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Katie To Us: "Suri's Doing Great!"

7/11/2006 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes sought to quell the controversy surrounding her invisible baby, telling Us Weekly, "Suri's doing great!"

The cover of Us magazine
Katie was snapped by the weekly during a vacation in Telluride, Colo., strolling down the street with a friend and a cappuccino. Neither fiancé Tom Cruise -- nor, significantly, baby Suri -- were anywhere to be found.

Katie Holmes walks with friend
Us, in a three-page spread, says a couple of Telluride locals have reported Suri spottings, including a clerk at a natural-goods store, who said Suri is "funny looking."
Katie Holmes enjoys a hot beverage
With Suri question marks far from resolved -- even her birth certificate is a mystery -- brace yourself for a new TomKat obsession: Us now speculates that the 27-year-old Katie could be pregnant again. The issue is on newsstands this week.

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Annoyed with critical people    

Wow, as I read down through these comments I just can't believe some of you people. You guys are no better than the paparazzi crawling up Tom and Katie's butts on a daily basis. Cruel, closeminded losers is what you are. So what if they don't want to put their new born child under all the lights of the world. Think about it, them being together is constent press time for the both of them. The baby shouldn't have to be put through all of that, they are just being good parents trying to protect there baby from all the srutiny and press. Why should they have to put her on the market and have pictures of her posted all over the world, with this comment and that that are completely false. Let them have their privacy it's their business not yours, and their decision to not share her with the rest of the world is not going to take anything away from you so forget about it. Like someone said in here earlier their are a lot more important things going on in the world. Things we all should be paying attention to and protecting our selves from. That's what is wrong with the world these days everybody is too busy butting their noses into everybody else's lives and not paying enough attention to their own. Tom and Katie as parents have every right to protect there baby from the hungry paparazzi. Wouldn't you want to do the same if you were in the limelight like them????

3000 days ago


Ok, E! says the local community in colorado (where tomkat is right now) has seen suri noting her "thick black hair". so mabye we'll get some cellphone pix leaked soon? just hoping.

3027 days ago


Maybe the baby is 'funny looking' so they are going to hide her until -- 1. She gets cuter or 2. They can hurry up and quickly adopt a cute replacement and pass her off as the REAL SURI?

3027 days ago

m gee gee    

It's not strange at all. In fact if you remember when Tom was married to Nicole, they kept their adopted children out of the lime light. We didn't see pictures until they were grade school age. I say leave them to their privacy.
Babies are never ugly or "funny looking". New borns all look like little aliens. Which isn't far fetched given that Tom thinks the aliens will come get him one day!!! haha

3027 days ago


PLEASE get off of this... This is a baby... her parents are people.. yet famous but still people....

There are more serious issues going on in this country that is much more important than why someone hasnt seen a celebrity's baby... Has anyone ever thought that maybe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are doing the right thing for a change and keeping this little baby away from the "ANIMALS" known as the media and the "Rabid Dogs" known as the paparazzi... GET LIVES PEOPLE.. OPEN A REAL NEWSPAPER SEE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN THE WORLD

3027 days ago

Sherri Gehrdes    

Wonder if that means that maybe the baby was born with Down's Syndrome or some other birth defect or if something is seriously wrong with the baby or if maybe Katie miscarried and covered it up...or........who knows?....It is sort of odd.

Makes you hope that there wasn't a baby mixup, but makes you also wonder if the baby was conceived via a "donor" or what the mystery is about her being "funny looking"....And I wouldn't doubt it if Katie were pregnant again. Maybe Tom can't naturally father a baby and they had to seek a donor?

3027 days ago

the wise old owl    

OH NO ! Here we go again. The whole missing baby thing is so deceptive. For sure those 2 are hiding something. The whole thing is so ODD. You do not need to hide the identity of a newborn baby. That is nonsense. That baby will change so much in the next 8 months it will be unrecognizable to the general public. I find the whole thing really DISTURBING. Inside P.R. people in Hollywood have heard the buzz for many years about Tom's preference for men. He just will not come out of the closet. I believe he hired Kate to play a part. After all they are both actors. I'd take 20 million to play HOUSEWIFE and than split. It doesn't take much for a woman to LOOK LIKE SHE'S PREGNET. They have fake stomachs of all sizes that take your through a pregnancy. They use them all the time in movies. DAHHH.
I certainly wouldn't rule it out. After all Katie wasn't the 1st actress he auditioned for this part. He also approached a few other leading ladies he wanted to star in tthis strange role. They all ran. The truth will come out soon. The mystery will be solved. Just remember ELTON JOHN GOT MARRIED AT ONE TIME TOO. What a JOKE !

3027 days ago


ALL babies are 'creaturish' looking untill they are at least 8-9 mos old. I bet the person who said Suri is funny looking is butt ugly...

3027 days ago




3027 days ago

CindyLou Who    

That Katrina chick from USWeekly said Suri's like Bigfoot. Sightings but no real evidence.

Seriously, though. If there is something wrong with the baby it's a horrible thing US, TMZ and every other blog/tabloid and message board is doing. If she's perfectly fine and Cruise is behind all the cloak and dagger because of his ego he's an even bigger ass then we thought.

3027 days ago


my godfather's an anestesiologist, and he told me once that, ALL BABIES are ugly, except to their parents. besides, i dont know why everyone's crapping their pants about seeing Suri. I mean, yeah, now at 2 and a 1/2 months, she's just NOW starting to develop distinct features. but before this, she looked like a regular old baby, and you couldnt tell her apart from the next baby down the street. babies are nothing special until they reach a certain age, UNLESS they inherited a distinct strong dominant feature from their parents, like the Roberts-Moder twins who have red hair, or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, who has mommy's big lips.

3027 days ago


Well! Unlike those alert paparazzi at the Britney mishap, they missed it when Kate dropped hers!

3027 days ago


Has anyone stopped to think about how awkward and uncomfortable all the speculation is for Tom's other two children?! If I was Nicole, I would demand he do something to end all the hoopla so his other kids won't get the 3rd degree from their friends, etc.

3027 days ago


Tom can't father any children. He couldn't get Mimi or Nicole pregnant. Mimi later had a baby and Nicole and him adopted 2 kids. OF COURSE THERE WAS A DAMN DONOR! Knowing those Scientoligist freaks she was conceived using the frozen sperm of L Ron Hubbard and Tom thinks that Suri is the messiah ahahahahahahahahah

3027 days ago


I can't say I blame them for their secluded lifestyle. It's not exactly the kind of environment you want to expose a newborn to-the loud demanding papparazi. not to mention alot of celebrities receive death threats from over the top weirdo's out there. I'm sure they have everything they could ever need within their home compound. Look Katie's out on the street looking all normal for a walk with a coffee and people are beside themselves that she's out-I hope they are enjoying this time with their newborn, they grow so fast. It's one thing for someone to want to take your picture when your out running errands with your child, but when you can't walk to your car without walking into a photographer, thats not enjoyable.

3027 days ago
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