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Cavallari's Rumor Control

7/28/2006 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristin & Brody: Click to watch"Laguna Beach" babe Kristin Cavallari and boyfriend Brody Jenner are ready to lay some rumors to rest. After a rough split a couple months back, the two have since reunited and have been spotted around Hollywood hand-in-hand. Though happy now, Cavallari admits the media attention put on the split (and rumored hook ups) was daunting.

"It's hard reading about it, your ex-boyfriend hanging out or hooking up with these other girls, it's just like a stab in the back," says Kristin adding,"I read that I was dating Joaquin Phoenix and I've never even met him."

Jenner says he's the one who made the first move towards reconciliation while Cavallari was shooting a film in Oklahoma. "While she was on set I was thinking about her... I hadn't talked to her, we ended on very sour terms, I just kind of got over it, sucked it all up and texted her 'I love you' ... her text message back was 'beep you!'"

Safe to say that's not the expected reaction but hey, they're back together so something worked!


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I agree with the other comments. Kristin is desperately trying to be someone special. I admire her old rival Lauren, "L.C." from Laguna Beach. At least you don't hear about her running the streets outside of her show "The Hills." Kristin has always been annoying and true, her dad must have deep pockets for her to get this kind of publicity!

2971 days ago


Note to Kristen, just b/c you were on a "reality" show it doesn't make you famous. This girl can't be paying her publicist enough. I mean she was nothing and now she's being linked to all these famous people. Something tells me these so-called "rumors" have been provided by Kristen and her publicist. I mean the girls is a talentless nothing and all of a sudden she supposedly an "it' girl. Well if it makes you proud to be on a list with Paris Hilton than so be it, but, imo, it just means your famous for doing nothing but latching yourself on to someone who is actually famous for doing something.

2966 days ago


She's an untalented, ungrateful little C***, and HE is a p***y-whipped little B****. And nobody cares about these two. Find better stuff TMZ! Nuff said!

2963 days ago


All you people stop hating! She's hot and you all are obviously jealous! Get a life!

2963 days ago


Why is everyone hatin' on Kristen? She's hot and I think you're all just a little jealous! How do you think people become famous? Hello! They're not born that way. She has talent and that is why everyone is talking about her and she is now famous. So stop all your bitchin!

2962 days ago


What is worse about everything is she has been given two movies. It upsets me when reality stars like her and singers with no acting ability are given roles in a big budget movie, it is only taking away from the thousands of really talented actors out there that would have done ten times better in the movie. Talentless people do not need to be on T.V period!

2956 days ago


Kristin, Do everyone a favor and fall off the face of the earth.

2948 days ago


BLECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE kristin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's soooo annoying.specially in LB. she thinks she's all that but really she's not. the more annoying thing is that she always wants attention! she probably starts her own rumors to get it...she's not even a star nor a celeb.

2942 days ago


I just lost any ounce of respect I ever had for that Jenner dude. What a tool.

2977 days ago


WHO GIVES A CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2977 days ago


Who the hell is this chick anyway? No one knows one cares!

2977 days ago


Are you kidding me? They want to set the record straight about their relationship? Who the hell are they? Isn't this a site about CELEBRITIES??? Someone on your staff must be getting paid to write about these unknowns! Pathetic!

2977 days ago


why is this wench famous?? what has she done?

2977 days ago


Who really gives a SHIT about these two? Did TMZ have to fill up space, if so Ive got a 3 legged dog that is blind and deaf and comes to the name of Lucky. Wanna write about him?

2977 days ago


I agree. I am soo sick of seeing this heifer everywhere. Obviously her daddys pockets must be deep to be paying for all the publicity they set up for her. Get some real stoires TMZ seriously

2977 days ago
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