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Who Will Be the Next Dracula?

7/11/2006 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Viggo Mortenson / Star Jones / Johnny Depp / Nicolas CageFirst Batman returned with "Batman Begins" then Superman flys into the action with, well, "Superman Returns." Now it's time for the original tormented man in a cape to rise from the grave as Universal Pictures has decided to resurrect Dracula from his slumber.

The studio has optioned a script entitled "Dracula Year Zero." It turns out everyone gets a fresh start-- including Vlad the Impaler who returns in a tragic dark love story.

While no production date has been slated, TMZ is curious who will fill Bela Lugosi's shoes in the title role.


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Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

AMERICA in stuff..

This guy is a real piece of crap. Why be so demeaning toward the American Public, i find those slanderouse insults "concerning/ and unwarrented) Stick to Policy dude, dont paint such a broad stroke of your primary demographic, you know Kids, And working class who pay to see you act a fool, and prance around..

If he is Dracula, you can guess where he attacks his male victims..

2951 days ago


Star Jones is totally the next dracula. She really should consider getting a pair of those teeth, I have never seen her look so good, someone call her publicist. And poor Nic Cage, Star is trouncing that poor bastard, maybe its time to finally shave off that last bit of fuzz and go full on Captain Picard. I can only hope that when they do make this next movie, that they consider the stylish teeth pictured above, Johnny could play the first mentally handicapped creature of the night!! I smell an Oscar!! Who could deny Depp playing dead and retarded its in the basket!!


ps. tmz sucks.

2995 days ago


It looks like Hollywood is running out of ideas. Let's get more creative people and STOP the remakes. Look at all the hype that went with the "Dukes of Hazard"... and yet it was a SERIOUS let down. Dallas, yeah I'm interested; but I doubt I'll go and see it. When I think of Hollywood and movies... I think of ORIGINAL work not a remake....

2995 days ago


TMZ, do your homework, it would be a reprising role for Nicholas.

2995 days ago


Aww my poor Nicky is last on your sad little poll! Look at him with those teeth he looks sooo good people! Besides his casual nature and his upbeat darkness are TOTALLY perfect for the next Dracula. Star Jones is just all around scary and makes me want to wretch (with or without the teeth)! 'Nough said. I have outlawed myself from all theatres until Hollywood can become somewhat intelligent again. When you see a movie like "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" (Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Sydney Poitier recognize the talent for G-d's sake!!) and then see "Guess Who?" (Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher?!?!?) THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO....UGH!!!!!!

Just in case anyone's wondering I'm 26 years old!! In the friggin age bracket ya'll are aimin at! Guess I'm one of the few who didn't get on the "special" bus to go to school!

2991 days ago


OK, first of all, the whole Dracula thing has been done to death and Bela Lugosi cannot be bested in this role. It's a good story so lets not kill it . Second, as far as the options go, who the hell picked these people?! Do they even know the story and history of Dracula!? Sice when is he a girl?! I suggest you do more research on the subject. However, if this miserable attempt at a remake of a classic must be done, then go with Johnny Depp. At least he has talent.

2991 days ago


~If you don't like his acting for some stupid reason at least he's HOTT

2991 days ago


~VOTE~ for Johnny Depp, who wouldn't, he is so HOTT!!! Johnny also has a great acting career.

2991 days ago


I think that either Johnny Depp or Viggo Mortenson should be the next Dracula. They both have amazing physical abilities and can adapt to different costumes quite well. Also, most people have heard of Johnny from Pirates of the Caribbean and Viggo from The Lord of the Rings, so they are very well known.

2991 days ago


NOOOO!!! JohNny DePP!!! he has that mysterious look, that sexy but yet get away from me look. You guys know im right!! hmmm GOD!! he is HOT!

2991 days ago


Ok, look at this from the actors' point of view. Sure, Depp would be a great Dracula, but do you honestly think he would take something like this? He's sitting on cloud nine right now with the last Pirates movie. I'm sure he knows better than to try out for some Dracula remake.

2991 days ago


It's amazing the amount of people online who post comments that cannot spell. First off, it's S not Z at the end of certain words like "is", "was", or "he's". Not iz, waz, and hez. You should be flogged until you bleed. And secondly, you went to school right? Use proper grammar damnit! Please, for the love of God, don't breed.

2991 days ago


Dude, Johnny Depp is obviously the next dracula. He can characterize any role whether it be a writer or a drape or a man with scissors for hands or even a pirate. Thus, I am certain Johnny will be the better choice for being a vampire. Although, Nicholas Cage is an excellent actor and I could really see him fitting in to this role very well. I do know a thing or two about vampire history and given reasonable doubt, in some movies that Nicholas has the appearence of a vampire. So if Johnny Depp doesen't get the role for dracula, Nichlas Cage should definitely be runner up. I dont know the other male contestent but considering Star Jones as one is a complete joke. Thats like considering Pamela Anderson into joining a convent!

2990 days ago


In your story about the Olsen twins, there is a photo in which they both already look like vampires. Star Jones doesn't stand a chance against the actually undead.

2989 days ago


ummmmmm ok it shoud definetley be between nicholas cage and johnny depp not no star jones or that other person that no one knows about, i mean like realy nicholas and johnny are great actors i mean great and u guys need to realize that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so recount the votes on nicholas cuz no way he only has 8 percent that is really wrong

2989 days ago
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