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Paris & Stavros Sitting in a Tree?

7/12/2006 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On again, off again, on again and maybe off again über-rich couple Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos are, er, on again.

Stavros started off the night at LA hotspot Hyde, arriving and leaving sans Paris.

The pseudo-couple then met up at Paris' house where super publicist Elliot Mintz escorted both parties separately into the house. Are they pulling a Vince and Jennifer and acting as a couple that likes to have a little space? Or are they just good friends?


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What amazes me is that you think anyone gives a shit about this story.

2991 days ago


I am SOOOOO tired of hearing about Paris Hilton. Who cares who she is or isn't doing/dating.

2991 days ago


Don't care.

2991 days ago


As Toby Keith would say..............she is just WHITE TRASH WITH MONEY!!!!!!!!1

And you also forgot to put "who gives a damn" on your vote.

2991 days ago


WHO CARES ABOUT PARIS HILTON????? I just want to kill myself everytime I see a picture of her. GET OVER HER. nothing is news when it comes to her. I dont live in LA but someone should do all of us a big favor and hit her with a shovel next time shes around.

2991 days ago


LMAO, post #1! :-) That was my initial instinct, as well.

Maybe I'm just old, but I am trying so hard to figure out what the draw is to this Paris person. For all I know, she may be a really nice, fun, sweet person, with a good heart. But I don't see much in the way of true talent. Nor---& this is just my opinion/taste---any exceptional beauty. (Now, before you blog-hounds start attacking this post, keep in mind I said "my opinion"; I'm entitled to that!!) I'm not a Paris fan; I'm not a Paris hater! I guess I'm a, Paris-trying-to-figure-outer! LOL!
I do know, I couldn't care less about who she's dating. I keep watching, waiting for some reason to follow her career. But it seems her biggest accomplishments revolve around the number of clubs she hits in a given week, & the number of times she is on TMZ!! ***scratches head in wonder & amusement***
If juicy love/dating news it what sells, well.....the tabs should pick up the scoop on what's happening here in my home!!! LOL! Talk about a sweet love story!
But I digress....

I would love to see some news on here about women w/ true talent, & class. I did see the post about Mariska Hargitay giving birth. THAT is a beautiful woman, & talented to boot.
I wonder what ever happened to Amy Brenneman (sp.)----"Judging Amy". That was a good show, & she is gorgeous!!

No, not a lesbian (sorry, no fuel once again for blog-hounds to spew hate-notes to me). I simply appreciate beauty & talent. I could name many gorgeous (in my opinion!) & talented men, as well as many more ladies.

Honestly, can any of you say the names Meryl Streep & Paris Hilton in the same breath & not choke on it??!!

Enough of my ramblings...


2990 days ago


It was the ..."sitting in a tree" part of the title that got me to click, not "Paris & Stavros" . :-) Brought back childhood memories!

Kidding aside, curiousity gets me to keep coming back to this site.

If no one cared, this site wouldn't exist.

We're all a few screws loose to be reading....let alone commenting on this crap.

But it's an amusing "aside".
Personally, I deal w/ such serious, heavy human emotional & physical pain on a daily basis. Then I come home to my other full-time job (Mommy).
I wouldn't change a thing.
But it's kinda fun to have this. I never "bash" anyone. I do get curious about things, though.
I said I don't care about who this person is dating. And I don't.

Lindsay, I wonder if you are fairly new to this site? If so, brace yourself!! LOL!
"If everyone doesn't care so much, why did they click on the link "
There are a whole lotta people who post on here who claim to not be interested, then put peeps down for posting comments---in THEIR posts; kinda silly.

There are also many people who leave posts that insinuate that they know all these celebrities...THOSE are the ones who strike me as kinda creepy.
Read through the'll see what I mean.

Still don't care about Paris' dating life; just curious if she has any hidden talent.

2990 days ago


this is a girl who had all doors open to her while being raised--she's had every possible opportunity--yet she's a high school dropout. she also had her casual sex videotaped for the world to see, and called out the FBI (for chrissakes!) when she was too stoned to remember that she had left her lapdog w/her grandparents, thereby assuming her pet was being held hostage for ransom. yes, i read about her (it's very hard not to). but that doesn't make her any less of a Loser with a capitol L.

2989 days ago


why is Paris news? Because she made her mark by being a slut and letting everyone know about it...I don't think she is nice looking, and money does not buy good breeding....and what is shocking her Mother is proud of her, get that....(maybe mama taught her) Show me someone her age, someone that works hard, goes to school, gets a degree , respects others, not someone that shops, sleeps around, and thinks she's all that. Stop giving her the spotlight, she doesn't deserve it she has contributed nothing to society....

Just my opinion of her, i have a granddaughter that just gratuated from University with honours, she is beautiful inside and out, she worked 3 jobs, to obtain her goals. She wasn't born rich and knows you have to work for what you want in life
Why dont you put kids like this in your magaznes?????

2988 days ago

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