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Pam's Dining Dilemma

7/26/2006 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Composite of Peta Logo, Pam Anderson, and Black Steel restaurant logoFor days now, blogs and websites have been reporting that PETA is up in arms that a restaurant owned by Pamela Anderson, BlackSteel in Hollywood, is serving foie gras. Pam, an ardent supporter of PETA, seemed to have trouble on her hands. Never fear, however, TMZ can confirm that like most rumors spread via the web, this one is wrong.

A post on Pam's official website says that she is not, in fact, an owner of the restaurant. She said she gave $25,000 to her good friend Chef J. (the restaurant's owner), under the condition that he promise not to serve foie gras. She says that if Chef J. reneged on his promise, she'll expect him to donate the $25,000 to PETA

PETA also chimed in on her site, commenting "Pam isn't a partner in BlackSteel and makes no money from it - she just helped with some start up money because she knew the chef. There is no scandal here, just a desperate meat trade front group trying to stir the pot by targeting Pam, who has always been an honest and straightforward PETA ally who is as generous with her friends as she is with her causes."


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To Kaylea Parkin:

Ok, Pam is what/who is...but she have the right to have personal oppinnion.

2933 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

...and waaaaay too generous with her body, no doubt..

2989 days ago


peta is cult

2988 days ago


I love Pam and what she's done for the animals

The ANTI peta people - hillbilly puppy millers, slaughterhouse-owning crackers, and fat old lady AKC judges/ dog breeders- are weirder than peta will ever be

2988 days ago


PETA has gone to such extremes as to STAGING animal cuelty. If you think PETA is as awesome as you believe it is, think back to 1999 when PETA themselves applied and got hired as slaughter house employees and abused cattle themselves with cameras playing it off as the slaughterhouse doing it. Those people were later prosecuted for aminal cuelty... PETA people.
Still as fond of PETA people?
I'm all for anti-animal cuelty, when when you go to an extreme as to doing the animal cruelty yourself just to make your little cult look good (when the government is involved) then you're no better than anybody who tortures an animal to death in the most horrific way.
Those little PETA videos you see are from third world countries. If you don't like meat, fine. But why ruin it for everybody else just because you can't see through the b.s.?

A bit of advice for you, don't drink the kool-aid.

2988 days ago

Kat (a different one)    

AHHHH ha ha ha ha! Don't drink the kool-aid!, now that just cracks me up! Thank you for that.

2988 days ago



Everyone - go enjoy a juicy steak!
When it gets cold - put on a cozy fur!
The best accessories are real leather products!

2988 days ago


J, please post some proof of the allegations you make about PETA staging cruelty in a slaughterhouse. Did you read about that in the Onion or something? PETA does not stage acts of cruelty. It does not need to; there is already enough of the real thing happening in the world.

2988 days ago


#11, My parents both work for the USDA and worked in the plant where it happened.

"PETA does not stage acts of cruelty. It does not need to; there is already enough of the real thing happening in the world."

Oh yes, that's right. Because you know everything about PETA. You can google up the information on the case i was speaking of. It happened summer of 1999 in Washington state.

As I said before, I don't dig animal cruelty, but PETA is far too extreme and they harass anybody just for shits and giggles.
You must have drank the kool-aid too?
When you snap at an informant and claim that your *opinion* is right and everybody else's opinion is wrong, you're really not worth much more of my time.
I stated my opinion on PETA and a case in which a few of their *cult followers* tortured the living hell out of cattle to make PETA look good. Only problem with that case was, they got caught. When you are trying to fuck with a business where the government is involved, don't expect to get off free.

2988 days ago

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