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WWE Smackdown: Wrestling Stars vs. Ohio Police

7/25/2006 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

rob van dam

Unfortunately for Rob Van Dam, Ohio state trooper J.N. Baker is not a wrestling fan.

Trooper Baker pulled over the WWE star on July 2 for going 72 in a 55-mile-per-hour zone. Unfortunately for Van Dam -- whose real name is Robert Alex Szatowski -- Baker and his partner also smelled pot in the car, and slapped the wrestler with a misdemeanor citation for possessing marijuana and vicodin. Terry Michael Brunk, who goes by the wrestling name Sabu, was in the passenger seat of the car and also was cited. Brunk, who was wearing a cap picturing a marijuana leaf, admitted on the police tape that he had smoked dope before getting into the car.

When Van Dam tried to explain to the officer that he was on his way to a gig, the officer admitted "I don't follow wrestling." Later, Baker looked inside the driver's window and asked, "You always drive with your shirt off?"

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I'm late, but I'll still comment. I'm not surprised at all that RVD was caught. I mean, RVD used to go by RVD 4:20 (Like Austin 3:16) back in the day and did the whole "High Flying" thing. And's RVD.

3002 days ago


i would like to also note that they were doing checkpoints in ohio that night i read a report sandman and a couple refs got stopped but were not charged with anything and let go sucks so random whats the odds!

3002 days ago

Kevin K    

Big deal! I love RVD and tons of people smoke weed every day and in all facets of American society. Doctors, lawyers, architects, dentists, and people from all walks of life smoke bud so don't give me this "Holier Than Thou" attitude because marijuana is barely even a drug. It doesn't hurt/kill nearly as many people as alcohol, plus WWE had to know what they were getting into when they hired my boy Rob. They knew his 4:20 angle so it shouldn't have come as a surprise. Bottom line is that Rob Van Dam can hold his own in the squared circle far better than 99% of the superstars in the federation today.

2969 days ago


Nick is better off with Vanessa! I

3014 days ago


They aren't SmackDown Wrestlers.They are ECW.

3014 days ago

george vieto    

That's it Robin. You did it again.

3014 days ago



3014 days ago


i always thought sabu was on something anyway. see if that was john cena, that would have never happened. LOL

3014 days ago


i always thought sabu was on something anyway. see if that was john cena, that would have never happened. LOL

3014 days ago


It sucks. Theses two where the top 2 stars of the new ECW with Van Dam as the WWE and ECW champion. They were at the wrong place wrong time. But it is the law. Van Dam has been punished, he dropped the WWE title the following Monday and the ECW title that Tuesday followed by a 30 suspension. Sabu who was not driving, luckly got a slap on the wrist. Hope the New ECW can hold on till RVD gets back. They were building the entire product around him. THANKS R_V_D

3014 days ago


What a dumb thing to do RVD was on top of the world having both WWE and ECW titles and he (F) it up by speeding and smoking pot . RVD is very lucky that wwe did not kick him out after speeding and cops smelling pot in the car and pills that Sabu had on him . I hope RVD and Sabu learned that drugs will get you no were in this world only jail time . And when he comes back I hope he gets the ECW title . What a really dumb thing he and Sabu did .

3014 days ago


Go to my website.

3014 days ago


Cant get it too play? Do you need to download something or do u have to be an AOL member ?

3014 days ago


I think that its sad that they just didnt let him go he wasnt being a d*ck to the cop or nothing and it was pot and if im not mistaken in ecw he was Mr 420 and vicodin come on they are wrestlers i bet they get perscribed to them alot since they get thrown around for a living the worlds to harsh on things like pot its a plant at least he wasnt shooting anyone or doing crack and herion or nothin

3014 days ago


I live in Battle Creek, Mi. Rob Van Dam's home town. My son did his kickbox training with Rob. I think it is sad that this is the image that Rob is protraying to the young people who follow wrestling. Drugs run rampant in the world today, our childrens athletic heroes shouldn't be sending the message that it's OK to smoke pot, pop pills, drink booze or do any other type of drug. When you are in the public eye...everyone watches..including the kids.

3014 days ago
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