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Smith vs. Siegel -- Round 2

7/19/2006 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Smith & Joel SiegelFor a movie he didn't like, film critic Joel Siegel is sure helping "Clerks 2" gain some publicity ... though it's not necessarily good. According to Kevin Smith's MySpace blog and Page Six, Siegel made the unprofessional move of disruptively storming out of a press screening for the new film. Both critic and filmmaker were on CBS Radio's "Opie and Anthony Show" this morning and the fight raged on.

"There's no reason I wanted to listen to anymore of it, I stood up and got a little carried away," Siegel said of his reaction to the film. The critic continued to defend himself on the radio show, apparently not realizing that he was talking to the director himself until 10 minutes into the tirade.

Smith refused to back down though saying, "You're a paid professional,sir, it's your job to sit there and watch a movie and review it, that's what you get paid for. It's one thing to walk out and if you don't want to do your job, fine, I understand the movie's not your cup of tea."

Siegel did note that he told Page Six he thought Kevin Smith was a very good filmmaker and he thought the original "Clerks" was one of the most important films of all time, something the gossip page forgot to mention. He also made a semi-apology, "If you'd like an apology, I'm glad to apologize. This was indeed the first movie I've walked out on in 30 years. If there's a second movie I walk out on, I'll be much quieter."

The film opens this Friday.

Listen to Smith & Siegel on CBS Radio


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Why does'nt that cocksmoker siegel tries to do a movie if he knows so much about it? I don't even get why peolpe would want an old-time babyboomer ignorant asshole to comment that kind of movie. If I were him I'd retire with the little dignity I have left. The prick is not even able to apologize when it's obvious that he was wrong. Not very mature for an old duck like him. Close minded motherfucker!

2963 days ago


Oh, that interview is too great. Go Kevin.

2983 days ago


Joel Siegel is about as cool as a math test.

2983 days ago


Poor Joe Siegel, he is so OLD! Doesn't he know that Donkey shows are the "in" thing right now? Didn't he see Paris' new Donkey Video? Where she repeatedly tells the donkey he is poor, and waves a Carl's Jr. Hamburger in its face while she takes her clothes off, it is soo freakin HAWT!!!

I love Paris and TMZ foreverz!!!!!

2983 days ago


The writer of the article should know better: there is no such thing as "bad publicity".

And Smith has it right: a bad review from Siegel should be taken as a badge of honor.

And it's obvious 'downtowngirl' should go back downtown. The first movie was brilliant. I realize you probably had some difficulty with all of the dialogue and so many big words. Don't worry though, there's plenty of other movies out there that don't require much thought.

2983 days ago


I agree that Joe should not have made a scene when he walked out. He should have just waited to trash/critique the movie in print. However, there are times while watching a movie that makes one wonder why on Earth would anyone make such a film. There are so many movies out there that cater to the lowest common denominator. I have tried to sit through many and felt that if I stayed any longer I would actually be killing brain cells. This will work out great for Smith however. Any publicity is good publicity.

2982 days ago


Also, I agree with the first post.

2982 days ago

Ladi Loera    

Kevin Smith is amazing.

2982 days ago


Sue, downtowngirl, and CANDY: you ignorant sluts.

2982 days ago

Chris Ransom    

This is why movie critics should be an endangered species. I understand their potential role of helping a movie out and I think Joel did just that with his reaction (pubicity!). However, If he didn't walk out on Ishtar or Gigli, how could he possibly understand what kind of movie people ARE willing to sit through. Kevin Smith's movies identify with an ever-growing population of America and I guess that Siegel is not one of them. If he is unwilling to expand his tolerance thresholds to understand the world that I live in for the sake of his job, then he should consider reporting on gardening events or start his own show called "Movies for people who piss themselves." If Siegel really holds the first Clerks as high as he claims then he should have considered that 'down payment' on his butt staying in his chair for the entire 97 minutes. I'm sure there are copies of Wild, Wild West at the video store that you could somehow sit through again. Enjoy the spider!

God loves Kevin Smith and so should you!

2981 days ago

a guy who should be working    

that's ok. not everyone gets jokes.

2981 days ago


I agree with Marquis. Should chicks criticize the comfort level of jock straps? No. The target audience should be the ones to review the movie. This is why more and more studios are not letting critics see movies before they are released. Critics moan when a studio does this and then act like this when they have access to a film that they don't want to see in the first place.

2981 days ago


Kevin Smith is wonderful and talented and funny. Joel Siegel is just a corporate shill. I don't give a shit what he says. I never have. In fact, his thumbs up is a guarantee of movie sucking (yes I know thats not a real word). But he's paid by the people who make the worst movies... what can he do? He had the balls to stand up to Smith. Good one Joel Siegel.


2979 days ago


I saw Clerks 2 and it's hilarious. The problem with critics like Siegel is that they're too far detached from what the 18-40 audience is looking for in a movie!!! If I wanted to know how a movie about World War II was, I would ask Joel Siegel... but a Kevin Smith movie?!?! I wouldn't reccomend it to my Grandmother and I certainly wouldn't reccomend it to Siegel. As far as the professionalism... if I walk off my job, I get fired!!!

2979 days ago


Marquis, the reason is that smart, young people are too busy making movies or doing anything else. Critics tend to be people that have failed at their profession and are resigned to criticising because they have some knowledge of it.

2978 days ago
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