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"The Other Woman" Is Creepy

7/18/2006 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The newest "Long Island Lolita" really bugs me. Diana Bianchi plays the perfect victim -- in front of a TV camera, that is. It goes something like this -- "I was so young. I was just working in this toy store and, like, he just asked me to work in his architectural firm. And like, I was making all this money and then, like, he was just coming on to me. And of course, like, I never thought I was hurting Christie cause I was just well, like 18 or 19."

Give me a break. This "child," who now says she was screwing Christie's husband, was smart enough to lawyer up (with an attorney who is, let us say, camera-friendly), talk to the New York Post and the New York FOX affiliate. And her lawyer, Joe Tacopina, now claims his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim."

She gives sexual harassment a bad name. Not since the heinous woman who set up Bill O'Reilly have I been so offended by such a claim. In my world, people who feel sexually harassed don't start spilling their guts to the media, in particular the New York Post. Don't get me wrong -- I love the Post. It just doesn't feel like a move someone with a righteous claim would make.

It feels as if this story was going to get out -- probably by Brinkley's camp -- so she, with the help of Tacopina, stepped out in front to manage and exploit it. And, just like the "gifts" she got from Christie's husband, there could be yet another pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Do you really think an 18-year-old is not capable of understanding what's up with a married guy who offers the toy store clerk a job in his architectural firm? She's either incredibly dumb or just plain manipulative, and I'm not sure which is worse. As the saying goes, "Sinners can reform, but stupid is forever."


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james bond 007    

she a ho be.
she sho not doin' me
she spend a life down on knee
suckin up gifts fo free

3026 days ago


As usual, the male doesn't think with his brain but with his p----. He must really be hard up if she is the best he can do. As far as I can see, she has no redeeming qualities. If she was beautiful and brilliant I could see the attraction, but gee, she is as common as they come.

3026 days ago


The Girl is working on getting a career in singer and a big roll of money. If she think we all believe her insance she need to go back to school.

3026 days ago

jr eysel    

just another brooklyn bimbo looking for a fast waqy out.she knew the game and was ready to the end she will be payed back in spades.what goies around comes around.i went through a similar situation and the two bit hoa is getting hers now.

3026 days ago


Well, if this started when she ws 17, it was statutory rape_if she were a tad older, well , she had a choice and she mad the choice to "sleep" with the man. It is as much her fault as it was his and I don't think she should be rewarded_heck if she accepted money isn't that the same as prostitution?

3026 days ago

tory jacovino    

She was 17, young and naive. She knew he was married but she was flattered. I don't think she's a "ho" as so many seem to think, but I do think she's hoping now that it's out that she will be rich and or famous.

Men cheat, it's their nature, and those men who say they don't are generally poor or unattractive.

So, if the man in your life is wealthy or attractive, he's eventually going to have something on the side when he's tired of seeing the same woman in his bed night after night.

3026 days ago


come on this guy cant possibly have come up with this hook up with the kid scam over night. Did he ever hit on his step daughter or her friends? a baby sitter or nanny? This kid is a kid!!!! she's probably not the first kid he ever hit on!!
Anyone over 40 knows that this guy is CREEPIER than this kid a term most people over forty use for anyone from 10 -25.

3026 days ago


"Happily Ever After"......those two deserve each other

3026 days ago


Initially, when he started making moves on her, I could understand why she went along with it. After all, he's older, and HOT and married to a beautiful supermodel. Which for any young girl, with typical insecurities, is a huge ego trip. Do I think she was naive..absolutely not. Was he wrong for even flirting..of course. But a man is a man. Bottom line, it should have never escalated to a sexual relationship. Is she wrong for trying to get some money out of it? Morally..hell yeah! But how many of you can honestly say, that if an opportunity such as this came your way-to get some REAL cash, you wouldn't take it, or at the very least consider it? She's now 19, and can possibly walk out with at least a million if not close. Who the hell wouldn't go there..besides, Christie already knew of the affair, so it's not like this chic coming out with the full story is that much of a surprise. It sucks, but it's life.

3026 days ago


This is such a typical story these days of a maturing immoral man trying to retain his youthfulness through an opportuniest immortal young whore. A man can have it all at home a beautiful wife, loving children and he still isn't satisfied. Temptations will always be there...marriage and relationships are never easy. Having an "affair" leads to total confusion and the breakdown of the family. There is always a price to pay and it is never worth it in the end.
As far a Cook goes he knew what he was doing only thinking of himself and the crazy thing is he probably never thought he would get caught. In regard to the girl, she can't be serious thinking that anyone would believe that she didn't know what she was doing. Whether she is 18 or 88, sleeping with another person's mate is wrong. Somehow people always seem to find some way to justify their actions and then try to ask for forgiveness.

3026 days ago


is she a she, or is it a he....coz she looks like a guy, a very ugly looking guy. I wonder how it sleep at night.

3026 days ago



3026 days ago


The fact that she is such a stupid bimbo makes Peter Cook look like an even bigger asshole for cheating on Christie.

3026 days ago


Hooray for Peter Cook........letting every woman know what's really on a man's matter how beautiful the wife might be.........there is always someone younger with a tighter pu**y.

3026 days ago


As the saying you reap what you sow. She will one day.
I hope she get nothing from Peter Cook.
I would like to ask her a question. How would she feel if an18 year oldlady had sex with her husband? She should think about that.

3026 days ago
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