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Geez -- Suri Exists, Folks

7/13/2006 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's no way Suri is a figment of our imaginations. Don't get me wrong, I believe in conspiracies as much as the next guy. I read the entire Warren Commission Report and am convinced there were shooters on the grassy knoll.

Illustration of mystery baby Suri Cruise and parents
But Suri -- well I've been reading the comments on TMZ, and although I agree there's something weird about the whole situation -- something we don't fully understand -- the kid exists.

If this were a giant ruse, there's no way they would have carried out a charade at a hospital. I don't care who it is, Tom Cruise or Joe Schmo, there's no way a hospital would risk its license by becoming the backdrop for a phony birth. For starters, I think it's a crime to submit a bogus birth certificate to the County of Los Angeles. Beyond that, medical licenses would be squarely on the line. I will tell you -- I called St. John's this past Monday over our Suri Cruise birth certificate story and the officials seemed panicked, ultimately hanging up on me. But I just don't believe St. John's would cross the line.

If there really were no Suri, it would have been simple to just have a home birth, or a birth at the Scientology Center.

Look, the whole thing is just plain weird. The PDA was nauseating pre-birth, and now -- well, where's the love? And as long as we're talking, I have another question. A few days before giving birth, who buys a size 2 pair of jeans? I get the idea that a pregnant woman sets goals, but usually that means going to their closet and finding a pre-pregnant pair and saying "I'm gonna fit into these within three months." Who goes out and buys a pair of size 2 jeans?

There are lots of questions and this is one weird couple. But bottom line -- Oswald didn't act alone, but Suri exists.


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Its a bird, no it's a plane,'s L. Ron Hubbards reincarnation! I am 45 years old and remeber reading his very first"cult" book, just about the same time as the Hari Chrisna and the Moonies. Leave them alone, who cares, the child will be well guarded all its life and brainwashed by the time she's 2 so who really cares! Poor kid!!!

2989 days ago

Erika Callahan    

BLAH ,BLAH, BLAH ,BLAH ,BLAH ........SURI, we'll see her when we see her

2988 days ago


I'm still the skeptic. I still DO beleive something is :different", I just can't see it, oh wait I meant Suri.... Where is she?

2988 days ago


OK, so someone had a child at St John's and Tom and Katie forgot to sign the birth certificate. End of story, I do not belive that he fathered a child and that she was EVER pregnant. Facts speak for them selves.

2988 days ago


Well I am sure a child will be produced as Suri at some point. I think this mystery is a mixture of alot of things. I just feel sorry for that child and Katie. Everything shows in Katie's appearance and her eyes. Something is not normal.

2988 days ago


I think that maybe the Katie Holmes that we see right now is a pod person and maybe, just maybe, suri is not an earthling. Because I don't care who you are. As a mother of 2, I know there is no woman in the WORLD, that would not make some kind of noise when they are giving birth. I mean, come on. Really.

2988 days ago


I believe Suri exists, but I think she is just fugly, and that is why she is no where to be seen. Cleft palate, maybe? I think with the competition of celeb babies, and the brangelina baby being so cute, he can not be out done by someone else.

2988 days ago


You know what I think it's strange when he brought up silent Birth because of his religion a few months ago. I think they could fake it but, God only knows if she excists or not. I think we need to worry about more important things. However, isn't in the news again that they annouced that Katie Holmes is expecting again? If this is the case she was never pregnant in the first place.

2987 days ago


What is with you cynical, judgemental people. Does anyone have a heart anymore?? Seems like the majority thrives on gossip and finding fault (like you don't have any) with anyone you can. Is there anyone who can be happy for them?? ( I am!!!). This world has enough hatred, ill will, contempt, malice, envy, hostility, and spite...etc. (you're as bad as the terrorist). It's no wonder this world is in the condition/state it's in. The animosity today (everywhere) is overwhelming, it has overcome, goodness. Scary. This world of people really need to be concentrating on virtues and morals and goodness. Are there any virtures anymore?? I know Tom has always wanted children of "his" own. Not to negate the love and care and fathering he already has for Isabella and Conner. After 2 previous wives, not bearing his child (which i think he wanted more than anything; possibly, even more than his career). Is it possible that may have been why he was sooo corny, goofy, and in love, outspoken??????? He was elated, of course, we didn't know of Katie's condition at that time, evidently he did!!!!. Do you think anyone could give him/her the benefit of the doubt???
And as for Katie buying a size 2 pair of jeans, could it be possible she might have got them for her soon to be step daughter??? And as for the signing of birth certificate (is that a fact or just something the media speculated on)??? Is it possible that they may have wanted to have the same last names on the birth certificate, or not at all. Who knows and why does anyone care, because you want just to support the media gossip, or a story to write about to sell the papers, magazines. Would you want everyone to delve into your personnal affairs and then have it exploited? I know I wouldn't. (everyone has skeletons in their closet, everyone has made choices that they wished they hadn't) would you want it to be published. Tom & Katie & Isabella, Connor and Suri, and Nicole, and all that are afflicted by this exploitation are PEOPLE, with feelings and "as parents" are probably looking out for their childrens best interest, as "good" parents would do. Wouldn't you? Another thing, Tom's personnal and private life, he has mostly kept confidential with the exception of what the media could dig up or speculate on. There aren't many pictures of Isabella and Connor until recently, and probably because they are older and are more active. The TV interviews with Tom, are generally because he's promoting a movie he's doing, of course the interviewer always pops the personnel questions, and generally the answer is danced around. Well, i think congratulations is order, to the proud parents of Suri (regardless of whatever circumstances she came into this indecent world). Can anyone else express a congratulations instead of the speculation and gossip???? It would be nice to see humble and genuine, heartfelt gestures from people (if there are any more that can/would express these gestures)

2987 days ago


I agree #13...I'm sitting here shaking my head. Very strange indeed.

2987 days ago


cat although i do agree with your comment you have to acknowledge that these celebrities put themselves out there all the time i mean c'mon he bragged about being happy and in love with kate, he bragged about getting engaged, brought her on all the talk shows, and the promos then all of a sudden nothing!! there are plenty of actors and musicians that don't put themselves out there the way the celebrities we gossip about do and we don't see them as less of thier craft. these celebrities can't get enough of the attention and they feed into it until it creates its own monster and when it can't be controlled by them anymore then they become victims of thier own selves and the lifestyle the chose. so don't feel bad this is what they wanted trust me.

2986 days ago


I suspect Katie's parent's have the child for what amounts to their futile attempt to spend as much time as possible time with Suri before Scientology's Disconnection Policy is enforced. Once Tom and Katie get that Scientology wedding over with, it's sayonara to the very Catholic christian faithed Holmes family. Despite the propaganda stated otherwise, one cannot be a practicing Catholic ( or any other religion) and be a Scientologist. Water and oil don't mix.

2986 days ago

Evelyn Schmitt    

Katie if you think you are in love --- this is not LOVE!!! Love is kind and never self seeking etc.. You are blinded by a truly self-centered creep. If their is a baby and you delivered it --------------- take her to your parents for your protection as well as hers. If you think "he" will change forget it. He is a mean controling person thru and thru and this kind NEVER change. He does not even know what LOVE is only "his way or no way". CONTROL -CONTROL- CONTROL.. Get out now and DO NOT MARRY THAT JERK.
RUN KATIE RUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2986 days ago


I think the person that was going to let them adopt the baby decided to keep it. This is giving them time to come up with another situation to adopt. You don't just go from all the publicity like jumping on sofas to riding through New York throngs of people on motorcycles to Paris and God knows where else and then nothing. The reason she did not stay long in the hospital is because the mother decided to not let them have the baby. Noboby saw them leave for the hospital and did not see them leave to come back home. I think she never did leave home. The SUV showing his mother is the only picture I have seen. If the hospital was paid enough money they probably would fill out a fake birth certificate for the public to see. There is too many unanswered questions regarding the paperwork. I think both of them are flaky. Him for dreaming up this scheme and her for going along with it.

2986 days ago


I have a question about Tom Cruise. How is it he could not father a child with his first two wives? I believe there was some controversy about adopting children. I remember a woman writing him and telling him that "being a Daddy was special". Not to worry about not being able to father a child. Sterile, I guess!. So now all of a sudden he & Katy have a child. Is it from his sperm? No sign of Suri. My ,my Tom, I used to care for you a lot. But the things you do now are beyond belief. You are not a good person any more. To use Katy & Suri to further your career & image. Not to mention, your church. Stop using the people who love you.

2986 days ago
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