has matured into a beautiful woman, and has found meaning in her life.
Being destitute in places like Haiti and Africa is unfortunately not the same as being poor here. In less fortunate naitons, people struggle with malaria, HIV, extreme hunger...there are no words to describe the difference, having seen it myself.

Anyway, hurray to Angelina for making a difference both here and there.

Whoever bothered to try to reduce her efforts to participating in a fad is clearly superficial. Had Angelina wanted publicity, she would have STAYED IN USA where the paparazzi was desperate to chase her!

Accept good deeds for what they are. SHe and Brad spent Thanksgiving in Earthquake ridden Afganistan...NOT in tents.

SO don't hate b/c you can't appreciate good deeds.

She now gives 33% of her ANNUAL income to charities, here and overseas....NOT exactly a publicity stunt.

Sometimes, people just mature, and have an awakening.

2974 days ago


I totally adore Angelina Jolie. She's my role-model. The haters simply hate her because of the so-called Bermuda Triangle the fugly witch Maniston hinting on every interviews. No amount of criticism will make me lose affection towards her. She changed her liefe for the better. Getting publicity is one way to raise awareness. Would you think people will be consious about what is happening with the needy if a little bit of publicity is not present. The only thing this is getting out of control is because the haters & most notably the Aniston sympathizers are making a big fuzz about the awareness side of her humanitarian causes.

2974 days ago


I have always seen Angelina Jolie as a kind and sensitive human being, even when she was going through, as someone put it, "wild sh*t." She wanted children, from my understanding when she was with Billy Bob Thornton, and when she started revealing her maternal side, he said "Adios." She has always seemed to love children. Her current self awareness just helped reveal that more.

As for wanting publicity, Jolie gets it whether she wants it or not! The press follows Pitt and her everywhere they go, so everything they do will be monitored with scrutiny, be it humanitarian or not. Because Jolie and Pitt are such a beautiful couple everyone wants to know what they are doing it seems. Their efforts to make the world a better place simply get recorded by a bunch of voyeurs with cameras. How anyone could possibly crave that type of publicity is truly beyond me.

2974 days ago


All these people who just "love" Angelina need to remember exactly what kind of person she is. Yes, she's always been a humanitiarian but it was never spinned so much until she broke up a marriage. That's when it was constantly put in the press and she increased her charity work. For such a charitable person, I feel she is selfish. Stating she would never get involved with a man when he's married, yet she got pregnant while Brad was still married. Eveything seems to be all about her and what she wants.

2974 days ago


To jo at 11:26 - so it was ok that he was living & having sex with Angelina since he was wearing his ring?

2974 days ago



In short, Angelina Jolie has been volunteering for the UN since 2001. While filming one of her Tomb Raider movies in Cambodia she did visited the poor areas of the country and saw that people were living in really awful conditions which inspired her to do more research on the refugge subject. It is then that she found Maddox. Also, while filming Beyond Borders (a movie about a UN aid worker) she spent some time in Africa (Namibia included) and learned about the conflicts affecting children there.

She has a book about all her UN travels to this areas ("Notes from my travels"). Is a really good read and I can't remember if part or all of the money goes to the UN.

Angelina Jolie has been doing humanitarian work waaaayyy before all this Brangelina hoopla. Respect where respect is due.

2974 days ago


Christina, Angelina did not take your husband and Brad is not your husband. Get your facts straight. She started dating Brad in April four months after his separation from the pepertual victim and a month after divorce was filed Ms Anniston.

Most of you were praying that Brad will come running back to Anniston begging her to take him back, and she will kick him to the curb. Sadly, it did not happen that way, Brad moved on to better and more beautiful woman.

Christina, get of your moral high horse, Angelina has more more morals and character than you and the rest of critics will ever dream of.

Anniston should have taken care of her home instead of chasing after more fame and oscar that she will never win.

2974 days ago

michael anthony PHX,AZ    

yes its true angelina has change we all need more good people like her

2958 days ago


Angelina Jolie is my role model because she is gorgeous, smart, talented, and is helping the world. She has a major role in charity and even stars such as Jessica Simpson look up to her!

Angelina is a wonderful mother who took in two other children from the other side of the world to shelter them as she would her own children. For that she is a hero. Not everyone would adopt a stranger, let alone a young child, and care for them as they would their own flesh and blood...not only did she adopt one, but two!

Angelina Jolie is my hero because she is changing the world. Don't talk about how she snagged Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Anniston because, believe me, I am a huge Anniston fan as well but the divorce was already filed and emotionally, the divorce was coming for about a year already.

On the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Angelina and Brad fell in love and they did what was right. They were not selfish and certainly he wasn't cheating because Jennifer also found love on the set with co-star, Vince Vaughn. Even though it was emotionally and physically stressful for Jennifer to see her ex hubbie with a new woman and so happy, she has to get over it because she also is with a new lover now!

Rumors are just that, rumors.

2957 days ago
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