Nick and Vanessa Were Asking For It

7/25/2006 6:30 PM PDT

Nick and Vanessa Were Asking For It

You gotta love Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo captured by paparazzi as they shared a romantic moment. Gee, ya think they might have wanted the attention?

Nick Lachey sitting in plain view in an outdoor cafe in Manhattan with a woman who is aggressively making a move on him. Minnillo was clearly salivating more at the prospect of getting photographed than getting kissed by Nick. The MTV VJ has gotta know that the woman who preceded her (Jessica) did pretty well on Nick's arm. Not to say he's being used, but on the other hand....

I get that celebs don't want cameras in their business at home or in other private places. But you go to restaurants frequented by others stars and sit in plain view of the paparazzi -- do you really think they don't want to be photographed? It would be so uncool for them to look excited that the flashbulbs are going off and the cameras are rolling tape. So they act as if they're put out -- that's the cool thing to do.

Everyone who knows Nick tells me he's a really nice guy. It's not a crime to want attention from the media; indeed, that's his business -- preserving his celebrity. I do, however, feel a bit sorry for him that he's got a big ol' sticker on his forehead that reads "use me" to any number of woman who see the value in being photographed with Nick.