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Bloom and Bosworth Dine, Leave Dog in Car

7/17/2006 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando and Kate to be hitched?Orlando Bloom had a great weekend, with his "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie making another 62 million at the box office, but that doesn't mean his dog can come into the restaurant.

Bloom and Kate Bosworth were spotted going out for a late afternoon lunch (they had scallops) and - just like the rest of us - Orlando had to leave his beautiful black dog in the car.

We all know how dangerous a hot car can be for an animal- the risk of death is quite real. But Orlando took care of his best friend, making sure the window was cracked and getting up twice during the meal, possibly to go check on the pooch.

When he and Kate came out of the restaurant, the car had been moved to a shady spot. It is unclear if Orlando requested this or if the valet took the initiative. Either way, Orlando gave the guy what looks like a substantial tip.

And Orlando's right - it's worth a few bucks to ensure your pet's safety.


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Cracked window!!!! That wouldn't let in enough air to keep a mouse going. Because of the horrible heat we have had all summer, the only safe place for a dog is at home, indoors, with cool water and a fan. Having a way to get in and/or out to the yard is the ideal situation, but lacking that indoors is the best place. Those of you who say my dog would rather be where I am, I can only say since when does a child know what's best.

2964 days ago

Ms Kris    

I am a fan of Orlando's.

My simple comment-he knows better than that.

The dog should have been left at home, at the hotel, whatever.

3014 days ago


I speak from personal experience when I say NEVER believe everything you see or hear from the media, paparazzi, tabloids, etc. It's majority lies mixed with very little truths. With that stated:

In regards to the Orlando Bloom/Bosworth incident, if you know anything about Orlando, you know how much he loves Sidi. And being a pet owner myself, I can honestly say that your pets are like your kids. You become extremely attached as if they were human. Hence, like any good parent, you would never do anything to intentionally harm them in any way. Now, it's impossible to say exactly what happened based on the video alone; you would have had to have been there in the situation to know exactly what actually happened. But, if the TMZ report does accurately depict what happened and Orlando did leave Sidi in the car for whatever reason -- whether it was restaurant policy, his own decision or maybe Kate requested he leave Sidi in the car-- it obviously bothered him enough to keep checking on him. I think we've all done this in our lives -- you make a shaky decision to do something that goes against your better judgment and then halfway through, you start worrying that the decision you made was indeed not the best. It's one of those decisions that just nags and nags at you until you change it. I think in the back of Orlando's mind he was not completely at ease with leaving Sidi in the car and that it bothered him probably to the point where he couldn't even enjoy his meal.

In any case, Sidi looked fine and it's probably something that will not occur again.

3013 days ago


There is no reason to leave a poor defenseless animal in a car when it is so hot. Even with the windows down it gets quite hot in there. Leave the pooch at home or go to a take-out place and go to a park where the dog can be out in fresh air and you can eat. You wouldn't want to be stuck in a car like that.

3012 days ago


Hey, we leave our dog (Westie named Rowdy) in the car all the time and we live in Florida. BUT WE LEAVE THE AIR CONDITIONER ON AND THE CAR RUNNING (but it's only a 3 yr old Infiniti Q45). You can take the key out of the little controller that starts the car and lock the doors. We try to park where we can watch the car. Sometimes we sit at an outside dining area and watch the car. When it's not too hot, sometimes we put him in a doggie stroller and he joins us outside. He actually is better behaved than most children, lol. And people just love him. One of the best restaurants in the area (Fred's in Sarasota) with outside dining lets him sit in the chair at the table and brings him water. Now that's class.

3011 days ago

vbac officer    

I have twice witnessed first hand dogs dying of heat stroke because some moron refuses to believe that its a dangerous thing to do! It aint pretty!!!Next time leave the air conditioner on and the car running- get a spare set of keys and lock the puppy in or better still leave home

3011 days ago


As hot as it has been lately, nobody should leave their pets in a car. Yes, he did come out twice to check on his dog, but that still does not excuse them for this terrible act. After awhile, the car was moved to the shade; however, lets see how they would feel in the same situation as their dog. Even the shade is hot, especially in southern california. If you know you are going somewhere to eat, take your dog home, or leave your car running, locked, with the air conditioner on.

3011 days ago


This is animal cruelty, pure and simple. No animal deserves to be treated like this, moving a car to a "shady spot" with the windows cracked, the painful, horrific death an animal can experience. This isn't enough air for anyone. Let these people go sit in that car, windows "cracked" even in the shade, and let them see how it feels. There is no excuse for this. I am appalled, at the writer's "dismissal of this being "ok" since he got up to "check on the dog". There is no excuse for this behavior. It is animal abuse and I would have reported it to the police and animal welfare folks, immediately, as I have done hundreds of times. Abuse an animal, go to jail.

3011 days ago


First off I think the dog should have been left at home but lets get real, the only reason we have any clue that it got left in a car is because of celeb status and nosey people. People should look to their own "back yard" so to speak and take care of their own issues before they go "holy roller" and condem someone else.

3010 days ago


I agree with one persons comment.. you people can be so ugly.. say what you feel without being so "hateful". I bet those of you that react with such hate towards these celebs are most likely people that don't even likely take your own dog out at all. I own a doggy daycare in Los Angeles and own 2 dogs and love them dearly but would and have absolutely done the same as them and if I felt it were cool enough.. sounds like it was in the afternoon and perhaps they were near the beach area were it is often very cool that time of day even in summer. plus, I have also at time been happy to tip the valet to make sure my car was in shade .. so ..what .. believe me my dogs love hanging out and waiting in the car because they know that I am on my way to take them for a hike or a beach run out to malibu etc. just what day trips do you ..that are being so meanspirited take your dogs to. p.s. I would never leave my dogs in the car in south or really humid areas ... but trust me L.A. is very different.. I have never even used my airconditioner at my home during the summer in Santa Monica.. I am sure they considered the weather .. especially knowing that people like you are out there just waiting for a reason to "hate".. so.. give it a rest.. get off your but and take your dog out for a walk or run.. thats what I'm gonna do!!!!

3010 days ago

Jacy Laure    

anyone who owns a dog can tell you that this is seriously unwised and sets a bad example. Cracked windows will not do much for a dog on even a moderately cool summer day. And, its easy to forget your dog is outside baking to death. obviously they came outside and took care of the dog to make sure he was OK, problem is, stupid people observe this behavior and think it's an alright thing to do with their own pet. BAD IDEA.

3010 days ago


After observing every comment, the focus on this comment page is all too clear.....
1. Don't leave your dog in the car on a hot summer day-especially if you are famous/recognizable in your community. -That includes non-celebrities too!
2. We should care about something else instead of commenting on this-okay true but then that would be boring. Of course when the Korean bomb actually hits the US, we will all be crying and dead.
3.California climate is different for everyone-I've never been there so I can't comment on this one.
4.Peta just announced that the video footage doesn't show any fault on Orlando.-Okay I re-watched it and I could agree on this. Afterall,it is Peta!
5.Hate is such an ugly thing isn't it?-Well if you are all too familiar with all the hate groups in this world, they make the commenters on this site look like angels.
6.We all love animals or we wouldn't be commenting. Hence the story title-Bloom and Bosworth Dine-Leave dog in car. If it were Paris and Nicole, people would still be commenting.
7.Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech-I guess Americans can either hate it or love it but then, we couldn't comment on anything either.
8.Doggy Daycares/Pet sitters-Yeah, it would have been nice and its nice to hear some of you mentioning these, now maybe if you own one, please send a business card to celebrities like Orlando & Kate.
9.Numbered lists like mine-Dorky I know, but hey it helps me outline the factors mentioned throughout the comment pages.
10.Waiting for the next dish so we can all comment on that to!....Now, To all you commenters if you care about the story title and want your voice heard leave a comment, AND if you think what is written is lame, then visit another site and don't waste your time typing in the first place. No offense to Orlando and Kate because in leaving a comment about this issue-we just made them rememberable! So, when non-fans hear their names it will be like-Oh yeah! their the ones that left the dog in the car!

Hail to Freedom of Press!...Hail to Free Speech!...Hail to Free Publicity...What the hell-Hail to Democracy!
Good Luck Orlando & Kate because the Press will always be around the corner observing your every move!

3010 days ago


Oh PLEASE- Don't be so pathetic. Everyone knows he loves that dog- despite the fact the dog shreds things to pieces wheneven the poor guy needs to leave him at home.

The Valet got paid lots because he moved the car to a shady place and walked the dog a few times I'm sure.

Orlando would never leave Sidi in peril- he'd dive into shark infested water for that dog and none of you really know what the circumstances were- how do you even know he didnt leave the air conditioning blasting- and the Valet had the car keys to A. move the car, B. Keep the A/C on and C. take the dog out when necessary.

PETA even debunked the claims the dog was in danger so get over it everyone. Talk about making a big deal out of nothing.

3009 days ago


If my dog had an anxiety disorder and it would not be appropriate to take him with me nor safe to leave him at home by himself, then I would hire a sitter. It is "worth a few bucks" to pay the dog sitter and not get all of this grief about how he chooses to parent his pooch. No?

3009 days ago


Apparenlty those of you idiots who thinks this is acceptable are not animal lovers. My stance is that ALL HUMANS ARE SH*T!

3008 days ago
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