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Mirror Has Two Faces -- and Two Chins

7/27/2006 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar-winner Barbra Streisand was in total "Desperate Housewives" mode as she showed up at the construction site of her new home in Los Angeles Wednesday, sporting a frumpy -- everything.

Let's hope the disheveled diva cleans up before her high-priced concert tour in October.

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Rena Hamrick    

About the two tone skin in the left side of her face.......It looks like old scar maybe she had a face lift 20 years ago and now it has sagged out and down. The original incisions are right in the crease of the ear.........when a face lift loses the tightness and sags the scars that WERE in front of the ears stretch out leaving two tone skin....REAL white scar tissue and then the normal skin.

3003 days ago


Damn she looks really old, and wear a bra! I think her and Cher are around the same age.. Cher looks 100 times better.. whew.. Barbara you should have stayed in the car babe.

3001 days ago



Wait one minute............................?

Is this a picture of HARVEY LEVINE in DRAG ????????????



3001 days ago


give her a break at least she looks normal compared to the stars that have face lifts, botox and all sorts of things to look younger. Think of Joan [ you know who I mean ] pretty soon the corners of her mouth will reach her implanted cheek bones.

3000 days ago


Are you kidding me? This woman looked like a bag lady. And did she get the Number off that Truck?

3000 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

MAN, That is one whacked out looking mountain ape. I wonder if its male r female..

2998 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Usually when a circus animal of this nature reaches this level of suffering, we put them down. But we think this ol YETY has a few more miles.

She could be a stunt on Fear Factor.

2998 days ago

Weezley Wackenstein    

Give her a break. She had no idea she was being photographed and besides, her nails look great.

2992 days ago


I think she looks cute. And who could blame her for wanting to take a break from all that makeup she and all actresses have to put on themselves all the time. And AGE has nothing to do with looks... there are many sexy older women.

2979 days ago


Love her no matter what. Didn't know she had such great legs!

2976 days ago


C'mon people. Ms. Streisand did not dressed up for publicity but just being herself in her own place. Besides it's her natural self and I don't care how she looks. I will always be her greatest fan no matter what.

2957 days ago


She's a living legend, Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Oscar won, and a director, actor, producer, writer, singer.

Jeez, give her a break! She is considered 'difficult' because she is always trying to bring us perfection, and because people judge her so much. She is still one of of the most beautiful voices ever heard.

2957 days ago

Robert Keller    

What a WITCH! THAT is the kind of face you get when you are a miserable, nasty, egocentric mess! Talk about the face that you deserve! She is the most condescending, rude excuse for a human being. All she wants to do is sue the ass of of everyone who has the misfortune of dealing with this HAG! I know because I have had the unfortunate experience of working with her. Too bad we all can't be that perfect!

2957 days ago


yikes, are you sure that the home building isnt in kentucky?

3012 days ago


What is up with these celebrities leaving the house without running a comb through their hair????? Even if I'm "slumming it" and run out to the store without a shower I brush my hair and teeth. I can even forgive them for going out makeup-less but the "I just rolled out of bed" hair thing is SO beyond me -- especially after announcing another "farewell concert tour" that she is now being sued over...

Also, the cut of her shirt screams MATERNITY. Why would a 50+-year-old woman who's good friends with Donna Karan and practically has all the $ in the world (besides Oprah, maybe) go ANYWHERE in a shirt like this??? It makes her look tummy so much larger than it really is. Somebody call Stacy and Clinton from "What Not To Wear!"

I know there are more important things going on in the world -- hunger, war, etc. But for God's sake -- a potato sack would look better than what she's wearing.

3012 days ago
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