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EXCLUSIVE: Gibson Skated Twice Before

7/31/2006 2:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Mel Gibson has been stopped for reckless driving two other times in Malibu but he was allowed to leave without a ticket or arrest.

As TMZ first reported, Gibson was arrested on Friday for suspicion of driving under the influence on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu -- driving 87 miles an hour. As we reported, the deputy who arrested Gibson was ordered to sanitize his arrest report to make it appear that Gibson's arrest was "without incident." In fact, The report states Gibson was abusive, violent and vulgar, and even attempted to escape.

TMZ has confirmed that approximately three years ago, Gibson was driving 74 miles per hour on Pacific Coast Highway, one mile from his house, when he was pulled over by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy. Sources say Gibson avoided eye contact with the deputy during the stop and even though the deputy was suspicious of Gibson's sobriety, he let him go.

Approximately one year ago Gibson was stopped again, after driving 64 miles an hour on Pacific Coast Highway -- where the speed limit is 45. Sources say that Gibson was so cocky that he was on his cell phone the entire time he was detained by the deputy. Ultimately, the deputy decided to let him go without giving him a citation.

And there's new information about Friday's arrest.

As TMZ reported, the deputy who arrested Gibson was ordered by superiors to re-write his report and eliminate all references to Gibson's bad conduct and anti-Semitic remarks. Sources tell TMZ that Lt. Crystal Miranda told the arresting deputy that Captain Tom Martin talked to Sheriff Lee Baca who expressed concern that the explosive report might leak to the media and that it needed to be re-written in a sanitized form.

Sources say Gibson, who was pulled over early Friday morning for allegedly crossing lanes at a high speed, told the arresting deputy that he was leaving home just after 2 a.m. and heading to his brother's house. The arresting deputy found a bottle of tequila in the car, 3/4 full, in a brown paper bag. We're told that Gibson told the deputy that the bottle wasn't his but, "I've had a little bit."

We're also told that Gibson, who issued a statement over the weekend, suggesting he was not of sound mind when he uttered the anti-Semitic tirade and engaged in abusive behavior, was not in fact "out of it." Sources connected with the case tell TMZ that Gibson was drunk but was in control of his senses. At one point at the Sheriff's station, sources say Gibson was "jumping like a monkey" on a steel cage and told the arresting deputy, "I'm not going to hurt you physically. I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna make you lose."

We're also told that deputies at the Sheriff's station were star struck by Gibson and a number of them went to Gibson's holding cell to get a look of the star. The problem for the Sheriff's department -- there's a mounted camera in the station and the deputies can be seen fawning over the actor. Sheriff's officials have called some of the officers who were caught on tape in and warned them they might be subject to discipline.

As TMZ reported, the arresting deputy was ordered by officials to take out references to Gibson's bad behavior. We're told the altered report makes no mention of the fact that Gibson attempted to flee the scene by running to his car to escape. We're also told that the officer checked a box on the report that Gibson was "belligerent." Ironically, even though officials did not order the deputy to remove that reference, they did order him to re-write the report to eliminate all references to the supporting evidence leading the officer to believe Gibson was indeed "belligerent."

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Are you peolple blind to what is going on here..... Mel Gibson needs to do some hard learning as to the history of the jews and the Israeli wars in the past 50 years, it is very clear that he has no knowledge of who is responsible in which war and his statments came from his twisted mind and not from the bottle...stop covering up for him....and for his apology it was only made to make himself look good in front of the world and nothing else....

2974 days ago

Mrs. Betty Bowers    

Mel has already found a very expensive person who happens to be sober to issue a statement on his behalf. With the wave of a publicist's pricey wand -- and few complicit incantations from Entertainment Tonight -- poof, a PR miracle! Reprehensive anti-Semitic hatred is now suddenly merely an unfortunate, unintended side effect of the "disease of alcoholism." Like unattractive scaliness is an unpleasant offshoot of the heartbreak of psoriasis. And, in a world presided over by Oprah, there can be no blame, no culpability once your publicist has e-mailed a perfunctory form letter of standard contrition. Because in America if you say, "I'm having problems with alcohol/drugs" instead of "I'm having problems with being a bigot," you are cheered, rather than scorned.

Like most drunks, Mel Gibson is fond of words that are incomprehensible to most people. His masses are in Latin (makes the message easier to forget); his movies are in Aramaic and Mayan (keeps the focus on the pornographic violence).

Here's some Latin he may not have heard in his private, retrogressive Catholic masses:

In vino veritas

It means there is truth in wine. And, apparently, tequila.

2974 days ago


I love when people think they know someone because they have been read their publicist's clippings for the past 15 years...

I think this type of behavior shows a persons real self. He thinks he is above the law and everyone else, as evidenced by his past behavior that was allowed by Malibu police.

The amount of alcohol he had in his system was enough to limit inhibitions but also was not enough to make you not understand what you were saying...His true feelings came out that night and I hope he pays for them for a long time...

2974 days ago


I agree with Compassion, who says "How dare anyone judge him when he was impaired. That is cruel, and IGNORANT. Some people become out of their minds when drunk, and it isn't their true self. " Absolutely right - we should never hold drunk people accountable. Rather, we should enable them by making excuses for their actions.

Compassion, I sincerely hope you don't work in the mental health field.

2974 days ago

H. Singh    

Mr. Gibson's father is a member of Opus Dei, 'nough said!

2974 days ago


Sheriff Lee Baca defended his department's handling of the case. "There is no cover-up," Baca told the Times.
"Our job is not to (focus) on what he said. It's to establish his blood-alcohol level when he was driving and proceed with the case. Trying someone on rumor and innuendo is no way to run an investigation, at least one with integrity."
TMZ makes news, again.....

2974 days ago


Read up on the Jewish family the Rothshilds if you want to understand what Mel Gibson said. They funded both sides of the wars beginning in the Napoleon times. Their god is lucre.

Mayer Amschel Rothshild is quoted as saying; "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

Well who is in control of our nations money? Who owns the Federal Reserve System that tells the U.S. Treasury how much money to print out of thin air? The Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. government, but rather a wealthy group of banking families that are fleecing America, driving us further into debt and these same families control our media (Television and Newspapers) so that you only see and read what THEY want you to see and read. They don't teach us this stuf in school! Why? They don't want you to know the truth.

Do your homework people! Find out the truth!

How is it that a non-Jew (Gibson) can't say something about Jewish people when Jews throw the holacaust in our face every year with another oscar winner? Germany was a half a century ago. Get over it. Pol Pot and Stalin were as bad as Hitler, but where are all the movies about their killings?

Where are all the powerful Jewish people speaking out about what Israel is doing to the innocent people of Lebanon? Why doesn't Harvey Levin speak for the people of Lebanon? Not talking about the Hezbollah here, but the innocent people that Israel has chosen to kill with their rockets.

Whatever happened to dialogue? What's the difference between Bush attacking Iraq and Israel attacking Lebanon? Why aren't the Hollywood actors bashing Israel like they do Bush? Are they afraid of the Jewish influence in Hollywood? Are they afraid they will never work again if they speak out? Damn right they are afraid! Who has control of whom?


2974 days ago


Gibson should be tried and convicted of a hate crime and deported from the USA.

He is "pure evil" and no amount of apologies can correct this type of thinking.
It was instilled in him by his father who believes the Holocaust never happened.
Cy -I am not a Jewish

2974 days ago

Miss R    

Never liked or trusted Mel Gibson. There was always something a little oily about him from the very beginning of his career. The truth will out, as they say.

2974 days ago


Newsworthy? No.

Blind drunken rage? If Gibson is truly an alcoholic, 0.12 would hardly affect him, so no.

Evidence that Mel is an apple that fell fairly close to his father's- a well-known Holocaust denier- tree? Sure.

Jesus was a Jew. Pilate "washed his hands" of Jesus' fate and allowed the ruling Jews to decide. Since those days, Jews have been blamed for the death of Christ. Said blame has led to well-documented and extensive tragedies against the Jewish people. The most recent being Mel Gibson's depictions of Jews in his movie "The Passion of Christ."

At the time of "The Passion's" release, Gibson denied any ties to his father's beliefs. He passed off the horrific brutality of the Jews against Jesus as being historically accurate and totally unrelated to anti-semitic feelings imparted on him by his father or learned on his own. His true mind has been revealed under this circumstance.

And THAT, my friends, is news.

At least "news" in the celebrity sense.

2974 days ago


I think that it is interesting that all anyone will remember about this mornings news is that Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI and there is this "big" cover up going on. I am sure there are a lot more interesting things going on in the USA and the world in general that are FAR more important than whether or not an actor had a bit too much to drink and was caught driving to fast. Admit it - you yourself has probably sped once or twice, not to mention, drove after/while drinking. Just look at MADD for the statistics on that one. I am just thankful that no one, other than Mel's reputation was hurt in this whole ugly situation. Also - coming from a family of alcoholics, me not included, just because a person drinks, does not mean that whatever they say is "gospel". Mel - regardless of your views - you need some help, God will help you as he always has, do not turn from Him now. May peace be you and everyone who reads this.

2974 days ago

AJ Green    

Why is that when someone of "importance" is invovled with breaking any laws the handbook for proceedure flies out the f'n door?! If anyone dislikes the idea of losing a priviledge or thier freedom the answer is quite simple...FOLLOW THE RULES !! And if you don't like the rules enter the political circus and change them. The old saying...if you can't do the time don't do the crime is so true in all of these cases. Just because some one "entertains" a few people does not give the the right to do what they want when they want. They should answer to justice just as any citizen should with the scales of justice balanced for all alike. Fuck Mel Gibson and his " my shit don't stink " attitude. He broke a law...he should be treated the same as if you or I had done the same. Peace.

2974 days ago

Jim and Sharon    

The people that are posting comments that Mel Gibson is an "anti-semitic scum", "you hope he dies", and something about a "hoochloosed piehole" really need to get a life. I bet you people will pay $4.00 a gallon for gas, and never ask, why? If anyone saw "The Passion", it was not, in any way, anti-semitic. Really, can't you leave those great blue eyes alone and worry about all the thousand of other horrible things going on in our world today, like war, crime, gas prices? Hey, how about the weather, we've been having some killer, damaging storms this past year. What's up with that? Oh and atta boy Mel...if you gotta drink, you mind as well do it right, and drink tequilla.

2974 days ago


I cannot believe that there are people that are defending the horrible words and actions that came from MEL GIBSON. These are words that I am sure he has used before and heard at home. There is NO EXCUSE for what he said and did.

2974 days ago


Another trial in the media...

So quick to convict the guy along with the Sherrif's Dept.

Why is it that every time you say the word Jew you're Anti-Semitic? A black man could say the same thing and not a word would be said by the media...

2974 days ago
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