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Katharine's Secret Struggle

7/27/2006 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katharine McPhee: Click to watchThe "American Idol" contestant opens up about her struggle with bulimia in an interview with sister and "EXTRA" guest correspondent Adriana McPhee. After building up the courage to tell her mother about her eating disorder, Katharine joined a program, which she says was overwhelming.

"I remember the first day, my first meal when I sat down with the other girls, I cried at the table," she said, "It was just like going face to face and seeing all the other girls struggling at the table and seeing myself actually wanting to eat as fast as I could to get out of there."

Now that she's fully recovered and back on the "Idol" tour, McPhee is happy to be seen as a role model to those in similar situations.

"If I can help somebody, you know, get help and go work on their eating disorder, that's great. If I can cheer up somebody by going to a concert one night, that's great. That's what I'm in it for." And the best part to McPhee - "I feel like I can eat whatever I want."


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59. Working on bulemia is not why she is so happy.
She is getting attention, constantly told she is beautiful(alarm, alarm), has a fake smile and is getting everything she has wanted so far except good cd sales, movie parts, winning American Idol, etc.

I do wish you the best on your fight though. G

3004 days ago


She's a total liar!! I can't believe people haven't noticed that she's the same size as she was when she audtioned for American Idol!! Haven't you guys noticed that she always hurt or something! She just wants attention... Why can't people see that!! This season and last season of American Idol sucked!

2993 days ago


How dare this little NOBODY sing JUDY GARLAND'S song (that's "Over the Rainbow" for those stupid people out there). That's like Kevin Federline saying he is Mozart.
She not only has an eating disorder, but a SEVERE BRAIN DISORDER if she thinks she can sing this song and do it any better, or any differently, than Judy Garland did. Garland sang it for 30 years. In concerts, in front of soldiers at training camps from World War 2 all the way to Vietnam, for the sick, the crippled, children, adults...Garland herself said that she felt the song was "sacred," and very important to her. At least she isn't around to see these little pipsqueaks ruining her song, snd turning something sublime in to a giant pile of garbage.

2984 days ago


I hadn't realized there were so many disturbed individuals on the internet until now. Enjoy YOUR "15 minutes of fame" bashing this lovely girl. She could careless. She is already a millionaire and her 15 minutes of fame isn't even up yet. If that isn't talent...I don't know what is. Of course, YOUR fifteen minutes of fame has only resulted in a b**** session on this board and has resulted in NO wealth.......sounds like Katherine is doing something right.....she certainly isn't saying unkind things about others, now is she? Oh yeah, that would require her to stoop to your level......which is impossible, she has too much class and now the money to back it up. :-)

Keep b****ing with jealousy........

2984 days ago


Yea I mean Kat has a good voice...a very pretty and clearly well-trained voice. But I am glad she didn't win because she doesn't fit the criteria of a true "Idol". I think of an Idol as somebody with a warm, accessible personality with unlimited talent and versatility. Kat was not warm & accessible and by no means versatile. I mean yes she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" beautifully but if thats the only song she can sing then who cares?? I saw Taylor perform live at the concert and he played like 5 instruments, sang, danced and literally just stole the entire show. The right person won.

As for Kat's bulemia...It's sad, it may be true.. but I honestly think this whole "coming clean" deal is just a way for Kat to steal a new form of limelight after her "idol glimmer" fades. I swear..half the anorexic girls in Hollywood are just trying to get attention.. its either gain a lot of weight or lose a lot of weight.. you're bound to get noticed.

I'm a bit dissapointed that Kat left the tour...maybe she had voice problems and maybe she didn't but that must have been a serious let down for her fans.

2983 days ago


You people are honestly trash... why the hell would you come on a site and be so rude to a person you dont even know. You are just jealous fat,ugly home wifes who cry every night because you know your husband doesnt really love you. Get off your high horses... she is here to stay you bitches.

2979 days ago

the wise old owl    

Katharine is VERY LUCKY. She was able to recover. I have a family member who has struggled with an eating disorder since the age of 8. She is now 17. It will be a LIFE LONG BATTLE and every day is another day of worry for her parents. She has been in and out of the hospital and nearly died. At her worst she weighed 69 lbs at 5'1 inches tall. I am sure the damage she has done to her body over the years that is irreversible. The struggle is on going. This disease effects people from all walks of life. If she can help just one person.Her effort will be worth it.

3012 days ago


Katherine was the guest host today (727/06) on The View....while Kathy Griffin was discussing her recent weight loss, she joked the "starving yourself is the best way to lose that last twenty pounds" and OMG Katherine agreed with her. With a straight face.

3012 days ago


Katharine did not make it to the Idol tour tonight - so I would have to say she hasn't joined the tour yet.

3012 days ago


Kat McPhake is such a egotistic, daddys girl, spoiled, Scientology brainwashed, phoney, lying, twisted, lazy, stupid, talentless, piece of self promoting bullshit artist. In fact, that is the ONLY kind of artist she is! I hope she fades off into the sunset and we never have to see or hear her lying crap again!

3012 days ago


She is just getting her extra press she was working on. This is an old story about her and actually...nothing new for being wanting to be famous. Yes, us "common" people are struck with it too but we just aren't news hounds.

3012 days ago


Oh please, when will her 15 min. of fame be up? Soon, I hope!

3012 days ago


Oh, is she really a scientologist? If she is then I will never buy anything she sells.

3012 days ago


she is NOT a scientologist. she has explained it to the viewers a thousand times via numerous mediums = radio interviews, tv interviews and write ups. and if you listen closely to her voice at the view, her voice was really not at her best. If you will compare her last performances with that of the view, its really different. Just by listening on the first notes, you could tell, she really suffered from voice problems.

3012 days ago


She is so amazing and talented, opinonated and smart and beautiful. I think that she is going to have an amazing career in music and movies, you all just wait and see. Go buy her single Somewhere over the Raibow and My Destiny!

3012 days ago
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