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Nia Long's Street Brawl

7/13/2006 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Nia Long found herself the center of attention Friday night at L.A.'s Grove shopping center while shopping with a new beau.
Nia Long and Massai Dorsey
The actress of "Boiler Room" and "Big Momma's House" fame and a mystery man were on the streets of the hip shopping center when Long's ex, Massai Z. Dorsey, ran into the pair. Apparently there's bad blood between the guys because a street brawl broke out between Dorsey and Long's new guy, right in the middle of the shopping center!

Sources tell TMZ that the Long's guy friend kicked Long's ex's butt - hands down - leaving him lying on the street as he and Long took off running.

As Long was running, she even lost her shoe- yet didn't seem to care. She left the shoe behind and kept running!

Long and Dorsey have a 5 year old son together named Massai Zhivago Dorsey II.

Calls to both parties' reps were not returned.


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Lance K.    

I know she is young but really, she gets around a bit too much. Keep your stuff sacred girl

3000 days ago


You don't miss what you have, until it's gone. Nia needs to be happy and she just didn't look happy with that nut. Good for you Nia (smile).

3000 days ago

Big Papi    

Seriously here...whatever happened, happened, but if Nia Long is actually dating Reggie Bush, she is borderline pathetic.....Why doesn't she find next man on the monkey bars?

Bush is 21 years old. Who cares how much money he now has or if he's a good looking dude, but please, Nia Long is going to be 36 in October....she needs to find a fella that is her age or at least with TEN years of her.....

I know in Hollywood crap, age SUPPOSEDLY doesn't matter, but that's nonsense. What's with these Hollywood actresses dating ball players who were in grade school when they were in college, i.e Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.

When will this madness stop. Ladies, get a fella your own age...

2999 days ago


You know, she really is quite pretty and sort of charming in a way. So, I guess she is worth fighting over. Maybe.

3027 days ago


This made me think of a very funny video I saw about the battle over the minimum wage.

3027 days ago


Nia did a Great job imitating Cinderella but this wasn't the ball it was a street fight hope your new guy gets away without charges since you left evidence behind.

3027 days ago


Nia Long is a hood chick through and through and I don't mean that as a compliment. It's pathetic really that people like this can reach the age of 30 something have a child and be involved in street brawls.

3027 days ago


As Long was running, she even lost her shoe- yet didn't seem to care. She left the shoe behind and kept running!

LOL, reminds me of the story gingerbread man, I read to my son. ...and he kept on running and he ran, and he ran, and he ran.

3026 days ago


Bet she didn't drop that bottle of Crystal she had......unless it was empty....which the shoe was..after.

3026 days ago

Dallas from Memphis Tn    

okay every woman and every man knows that men have to much pride especially when around their woman and they are NOT going to let another guy talk bad, get in their face, or punk them out while shes around...and a woman cannot stop men from fighting if thats what they really want to do if I was Nia I would have got out of the way also after i tryed to stop them and they kept to be out of the way than in the way...and the ex is simply that the X over and done with he needs to get over it he assaulted them obviously...


3026 days ago


Who cares? I mean, how can a fight between two grown men reflect Nia's character. So what? She ran, I would of too. If dude got beat like we heard, who's to say he wouldn't want to retaliate against her, since she was the cause of the brawl.

2978 days ago


Poor this mess was on the news and all over the net...even though he got his a** kicked, atleast he didn't run and hide like his "pimp" daddy would've done! When did they start calling dope dealers financial advisors? Nia, how's your raggedy a** in-laws? Don't blame you for getting away! You should have run and left your shoe behind a long time ago!

3019 days ago


You can take people out of the hood, But you can't take the hood out of them! Here's Proof.......

3014 days ago


They should be arrested.

3012 days ago

mary poppins    

Jeane, be quiet. This can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Most of us date or have been married, and there is no telling what will happen when exs bump into one another with their new mates. Where do you live? In a bubble?

3011 days ago

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