Katharine McPhee: "I'm Happy I'm Healthy"

7/26/2006 8:00 PM PDT

Katharine McPhee: "I'm Happy I'm Healthy"

After missing the start of the "American Idol" summer tour, Katharine is ready to get back on stage. In a one-on-one interview with her sister and "EXTRA" Special Correspondent Adriana McPhee, Katharine talks about the struggle she had when her voice gave out due to both laryngitis and bronchitis right before the tour was set to start.

"It was definitely difficult, especially with the media making assumptions about what exactly it was, she's ditching the tour for a movie, all these silly things...it's just part of the business and I'm happy I'm healthy."

Katharine said she cried when she thinking she'd be letting her fans down. "I felt horrible. It's a huge disappointment. You're not only disappointing yourself but you're disappointing the people who work for you, your fans most importantly....this is like my first official day of actually speaking."

McPheeverish fans will definitely be happy to learn that she'll be back on tour with the "Idols" starting tomorrow. Tune into "EXTRA" tomorrow for more of Adriana's interview with Katharine.