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Oprah Gets All Uppity With Whoopi

7/13/2006 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi GoldbergEven though Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg ascended to fame together in 1985's "The Color Purple," Oprah apparently didn't seem fit to include Whoopi in her extravagant, year-in-the-making Legends Weekend, a glitzy, over-the-top celebration of the vanguard of African-American women back in May.

Whereas everyone from Maya Angelou to Gladys Knight to Toni Morrison was celebrated over the weekend with a luncheon, a ball and a brunch, Whoopi was nowhere to be seen. Though both stars have denied a rift resulting in the snub, Goldberg's omission was noticeable, especially when lesser lights like Angela Bassett, Audra McDonald, and Brandy were feted (in a grouping called "The Young'uns").

Parade magazine asked its readers to weigh in on whether Whoopi should have been invited to the event, and a resounding 76% said that Oprah was indeed wrong to exclude the actress-comedian from the weekend. Read some of the reaction and the full scoop from Parade here.


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I think Oprah sisnt invite Whoppi Goldberg(though Oprah isnt going to go public against another black sista)-becuase Whoppi is a known racist in the black community. She has written Ni**er jokes for Ted Danson, she talks bad about blacks in one of her books and while she isnt Jewish (she never convereted but just took the name)-will throw fundraisers for Jewish causes but has taken up any black causes. Whoppi is just black becuase she looks so black but just becuase you look black doesnt mean that your automaticaly invited to a party for blacks who are a positive impact on the black community.

2999 days ago


What ya'll are forgetting is that Oprah invited Legends that payed a way for her. SHE INVITED WOMEN THAT INSPIRED HER AND SHE WANTED TO THANK THEM. Bein an well known black comedian isnt overcoming anything.

Now when ya'll get ya'll lil bit of change where ya'll can throw a legends ball, then invite whoopi, if it means so much. Till then, ya'll try to accomplish something that changes black history cause whoopi hasnt.

2996 days ago


I think Oprah is just wonderful. Is she perfect? Of course not, but who is perfect? Nevertheless, she does a lot of great things and is quite inspiring to many. I thank her for that! It is wonderful that we live in a time where variety is rich in all areas, which include celebrities and entertainment. Therefore, I don't believe she is trying to be everything to everyone; however, I do believe that she is quite motivational and inspiring to many. Just as Whoopi is for her many fans. I think we spend too much of our time and energy comparing and judging, rather than minimizing focus on the source and just celebrating whatever value and worth are contributed to our society. The Legend Ball was a fine gesture and seemingly a 'dream" of Oprah, thereby, affording her the option to delimit it in whatever manner she desired. Come on people, let us accentuate the positive!

2994 days ago


Note to Melissa re: Cicely Tyson. She was invited to the Legends Ball or was that a ghost of Cicely Tyson I saw on the TV special. Oprah forgot to invite Cicely to her 50th birthday party and Cicely sent her a gift anyway. Oprah made many apologies to Cecily for the unintentional omission to her birthday party and made sure she was a part of the Legends Ball which she was. Please get your facts straight. As for Whoopi, she is loud and vulgar and Oprah can invite who she wants. I used to like Oprah but now she interrupts her guests with her know-it-all attitude and brags too much about her charity work. It is nice to be able to help people as she is very rich, but she should do it quietly and not declare it from the mountaintops. Oprah and Gayle are not gay, so drop it already.

2991 days ago


After reading all the commentary: I am amazed at all the premature judgements strangers feel we have the right to make on O's life. Just because she is in the public's eye doesn't mean we know everything about her. Hell we don't even "really" know her for that matter. NO one can say for sure what Oprah's thinking or feeling but Oprah...As far as Gayle is concerned I don't care if Oprah has a Trillion $$$'s, she will never need to justify her BFF to anyone. A true friend is a rare find ESPECIALY in Oprah's lifestyle there are soooo many people trying to use you, spy on you, take advantage of you and will back stab you in minute. Opray is blessed if she has found a close friend she can trust in and confide. It is not up to us as fans or critics to decide what Oprah should do for her friends, or find Gayle worthy by either skills or financial status. Hell, everyone needs not be concerned with how she fulfils her life with friends and loved ones, or what she does for them.
As far as her public charities: Maybe it just makes her feel good to share the moment and hopefuly it inspires someone else in her position who is able to give also.
As far as the Ball is concerned. It was Oprahs party, it was beautiful and the women she invited obviously meant something to her, we have no right right to decide who Oprah should idlize and why.
Over the years I had the pleasure of enjoying the entertainment of Oprah, Whoopie and Whitney...but do not care to know the whole of why they were not there, and I pray for them all during their times of dificulties.
You cannot make everyone happy all of the time, hell you can never make everyone happy half of the time people just arn't built that way.
(To Oprah: For everyone saying your doin' to much, there will be ten others to debate your not doin' enough. Just Keep Ya Head Up My Sista?)

2987 days ago


I don't think anybody wants Whoopi in the proximity. She's become SO unpleasant, seems as everybody is wiping themselves clean of her. Last I saw of her is when she was on Regis co-hosting and again she had this negative attitude as if to say she was too superior to even be in that arena. Regis would try to get momentum w/her, to just have fun & contribute her funny/interesting way, she placed such a negative vibe & lost her audience. It was truly uncomfortable and you could see that she was determined to be difficult. If you think you're too high-and-mighty, don't accept the gig, stay home and reign supreme on your own. Had she been invited, she probably would have turned it down cuz in her own mind, Oprah's function is superficial & not about to give Oprah any props.........Whoopi needs to get rid of that God-awful attitude.

3024 days ago


Oprah and her yo-yo dieting always makes me think of portion control -- this is a fun video on the topic which says it should be mandatory.

3024 days ago


Oprah makes me think of illegal immigrants.

3024 days ago


I have spent many hours with Whoopi and know her to be a ridiculously kind, generous and genuinely caring person. She is not caught up with "A Listers" or "being seen at the right places." Instead, she cares about "real people" and has done so many wonderful, anonymous things to help others that no one will ever know about and that's the way she wants it. I found it incredible that she was not invited to be part of "The Legends Ball," (hey Brandy, how many Oscars, Emmy's Tony's or Grammys HAVE YOU WON?) but I suppose that anyone who doesn't "pray at the Church of Oprah" and genuinely doesn't care what others think of her, doesn't get invited....respect should be paid to this unique, talented and hysterically insightful woman.

3024 days ago


Whoopie is truly funny. She would've been an asset to the legends ball. Like Halle, she's also an Oscar winner. Like Oprah she helped make the Color Purple a classic. There's obvisiously some bad blood there.

3024 days ago


'Black is Black! I want my baby back'

3024 days ago


Whoppi should have been invited...and had the opportunity to turn it down. Oprah is simply not who she used to be, or claimed to be. I will never feel the same way about her again.

3024 days ago


If anyone is uppity and braggy it is surely MISS OPRAH. The Bible says you are supposed to do your good deeds in secret. And not to Brag about them as the Pharasees do with their Loud praying. I am really glad she does do a lot of good things, it is just seems not right to be so braggy about it. I bet friends get tired of it too.

3024 days ago

jack jones    

whoopi did win an oscar....opie sucks...her show is boring and she denied she a lesbian but she is and she just using studman as a front.....

2976 days ago


Oprah keeps touting on how she is building a girls school in Africa with her Angel Network money and her own. If she really cared, she could build 20 schools and use her own Money! Come on Oprah, spend some of your billions!

3024 days ago
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