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L'Oreal's Worst Nightmare

7/10/2006 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eva Longoria without make-up. Yikes!

The "Desperate Housewives" star hit the town sans foundation Sunday in Hollywood with pal Mario Lopez, Apparently, on this night, Eva went au natural.


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Eva has a natural beauty.

3024 days ago


Are you kidding me? I think that she still looks great and she looks like a REAL woman. It takes a confident woman to go out in public without make-up, especially a star like Eva who knows that she will be photographed. Get some REAL news!

3024 days ago


Her skin's not that bad though. Look at the forehead, chin, and cheeks. No discoloration or pimples or pores. She seems to have a perfect complexion.

But she definitely needs to not go out like that again. As an actor or actress you need to always be camera ready. What was she thinking? Even if she looks fine in person without makeup, it doesn't come across like that on camera.

But it's easier for men than women. An actor can go out in public with scraggly hair and all and no one says a thing. there's a double standard, but if an actress wants to keep her male fans, she has to somewhat go by that double standard, such as wearing makeup in pubic. The entertainment world is a shallow image obsessed world. And therefore the world itself is shallow and image obsessed, unfortunately. Men, mostly, are image obsessed. And that in effect probably makes women try to live up to that standard - anorexic skinniness, and all.

3024 days ago


she's HUMAN!! ya she looks different but shes still pretty!

3024 days ago


I think if women REBEL, models, actresses and all and be like, we're NOT going to lose weight. We're gonna gain weight and you're gonna like it! Not too fat though. These swimsuit models, and runway models should all rebel and gain weight. That's how you take control.

in fact, I think us women are the ones promoting this image problem! We blame men but we're the ones who succumb to it! We worry so much what men or people in general will think of us.

Men still have women under their control. it's pathetic and weak. And women wonder why they're not getting higher salaries and all and instead getting double standards.

3024 days ago


Perfect teeth, gorgeous smile, flawless skin...what more is needed? The girl looks fine, like a real woman and not a windup doll. More power to her for letting her skin get a breather. Brave of her to subject herself to the superficiality of the press.

3024 days ago


Who are you girls to sit there and judge her ? Seriously, who the hell cares if you THINK you look better than her with or without makeup. She's happy and she obviously doesn't care that some girls might look at her and be like "OMG I look soo much better" ..... I don't see any of you making multi million L'Oreal deals. She has a clear complexion, no dark circles and that camera has a bright light on her while being all up in her face. I DOUBT most girls could pull that off with a bright smile like that.....probably would be holding a hand up to block your face or lowering your head.
Get a life to all the girls wanting to be negative on how she looks, it's not your call.

3024 days ago


I think she's cute w/o makeup. TMZ, you're off base on this one.

3024 days ago


That totaly is not EVA! TMZ IS A GOSSIP COLUMN! Eva has black hair not brown with highlights people. IF you would pay attention to her a lot nore you would know this!

3024 days ago


Some of you guys are just being vicious! You should look as good with a faceful of goop as she does without!

3024 days ago


You jealous bastards need a hobby other than ragging on celebrities. She looks natural without her makeup. The people in this country suck sometimes, and no, I'm not moving to another country. Petty shit!

3024 days ago


She's ok looking but the fact she's made racist comments about dating a Black man and her family not being receptive pissed me off! So I say thumbs wayyy down.

3024 days ago


Christ..she's a beast! Nice mustache! My fiance is laughing his ass off. There is no way she can pull off her career without the makeup.
Just curious though...we just looked at images on the net of her with the makeup and hair done. Why is it that all Latina women look like such cheap trash? She must of had 8 photos of her posing with her booty in the air. Get some class!

3024 days ago


I think she looks great! She should go without makeup for a good portion of the day for her skins sake. If she could give lessons on how to apply makeup for that natural look and for evening, I'd sign up.

3024 days ago


ALL LATINA WOMEN LOOK LIKE TRASH??? hello, did you miss some of the latest pics of courtney love, britney spears, anna nicole smith...ANY ones of the Olsen twins and the list goes on??? or is WHITE trash excluded???
anyway, I'm glad EL has the nerve to come out like that. she's normal folks, just like all of us. we can't all look like a beauty queen all the time.

3024 days ago
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