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Won't Seal Deal With Vanessa

7/25/2006 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comVanessa Minnillo just can't keep her hands off new squeeze Nick Lachey – even while he's trying to eat his lunch!

The brunette stunner's manual skills were in rare form and full view yesterday afternoon as the couple enjoyed an intimate late lunch at Manhattan's Atlantic Grill. Vanessa couldn't stop pawing, petting, and caressing her new man and she even strokes him under the chin for longer than forever – and Nick proves his manhood by withstanding the treatment.

Nick gives back – a little bit – with a sweet touch of her face. But despite Vanessa's considerable manipulation, she simply cannot get him to kiss her in public. After several attempts, Vanessa goes in for the big one, but – much to the vocal dismay of the paparazzi – she just can't get any satisfaction.


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I am happy to see nick and vanessa together. I liked jessica before even though she was way ditzy.. but she screwed her good girl image when she broke up with nick. nick was the best thing that ever happened to her.. I think he will go farther with vanessa than jessica would ever let him go. she didn't want him to get big.. She wanted all the stardom! YOU GO NICK!

2968 days ago


Vanessa is a wannabe.
Id love to know how insecure she really feels, by having to compete with Jessica. Shes a 'nobody' who reports on Celebs like Jess, she has no talent of her own, and wants to make it big by acting like a cheap slut with Nick.
Jessica is Nicks True Love.
Ofcourse he still loves her, he spent a large part of his life with her, and chose her to be his wife.
Just becasue they broke up doesnt mean the love dies.
Go do something good with your life Vanessa and stop feeding off Jessicas left overs.
I cant wait till she finds out the whole world is laughing at her!

2960 days ago


Im all the way from Down Under Australia, and i still love Jess and nick!
Nick, pull your head in, and realise that Jess is your girl.
You guys are the cutest thing since sliced bread and makes me sad that your not together.
Get rid of Vanessa (is that her name?) she making you look bad and she is clearly in it for the publicity.
Hold your head high, and fix thingswith jess.
Rock on Jess your the best
mwa x

2960 days ago


Vanessa is an ugly whore...there is something very odd about her face. She obviously needs attention because she acts like a trashy prostitute with all of her boyfriends in public. TMZ do us a favor and dont ever put them on your website again....its blowing he head up!

2959 days ago


I think Vanessa is just using Nick at the time of his break up to draw attention to herself and try to launch her career! Nick is sooooo stupid to not be able to see that she is just using him! I mean come on, what would she want from Nick? He doesn't have any money or good looks. She is a SAD example of a desperate woman who is willing to go to great lenghts to draw attention to herself in hopes of getting a movie role! Your are Pathetic Vanessa!!!!

2958 days ago

So So Bradley    

nick doesnt look all that interested in her. lmao... he's sitting there thinking about what jessica did that ice cream cone in her video.. LMAO.. VANESSA, DAHLIN.. you are the REBOUND GIRL! He doesnt love u .. ... .. lmao.. pathetic girls i swear.. l8tr..

2981 days ago


What was with the chin scratching? I only do that to my dog. Perhaps my gf for 2 seconds......she was totally playing for the cameras.

2981 days ago


I used to like Vanessa when she started on TRL, but I have to remove my name from the fan list. I don't dig diva behavior and a holier than thou attitude.

2981 days ago


I think it looks like they became aware of the paparazzi and Nick probably just didn't want to take it to that level publically. They both seemed affectionate, so I don't think Vanessa was desperate for a kiss or throwing herself at him. If anything, they seemed to be having a discussion.
All I can say about Nick is that I hope he's not doing all this to make Jessica jealous, because Vanessa seems like a solid girl-and Nick deserves someone like that.

2981 days ago


I like them two together. I think they look really cute. This one seems to have a little more brains than Jessica.

2981 days ago


I watched Newlyweds when it was on MTV and Jessica used to get on my nerves. I don't think she's an idiot, but she doesn't use a whole lot of common sense, and I think Nick deserves someone better than that. He seems like an extremely independent and smart guy. Good for him and Vanessa.

2981 days ago

Team Minnillo    

I think they're a hot couple and he's really into her, obviously he's trying to maintain some level of privacy, but the video only shows head-level views, who knows what his hands were doing under the table or if he was touching her beneath the table while she was showing her affection for him; she's hot, he's hot and i think she's the one for him - actions speak louder than words and he's been seeing Vanessa consistently.

2981 days ago


How is she being a diva? By showing affection for her man? I like Vanessa and am glad to see she's moved on from the jerk she used to date (Derek Jeter). I wish them well and everyone should just leave them alone. Jessica is one who left. Let Nick live his damn life. Jeez people!

2981 days ago


I would love to see Nick and Jessica back together!

2981 days ago


Nick, good for you....Jessica (Marsha Brady), eat your heart out bimbo.....Nick was the best thing that ever happened to the little redneck from Waco, and she blew it....

2981 days ago
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