TMZ Digs Up the Answers to Your Burning Questions -- Kristin, Rachel and Adam, and Jessica and Nick

6/21/2006 5:35 PM PDT

TMZ Digs Up the Answers to Your Burning Questions -- Kristin, Rachel and Adam, and Jessica and Nick

1) Lillian and Nicole Have Just GOTTA KNOW: Since the end of "Laguna Beach," how did Kristin Cavallari become so famous even though she doesn't have any acting or singing skills?

Since her farewell on MTV's "Laguna Beach," back in November of 2005, Kristin Cavallari has soared to stardom in Hollywood's limelight. She hosted the short-lived reality TV show "Get This Party Started" alongside Ethan Erickson, but that was canceled after only two aired episodes. It seems as if her time spent canoodling with hottie Nick Lachey is what really put her in the public eye. Although their relationship was never confirmed, the two were often spotted in each other's company. To read the whole story and hear her answer for yourself, click here.

2) Amanda Has Just GOTTA KNOW: Is Rachel Bilson engaged?

Contrary to what you may have heard (or what you may be wishing for) Rachel Bilson is not sporting a flashy diamond of any type on that left ring finger. Bilson's publicist tells TMZ that she and fellow "O.C." star Adam Brody are still dating, but that "they are not engaged." Bilson was spotted this past weekend at a benefit for the LA Mission, in which she took some time out for our own Josh Levine. Click here to see we caught!

3) Alexandra and Hanadi Have Just GOTTA KNOW: Why did Nick and Jessica separate? They seemed like such a happy couple on "The Newlyweds."

It seems that with all the nasty money issues that surround the divorce settlement of our once favorite newlyweds Nick and Jessica, many have lost sight of the grounds that led to the initial break up. As TMZ previously reported, accounts cite the unraveling of the union due to rumored interference on Joe Simpson's part. The stress of living their brand new lives together in front of all of American didn't help either. For the original story, read this. And to see how Nick responded to Jessica's petition, click here. However, for old time's sake, take a look at the couple when all was well.

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