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Lindsay Gets CEO Smackdown

7/28/2006 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanUPDATE: Our inside sources tell us that Lindsay showed up on time today. Actually, she showed up a tad early for today's call time. Our source also said that Lohan had in fact missed two full days of shooting.

Rumors are swirling that Lindsay Lohan's hard-partying ways have been taking their toll on the filming of her latest film "Georgia Rule." Her recent visit to the hospital due to dehydration only added flames to the fire. Now Lohan is catching hell from her own producer, who's fed up with her behavior.

The Smoking Gun has obtained a letter from James G. Robinson, the CEO of Morgan Creek Production, to Lohan in which he calls her action "...discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional." He goes on to say that her actions are those of a spoiled child which has caused her co-workers to feel alienated and "has endangered the quality of this picture." The letter concludes by urging Lohan to be on time and act professionally, otherwise "action" will be taken in order to preserve the integrity of the film.

The letter was hand delivered to Lindsay on the 26th, the same night our cameras caught up with her dodging paparazzi in the passenger seat of a friend's car. Glad to see she took Robinson's words to heart.


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Tommy Boy    

Lindsay's on her way to becoming another Whitney Houston. She too was the queen of the music industry as Lindsay is (partly) in the movie industry. Her party life will take its toll. By the time she's twenty five she'll be poison to movie producers-directors and will enter the drug scene..if she hasn't all ready. Get with it Lindsay, your starting to look like a slut!

2977 days ago

Go Away    

Wow... Bravo... at least once in a while celebrities are made to behave. "F*ck with their cash.. that's the only thing you kids understand"

2988 days ago


Childish, irresponsible, and unprofessional. They all describe Linsay Lohan to a tee, not to mention a few others I can think of. She has been given the opportunity of a lifetime and she is throwing it all away. She's on her way to becoming the next Tara Reid.

Pathetic, pathetic. Do you know how many other you women would be grateful to have the opporunity she has in front of her.

I blame her parents for not setting good moral values. She acts like she's been raised by a pack of wild dogs.

2988 days ago


Spittin image of her LOSER father. Lindsay won't last as an actress. Nobody will want to work with her.

Keep it up honey. You suck anyway.

2988 days ago


I love the letter. I love the idea of the letter. And as much as I would love for this to be true, I just can't imagine this kind of thing getting out to the public - and so quickly. I can't imagine a 70-year old head studio exec saying "heavy partying." And the fact that this whole movie has to do with a rebellious, partying kind of girl, it's all very suspicious movie publicity.

But if it is true - it's about damn time someone called her out!!

2988 days ago


LOVE that her mom was copied on the letter. Your kid is 20 years old, drinking under age every night and it's splashed all over the Internet and gossip rags on a daily basis. Where has Mom been? Maybe she's got the straw up her nose, too. But if she doesn't provide some guidance for her darling daughter, the gravy train is going to come to a screeching halt.

I personally think Lindsay is marginally talented, enough so to continue the success she has already achieved (except the singing maybe). But if Mom is "managing" this girl's career, she'd better step up to the plate and fulfill her role of manager and more importantly, caring mother,

2988 days ago


I agree finally she acts like such an immature brat. That kind of behavior doesn't cut it anywhere in the real world and she needs to be taught that lesson. She not that great of an actor either did anyone see A Prarie Home Companion she wasn't anything great and that was supposed to be serious acting.

2988 days ago



2988 days ago

U Know Who    

Mr. Robinson sir you have had your eye spit right in it by a 20 year old, mediocre at best actress. She went to the club the night you had your letter hand delivered, I think it's safe to say she could care less what you think.

You gonna take that?


2988 days ago


Betty Ford....Here we come....

2988 days ago


Way to GO mr. CEO!!! I can't imagine her behaviour to be a surprize though. She practically lives in the clubs. I'm so ready for her 15 minutes to be up already. She thinks she's invincible but she won't be more than a Trival Pursuit question in 10 years if she keeps this up.

2988 days ago


She's an average actress and marginally hot. But, she's 20 and if she keeps this up can you imagine what a trainwreck her life and career will be when (if) she hits 25? Should be interesting to watch though:)

2988 days ago


To some of the people who thinks it's fake.. People... the magazine, has a copy of the letter and called the company and they confirmed it.. here's the link:,26334,1220230,00.html

Enjoy.. I know I did, she's annoying and can't act..

2988 days ago


All she is doing is making herself famous for partying not making movies. Do we really need another hollywood brat to be in the news? Stop reporting what she does in hollywood night clubs night after night. I keep asking for her to just go away. WHY CANT WE MAKE HER GO AWAY?

2988 days ago



Homegirl needs to get a tounge scrape or start drinking more water.


2988 days ago
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